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2 yonkos 1 arc

Ok I dont know how but do you think luffy will defeat kaido and kid will beat big mom. They have beef already plus the lack of food will make her more crazier and weaker to. This will definitely boost kid and luffy rivalry defeating two people they couldn't defeat. Plus on a side not katakuri may end up in sone part helping luffy to avenge her death? 
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Kids beef with big mom

So kids escaped do you think he will clash instantly with amensia big mom. And that will make her side with the straw hats or will this be a chance for two yonkos to be defeated. Plus if kid does take out big mom katakuri will leave pespero will more than likley want to be the whole cake island king?  Or will it be a huge royal rumble in wano if big mom remembers?
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We know that one day Teach will obtain kaido's fruit and he will become darkness quake dragon. Do you know that we have that kind of dragon in our philippine myth?

Bakunawa, a serpent like dragon that causes eclipse, quakes, rains, and winds. According to myths we have 7moons before but the bakunawa swallowed the 6 moons and he failed at eating the last one. Their are different stories about how he failed, some said that bathala(god) stop him, and other stories said that the people create some music to make him fell asleep.

Teach will become bakunawa. His fruit can cause eclipse (yamiyamifruit) and earthquake (guragurafruit). I believe that moon is the last destination not the raftel.
In onepiece vearth (earth) have seven moons we saw it on dr. clover's library. I believe that teach will eat the 6 moons and will failed at the last one just like bakunawa.
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Do you know that luffy's design is base from enteng aka captain barbel? He's a philippine hero character played by herbert bautista.
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Zoro’s eye

Will Zoro ever open his left eye, and if so what skill would he gain with it. Maybe something comical like a better sense of direction?
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When Sanji will use his own raid suit
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Douglas Bullet

One piece new movie spoilers
New character to show of the gol d Roger former crew member
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Fun fact: theres a story about a pirate name olivier le vasseur aka la buse 'the buzzard' who roger may be inspired of. He stole the fiery cross of Goa, the cross is made of pure gold, inlaid with diamonds, rubies and emeralds. Olivier buried the cross near his house before he was capture. Before he died he tossed a scrap of paper into the crowd, shouting "Find my treasure, ye who may understand it!" The paper contains clues about the location of the cross.

Lets staaart

Like I said on the void century part 3 joyboy was crucified. The cross used for him is the fiery cross of Goa. Roger found this treasure and hid it on the moon. The last island is the moon, raftel is a way to get there.
Shiki said that roger found a apocalyptic weapon what is that? Its the Uranus! The egg in the orojackson is the uranus.

.......Uranus is a fairy that can control the weather only people who can hear the "voice of all things" can use this weapon. Uranus (planet) main moon is oberon and titania. Oberon and titania is the king and queen of fairies they can control the weather. Fairies are kinda related to moons for ex. fairy type pokemon have attacks related to moons, theres also a myth that fairies originate from moon.... this uranus theory is not mine.....

Going back, Rio poneglyph contains info about ak and the great war, it doesnt contains info about will of D.. The will of D and joyboy's final message arent written at the rio poneglyph. Luffy will use VOAT to the fiery cross of goa to know about the will of D.
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Void Century. Part3

Before the great war joyboy loves to travel around the world with his 12 friends/disciples. He is adventurous, brave and kind like our boy luffy. He also went to fishman island where he promise to raise their island to surface. Then the great war started, the ancient kingdom was defeated by the aliens and the 20 kingdoms and the World Government is born. The world government destroy all the info about the AK so the next generation will forget about their existence but this plan was never succesful because of poneglyphs.

Joyboy planned to escape with the residents of the ancient kingdom but he was betrayed. One of his friends told the enemies where he's hiding and then he was crucified. His body was put on a huge vault. His friend who betrayed him belongs to the marshall clan. His 12 followers are the few people who survive from the war. They put D on their names, their WILL is to fulfill joyboy's wish that is to defeat the World Government and to reveal the truth about the AK . D means disciple and devil. Doffy said that d is god's natural enemy, so D means devil. The devilfruits are also made by AK so they are devils according to world government. D is also disciple because they are disciple of joyboy.
Right now the D's that we know are:
And the 6 remaining are still unknown.
The Ds use ships to explore the world and recruit people to find raftel aka pluton, they believe if they have it they can fight the world government. The world government started calling them pirates.
As the time goes by the raftel became a legend about an island that contains treasure thats why the numbers of pirates increased. Only few people from the world government know about the D.
The will of D still lives on. Even if a D carrier like Garp followed another path another D from his family will carry its purpose just like luffy.

