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In Japan, One Piece can be considered a stable product line and overall, most sold merchandise receives good sales. The most common manufacturer of One Piece toylines is Banpresto and most goods are manufactured in China and/or Taiwan where both labor and manufacturing costs are cheap. Because of interest in selling in Korea, many One Piece products carry the Korean One Piece Logo over the normal Japanese logo, which features a black flag behind the normal One Piece logo. Outside of Japan, most products are imported from Japan, either by subcontracted companies or directly by manufacturers themselves.


О них


Arguably, due to the failure of One Piece in America and lack of promotion from 4Kids, related merchandise does not sell well. Toylines that do make it to high street retailers are often seen in bargain bins. Related products are also absent from many toyline stock catalogs, when other anime toylines such as those derived from the series Bleach or Naruto are found in great numbers.

One Piece toylines have also failed to become a success in the UK, more so than in America. In the UK, related products are seldom seen being stocked in shops. Most fans seeking One Piece merchandise have to seek out specialist shops, buy them from conventions, or self-import them from online sources.

Since FUNimation took over the series and with the release of their dubbed version, a whole new range of merchandise is due out shortly as promotion for the series. It still remains unknown how successful FUNimation's efforts will be.

It is possible that FUNimation has given the merchandise license to Toynami, a company which currently releasing American duplicates of Excellent Model's Bleach PVC figure line. They are believed to hold the license due to a One Piece product they revealed at the 2008 Toy Fair, book-ends.

Компании, Которые Производят Товары

Several companies produce toys and other related merchandise, such as mirrors, school furniture, video games, or food.

Two of the main companies releasing One Piece products are Bandai and Banpresto, well known in Japan for producing toys for every acclaimed Shonen Jump title. Nevertheless, the most acclaimed One Piece toyline is the Portrait of Pirates series, produced by MegaHouse, a company that specializes in producing figures.

A number of figurines were produced by Mattel, a toy making company that is based in China. Due to safety problems with a number of product lines produced by the company, on the August 14, 2007 a number of toys were recalled. Amongst the recalled products were 345,000 One Piece and Batman action figures.[1]



Color Walks



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Several companies have released and are still releasing a lot of figure series related to One Piece. They began to release merchandise in early 2000 after the broadcast of the anime began as they acquired the rights on it, and since have never failed to flood the market with One Piece goods. While the more prolific companies are certainly Bandai and Banpresto, all active companies that are still producing One Piece figures actually are subsidiaries of the same Japanese holding, Namco Bandai Holdings.

Generally speaking, Bandai is focused on small to mid-size figures, sold with candies (the famous Ramune), while Banpresto produces mid to big size figures that can be caught in various UFO Catchers. Apart from those two companies, other outstanding companies are MegaHouse, which releases big size/high quality figures under the Portrait of Pirates brandline, and Plex, mainly known for their original unqualifiable merchandise and the Anichara Heroes figure line.

Size ranges: small = 3 to 7 cm tall, mid = 10 to 17 cm tall, big = 22+ cm tall.

Note: the figure listing below should at least have every figure out since 2007 onwards. A lot of the older figure sets aren't listed because of lack of information or because they are too old for anybody to get a hold of anymore.

Faithful figures

Most of the released figures are made to reproduced manga or anime style versions of the characters, respecting coloring and scaling.



One Piece Tamashii




SD figures

SD stands for Super Deformed. These are mini-figures of about 5 cm tall, with big heads but little bodies. Most are produced by Bandai.


Gashapon are toys embedded inside capsules that can be dispensed from a vending machine by turning a crank in front of it. All gashapon series listed here are made by Bandai unless otherwise stated.


Основная статья: Музыка One Piece

Since the launch of the One Piece anime, several audio CDs have been released through the years of its broadcasting. Distribution was handled first by Columbia Music Entertainment. Avex Trax, since rebranded as Avex Entertainment, now detains all the distribution rights to One Piece related pieces of music.

The following listing does not contain any of the opening/ending theme song singles or audio CDs related to the One Piece movies.

