• Enrikさん, Com està?
    Permeti'm. No parlo el català (& bé el anglès).

    Could I ask about inter-language links at this wiki?

    I think almost all pages have inter-language links to DE, EN, ES, FR and IT (as default???). But some inter-language links have an error...
    What should I do if I'd like to add inter-language links?

    Moltes gràcies,

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    • Hi, Plover, nice to talk with you after a long time :3

      About the default interwiki links, BroOk added those ones in a template so it'd be easier, but as you have seen some are not working, so you can add the correct ones without any problem, you are free to add any interlanguage link you think it's needed.

      Arigatou :)

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    • Thanks a lot!! I see (^o^)ノ

      I like listening to opening and ending themes in Catalan ONE PIECE after you taught me them very much♪♪

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    • A FANDOM user
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