Joyboy have a little similarity with jesus. Marshall is Judas
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Big Mom and Kaido were once Crewmembers?

So that's how they knew each other, they were once crewmates in an unknown group of pirates. Whoever they were, they must be pretty badass to have those two monsters as crewmembers. Please lets not state the first thing that comes in mind like maybe it was Gol D. Roger they once serves cause that would too predictable.

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Origins of Kairoseiki

Kairoseiki is used by the world government in dealing with devil fruit users and for lining the hull of their ships so that they can cross the calm belt without disturbing the sea kings. This is only because Vegapunk discovered the effect of Kairoseiki. In short, it is natural element that is said to resonate like the sea and as hard as diamond as well as has suppressing effect against devil fruit powers. It's stated that it's rare element.

I believe this has all to do with red line. When you think about it, the red line is said to have existed for many centuries, even so with constant sea currents bombarding it. It should have eroded quite a bit. Yet, it doesn't seems weakened in many ways. How? At most this is a special feature of red line, instead of eroding form the constant bombardment of the weird sea currents, especially from the currents of the grand line. It absorbs the essence of the sea into it and through geological process, which is where Kairoseiki is formed.

So in conclusion, there is a Kairoseiki mine on the red line.
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Void century. Part2

The great kingdom have a king named king baum. He is supposed to give the throne to his son joyboy when he's ready. King Baum also have a brother he is Scar. Scar became so jealous because he also wants the throne so he contact his alien friends from the space to help him overthrow his brother,king baum. The aliens defeat the ancient kingdom with the help of the 20 kingdoms. Scar thought that he would be the new king but the aliens also kill him.
To be continue
Im just trolling with the names.
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Big Mom is Mother Carmel inside this whole time.

What if Big Mom has actually been Mother Carmel who had taken her body by the soul-soul fruit this whole time. That fruit makes it perfect. She keeps her old picture to remind her real identity and past. Now that Big Mom is suffering amnesia, she is back to her old child self just before she got taken over by Carmel.

It may clash with all the events of whole cake island but if Oda is gonna turn the amnesia thing into something acceptable then this might be the key.
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Void century part1

Once a upon a time there are no islands the land is only one piece and its called pangaea.
One day an alien race that came to earth using their ship called raftel (raft=ship,el=god). They influence 20 kingdoms to engage war with the great kingdom.
The ancient kingdom use their ancient weapons and the alien race who consider themselves god use their advance weapons as well. The war is so intense and most of the land sink to the seas. Hence, the new onepiece world is created.
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Raftel is not an island. Raft = ship, el = god, raftel means ship of god. Bazinga!
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Rock Pirates

So the new movie stampede will most likely not include the rock pirates. Therefore, if they won't be in the movie, will they have a chance to reappear in the actual manga?

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Sunny's Klabautermann

Pretty straightforwardly, are there any big theories about Sunny's klabautermann? It seems weird that even though the crew (and specially Usopp) know of the existence of the Merry's spirit, they never brought it up again. Not even in regards to Mini Merry 2. Help me wrap my head around this

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How did shanks get the scar on eye?

When he was at East blue he did have the scar,that's the time when ace is not even 10 years old, Blackbeard gained power only after ace joined the whitebeards, there is not a chance that teach could have did without the dark dark fruit , but shanks revealed that it was given by teach , how is it possible?
I couldn't think of any possible way
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Donquixote Doflamingo is half blind

Everyone wondered what he could be if he takes out his sunglass. Many thought his eyes are like Mihawk's. My theory is that his eyes are just normal but he is blind in his left eye, which is the reason why he couldn't rhino schneider.

Also, some celebrities who are blind often wear shades like Stevie Wonder or Matt Murdock who is the man with no fear. So in conclusion, you don't know this and I do. Boom💥😂
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