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Revolutionary army head cannon

Hi, I kinda thinking alot recently about the revolutionary and what are they really about especially the “Excecutive” of revolutionary. So here’s my head cannon or theory

So what we really know about revolutionary, well for starter let’s just summarize what robin said to luffy about revolutionary, they are a group of people that want to topple the world government by encouraging the people(of said country/kingdom) to rebel against their monarch (I assumed said monarch is allied to WG) so thats why dragon became world most wanted man. Also we knew that dragon ideologies are a threat to WG from the world summit.

Now that out of the way, how exactly does revolutionary works? More specifically what’s the hierarchy in revolutionary. From what we know:
-dragon is the leader
-sabo chief of staff? (That makes him second in command according to brook)
-betty,morley,lind,and kurasu are the commanders of their seas (north,south etc)
-ivankov,koala,kuma,guy with half white half orange are staff or officers

This is what we knew so far. Now on to the head cannon. I think there’s more people in this hierarchy especially between dragon and sabo and there are four of them.

Now recently dragon has been downplayed alot recently by oda, their base has been taken over by BB but we are not shown a fight so we still didn’t know the power level of dragon, but we know at least he’s admiral level judging by the fact that he was garp’s son and luffy’s father, he has to be a top dog.

So here’s my point, Don’t get me wrong, I love sabo but I think he’s still far below dragon and this is correlate to the revolutionary army hierarchy. I think there are a place between dragon and sabo, I called it the “general” and there are four people in it. Here’s my reason, there are some kinda vague term in revolutionary hierarchy and some what confusing. Here’s a thing, for me there are a couple types of hierarchy, a military hierarchy and organizational hierarchy, both are not much different it’s just the term. In military like the marines there are fleet admiral,admiral,vice admiral,captain etc you can also include commander and general into that category. The organizational hierarchy there are leader,executive,chairman,chief staff,staff,officers etc.

Revolutionary army used both hierarchy system. And not to mention there was suppose to be an army. So this is just an assumption that there are some folks between dragon and sabo. Before we go into that, let’s talk about the four seas commander

So betty,lind,morley,and kurasu. I am gonna little bit bias, I don’t think they are the back bone of the revolutionary. What I meant by this I don’t think they’re the hard hitter of this organization. You can say that revolutionary run in spreading ideology so it doesn’t need hard hitters. But this organization suppose to be the opposite of WG, the WG has marines and CP, how can revolutionary win against them without a hard hitter like admiral and there are suppose to be an army.

Now why am I saying there are four more admiral level characters in revolutionary. Notice how the four commander have their own territory, that’s north,south,east,west blue. Emm... is there something or someplace missing that weirdly not cover by revolutionary, at least two territories (I am stretching it to four because the previous hierarchy with four commander) yeah its the grandline and new world. Now I know the operational basses of revolutionary is in grandline so why do you need a “general” to cover it, you have dragon. Dragon is the leader, he’s not bound by territory, it’s a weak excuse but I’ll get into it later.

Now who’s this four general and which territory am I talking about, like I said its the grandline, new world and the other two is completely deep into realm of head cannon, the Under Water Worlds(fishmen Island) and the other one Sky Island and beyond (moons). I know, what a head cannon. And that’s it, my head cannon I hope you guys enjoy it


Let’s dig further, let’s added the general main mission in their respective territories.

-the grandline general: main mission to find pluton. The legendary ship that can destroy an island, assumption its in some deep cave systems in vast island of alabasta. Also this general is actually already met with one of strawhat crew, robin.

-new world general: main mission to monitored yonko movement, to make sure no one is too dominant in the new world. This general needs to be some what Lowkey Op, moving in the shadows. Sounds like marines but any action he takes is to benefit revolutionary cause

-the underworld: main mission to protect posidon, the legendary weapon that can control sea king. The weapon itself is shirahoshi. so this general (a woman) she’s an undercover royal guard and currently she’s in reverie. Although she only takes action if it’s the last resort to avoid any conflicts. So the recent event with shirahoshi almost taken by egotistic celestial dragon, she won’t take action because she can read the situations.

-the sky island and beyond: his mission to provide quick assistance from above and he’s the strongest of all four general. His base is actually a moving sky island. His other mission is to explore the moons of one piece world and try to find the third legendary ancient weapon.(this guy is lowkey my imaginary one piece character to the point I already decided what devil fruit he has).

I had soo much fun just imagining things and write this head cannon, man there are no other universe other then one piece that I’d like to live in. What do to guys think.
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Big mom part 2

Since big mom has amnesia I think she will be an ally to the strawhats but the thing is do u think she will still be allies with them after she regains her memories or will she join them on a mission to elbaf or somtn to elaborate more on big moms past and story?
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Only Luffy's party who went to WCI knows about Sanji. They went to WCI and found out about everything, the other half who went to Wano don't know exactly who Sanji is. And Law was surprise to see Sanji using the Raid suit, Frankie and Usopp were excited to see Sanji's transformation. Sanji is gonna explain to the rest about his family and suit, sooner or later!
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Big Mom

Can anybody explain me what's happened to Prometheus and Zeus ?? Not Napoleon.
Because neither Prometheus nor Zeus seem to forget anything. Maybe Big Mom's head got hurt so Napoleon was knocked unconscious.
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• 2d

Pirate King

Why did Gol D Roger surrender him?
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• 2d

Big mom's crew

What happened to Big mom's crew when they sunk cuz I recall seeing the big family and all but afterwards there was just Big mom on the beach so if someone now's or have tough please tell me
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Luffy and Coby

Luffy and coby are counterpart of pirates and marines.
Luffy is the future pk while Coby is the future fleet admiral.
Luffy is grandson of the marine legend, garp.
Maybe coby is also a grandson of a legendary pirate, and it might be the captain of rox.
Luffy and coby are future rivals and maybe in the past their grandpas also.
If luffy's father is a revolutionary, then I guess coby's father is a underworld yonko or another guy from the world government.
Any thoughts about this?
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One piece treasure

What could be the treasure one piece???
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• 2d

Devil Fruit

What type of fruit Monkey D Dragon Had .
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Latest Chapter 933: Lady Komurasaki is not dead!

She was being killed but not dead. I Think it's part of their plan, the all out war against Yonko Kaido. In additional, I do believed that she is MOMO's lil sister, so then I concluded that she is immortal, referring anyhow about time traveling. #justsaying #openthoughts

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About Garp

Why Garp is in Marine .

Although his name has D and it is clearly said that the one which had the alphabet D in their name are the sworn enemy of God.

Then why Garp is in marine .
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Is Cavendish a good person?
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Nine Days (Spoilers)

To all of those who have read chapter 933, who is going to be defeated in nine days?
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Spoiler Alert only for manga reader

Well at least we know what is orochi DF is snake snake fruit and i didnt expect to see kyoshiro to attack komurasaki and after a long time we see God Enel again in the cover

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• 4d


Is there someone who thinks over that Shanks is DNA-connected with Tenryubitos?
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The D .

Is there any connection to all the men which had D in there name.
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• 2/13/2019

Why is it only pirates that are interested in the one piece?

Is there anyone who isn't a pirate or probably from the WG that is after it ?
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• 2/13/2019

OP movies

What are your favorite op movies? I'm thinking about getting Z and gold. Any other recommendations?
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• 2/12/2019


Anyone wanna explain how gomu gomu no red hawk work i dont understand how he can just summon fire even underwater
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