«Грибы, растущие на теле» — 514 глава манги One Piece. Вышла глава 13 сентября 2008.

Глава 514 называется "Грибы-Растущие-На-Теле".


Независимое расследование CP9 часть 22: "Мы не можем оставаться в этом Городе".

После победы над Пиратами Кэнди, агенты CP9 решают что им необходимо покинуть город.

Краткое содержание

луффи попадает на остров женщин, также известный как Амазон Лили.

Полное содержание

On Sabaody Archipelago, Duval and his Rosy Life Riders guard the Thousand Sunny waiting for the coating mechanic in Grove 41. Back at the Human Auctioning House on Grove 1, Saint Shalulia displays great anger over the pirates who hurt her father and brother and allowing the slaves to be freed as well as the incompetent Marines who were unable to stop them. In grove 13, at Shakky's Rip-off Bar, a worried Keimi stresses over the safety of Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates despite the reassurance of Pappug and Hatchan. Shakky then comments on how the age is beginning to move.

Meanwhile, Luffy is seen flying above the ocean cursing at Bartholomew Kuma and wondering where his entire crew disappeared to. He then shouts out the names of his friends, surprisingly in their order of recruitment starting with Zoro and ending with Brook. frustrated, he comically realizes that if he falls into the ocean then he will die. We see Luffy again sleeping with a comical snooze bubble coming from his nose. As he lands onto an island a bear paw crater is former around him thus waking up in a jungle environment.

Dazed and confused a giant boar approaches him however Luffy does not realize its presence yet. Luffy then remembers the Vivre Card he received from Silvers Rayleigh, happily realizing that he will be able to join up with his friends if he uses it to go back to Rayleigh. Luffy begins to run in the direction that the Vivre Card was pointing with the giant boar chasing him in hopes to eating him. Due to Luffy's oblivious nature he did not realize the boar was chasing nor did he see the wall coming in his path because he was too focused on saving his friends and a flashback of when Nami got teleported races through his mind. Luffy uses his Gear Third arm to smash the obstacle out of his way and surprising the giant boar as well. Having used the last of his strength he becomes very hungry and falls over and then finally realizes the boar standing there. We see smoke rising from the tree tops as Luffy's belly has become large from eating the giant boar. He spots a laughing shroom and decides to eat it and then with immediate effects begins to howl with laughter. Inevitably he notices more shrooms and eats a lot of them with his mood changing after each one. Comically it shows the boar skeleton with "...." in its speech bubble even when it is dead.

Some time passes and we are introduced to 3 new character, inhabitants of the island. As one of them calls for Marguerite, we see a mushroom covered Luffy lying unconscious on the ground. Luckily they noticed a half eaten mushroom nearby and they concluded that the mushroom he ate caused this to happen and took immediate action to save Luffy's life. As the ladies remove the mushrooms one by one, they notice the stubs are still intact so they decide to burn them off. Waking up only to notice he was burning Luffy starts to jump and panicky however quickly falls back unconscious again. They then take Luffy to wash in the river. During the wash however, they notice one mushroom in between Luffy's legs was overlooked. Due to their naïveté towards men as no men have been shown on the island yet they do not know that the mushroom they are pulling is actually his genitals. As a group begins gathering to watch they comment on how flat chested the "girl" was. An old lady introduced as Elder Nyon asks what the commotion is and realizes that the girl they think they are washing is actually a man. Everyone is shocked and an embarrassed and flustered Marguerite says that its her first time seeing a man. As the island goes into an uproar we learn that the island Luffy has landed on is called Amazon Lily a female-only tribe and that it is a place you should not set your foot on if you value your life!


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