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Luigia is an old woman who lives in a mansion in the Little East Blue, which reminded Usopp of Kaya's mansion.Template:Qref


She is a small old lady with deep wrinkles on her face and a small, pink nose. Her head is very large and not in proportion with the rest of her small body. She has purple hair that is in the shape of a bowl cut. She wears a pink jacket over a yellow shirt with a purple skirt.


At first, Luigia seems like a shrewd and strict woman, since she threatens Usopp not to tell anyone that her mansion is a facade.Template:Qref She also seemed to be quite self centered and tricky, building her own mansion and duping everyone into thinking she was related to Kaya.Template:Qref

Over the course of events, she seems more caring and brave, as she stood up with the rest of the Little East Blue citizens against the Amigo Pirates.Template:Qref

Forza e abilità

Luigia is not seen to possess much strength, or weapon experience. She does, however, have great courage, because she stood up with the rest of the islanders to fight against the Amigo Pirates to protect Boss.Template:Qref When doing so, she held two hand fans and, supposedly, would've fought with them. Her level of skill is left unknown.



When Luigia was a child, she lived in Syrup Village and admired the local mansion that belonged to Kaya's family. She dreamed of living in it and aspired to own one like it some day.Template:Qref She also met Yassop.Template:Qref

At some point she moved to Little East Blue from Syrup Village and built her "dream mansion"Template:Qref, which just looked like one and, in reality, was quite small.Template:Qref

Saga di Little East Blue

When the Straw Hat Pirates arrived on the island, Usopp was taken to see the mansion that was supposedly identical to Kaya's. He arrived and was astounded, thinking that one of Kaya's relatives would own it and hoping she was a pretty as Kaya. Luigia revealed herself, disappointing Usopp.Template:Qref After Usopp commented that her mansion looks very similar to Kaya's, she stated that she is a member of Kaya's family; however, he was able to figure out she was lying. She then showed him the facade of the house and threatened him not to tell anyone that she wasn't related to Kaya or her family.Template:Qref

Later, Luigia joins the crew and the other townspeople in the celebration when the Amigo Pirates arrive. The pirates demand that Boss, the island's protector, be handed over to them. After refusing, the pirates fight Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji. When the three, as well as Boss, are defeated, the citizens of the town, including Luigia, prepare to fight the pirates to save Boss and their island.Template:Qref Boss then molts his skin and is almost defeated when Luffy and the others become freed by Boss's fire-breath. While Luffy fights Largo, the townspeople and the other Straw Hats help by fighting Corto and the rest of the Amigo Pirates.Template:Qref

After the Amigo Pirates are defeated, Luigia is seen sitting in her mansion and remembering her childhood.Template:Qref


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