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«Портгас Д. Эйс мёртв» — 574 глава манги One Piece. Вышла глава 15 февраля 2010.

Глава574 называется "Смерть Портагса Д. Эйса".


Straw Hats and Animals: Nami manages to hit Luffy while playing Whack-a-Mole.

Краткое Содержание

Marco asks Mr. 3 to make a key in order to free himself from the Seastone handcuffs while the rest of the Whitebeard Pirates and their allies repel Akainu's attacks. Several flashbacks of Ace's past are shown before Ace dies smiling, saying he had a happy life.

Полное Содержание

Ace is shown hugging Luffy while taking his last breath. Ace asks Luffy to forgive him for not letting Luffy save him completely. Marco tells Mr. 3 to make him a key so he can take off his Seastone handcuffs.

While allies and members of the Whitebeard pirates fend off Admiral Akainu, Sengoku is forced to subdue Garp, because otherwise Garp would attempt to kill Akainu. Ace's crewmates call a doctor, but Ace says it's too late because his insides have been melted. Many flashbacks from Ace's past are shown in which people commented that if Gol D. Roger has a kid, that kid should just die.

Ace then says his last words, how he will miss everyone, and how glad he was to be accepted by his friends and to have a family. In the final flashback, Luffy is crying and Ace tells Luffy that he is never going to die cause he has a little brother to worry about. With that, his Vivre Card burns completely and a flashback of his mother is shown naming him Gol D. Ace. Both Whitebeard and Garp start to cry. In the final scene, Ace dies in front of Luffy's lap, leaving Luffy alone with a tormented expression on his face, and apparently spelling the end for the Gol D. bloodline.


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