Dinosel Dinosel 14 abr 2017

Whole Cake Island Arc

Hello my Catalan friends,

My name is Dinosel and unfortunately i dont know the catalan language, but i wanted to share this little blog with you.

So... The Whole Cake island arc has been really awesome so far (maybe with exception of the fact that Zoro got 0 screen time ;_;) and i would like to make a rewind of what has happened so far.

First of all Oda blessed us with a little insight of Sanji's tragic past. Even tho he managed to escape the Vinsmokes and their inhuman beliefs, he ended up facing em once again. Jugde is selling his own son to Big Mom just for a bit more power. If only he knew what Big Mom is planning for his family. Luffy of course wouldnt let Sanji go so easily so he desides to bring him back.

Luffy and a few chosen members …

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