Character Song

  • One Piece Oceans of Dreams! Main Theme ~FAMILY~ 7 Mugiwaras Version (ワンピース オーシャンズドリーム! 主題歌~FAMILY~7人の麦わら海賊団篇~) — 5 февраля 2003 — Avex Trax
  • One Piece Character Solo Singles (ワンピース キャラクターソロシングル)
  • One Piece Character Song Single Jungle Fever ~Thanksgiving for Pirates by the Pirate of Pirates~ (ワンピース キャラクターソングシングル JUNGLE FEVER ~海賊の海賊による海賊のための感謝祭~) — 29 октября 2003 — Avex Trax
  • RESPECT! — Tanaka Mayumi (Луффи), Кадзуя Накай (Зоро), Хироаки Хирата (Санджи) — 29 сентября 2004 — Avex Trax
  • hurricane girls — Акэми Окамура (Нами), Юрико Ямагути (Робин) — 29 Sept 2004 — Avex Trax
  • Friends (フレンズ) — Каппэй Ямагути (Усопп), Икуэ Отани (Чоппер) — 29 сентября 2004 — Avex Trax
  • One Piece Christmas (ワンピースのクリスマス) — 25 ноября 2004 — Avex Trax
    • Twinkle Twinkle — в исполнении первых семи членов Пиратов Соломенной Шляпы.
    • Sing Christmas! Jingle Bell (歌え!クリスマス〜ジングルベル) — в исполнении актёров первых семи членов Пиратов Соломенной Шляпы.
  • One Piece Chopper Keitai Pocket Tsuki CD (ワンピース チョッパー携帯ポシェット付きCD) — 21 декабря 2005 — Avex Trax
    • You are the one — в исполнении актёров первых семи членов Пиратов Соломенной Шляпы.
    • Fly, Merry, Fly ~ Sayonara Merry (FLY MERRY FLY~さよならメリー) — Каппэй Ямагути (Усопп)
  • One Piece Chopperman Theme Song CD (ワンピース チョッパーマン テーマソングCD) — 13 декабря 2006 — Avex Trax
  • ONE PIECE Thousand Sunny Go Song CD (ONE PIECE サウザンドサニー号ソングCD) — 27 февраля 2008 — Avex Trax
  • Binks' Sake (ビンクスの酒) — 25 марта 2009 — Avex Entertainment
    • Binks' Sake (ビンクスの酒) — в исполнении девяти членов Пиратов Соломенной Шляпы.
    • Black Handkerchief of Happiness (幸せの黒いハンカチ) — Юити Нагасима (Брук)
    • A THOUSAND DREAMERS 〜9 Mugiwaras Version〜 (A THOUSAND DREAMERS 〜9人の麦わら海賊団篇〜) — в исполнении девяти членов Пиратов Соломенной Шляпы.


  • ONE PIECE SONG Collection — 20 июля 2000 — Columbia Music Entertainment
  • ONE PIECE Character Song Album — 6 марта 2002 — Columbia Music Entertainment
  • 7 Mugiwaras Live Daikaisen! ~One Piece Character Song Album 2~ (7人の麦わら海賊団ライヴ大海戦! ~ワンピースキャラクターソングアルバムPIECE. 2~) — 25 февраля 2004 — Avex Trax
  • ONE PIECE Character Song Carnival!! (ONE PIECE キャラソンカーニバル!!) — 2 февраля 2005 — Avex Trax

Greatest Hits Album

  • ONE PIECE BEST SONG COLLECTION — 1 декабря 2001 — Columbia Music Entertainment
  • ONE PIECE BEST ALBUM (ONE PIECE BEST ALBUM 〜ワンピース主題歌集〜) — 20 июля 2003 — Avex Trax
  • ONE PIECE BEST ALBUM 2 (ONE PIECE BEST ALBUM 2〜ワンピース主題歌集 2NDピース〜) — 24 марта 2005 — Avex Trax
  • ONE PIECE SUPER BEST — 7 марта 2007 — Avex Trax
  • ONE PIECE MEMORIAL BEST — 17 марта 2010 — Avex Entertainment, comes with a DVD with all OP/ED themes (creditless) at the time of release in 4:3 stereo format and few other videos


    • ONE PIECE MUSIC & SONG Collection — 18 марта 2000 — Columbia Music Entertainment
    • ONE PIECE MUSIC&SONG Collection 2 — 21 сентября 2000 — Columbia Music Entertainment
    • ONE PIECE MUSIC&SONG Collection 3 — 21 декабря 2000 — Columbia Music Entertainment
  • ONE PIECE MUSIC&BESTSONG Collection — 20 июля 2001 — Columbia Music Entertainment
  • ONE PIECE Image Song Complete Collection (ONE PIECE 映像音楽完全盤) — 31 января 2007 — Columbia Music Entertainment
  • ONE PIECE Brook Special CD — концерт Брука и Мугивар (ONE PIECE ブルックスペシャルCD ブルックと麦わら海賊団の音楽会) — 1 апреля 2009 — Avex Trax

Game Soundtrack

  • ONE PIECE Grand Battle 2 MUSIC&SONG Collection (ONE PIECE グランドバトル!2 MUSIC&SONG Collection) — 21 декабря 2001 — Columbia Music Entertainment

Drama CD

  • ONE PIECE 「Great Adventures of Vivi the Pirate」 (ONE PIECE 「海賊ビビの大冒険」) — 26 декабря 2002 — Avex Trax


Игры выпущенные в Японии


WonderSwan Color

Game Boy Color

Game Boy Advance

Nintendo DS

Sony PlayStation

Nintendo GameCube

  • One Piece Treasure Battle! (トレジャーバトル! Torejaa Batoru!) — Nov 2002 — tb/ BandaiNintendo

Sony PlayStation 2

Nintendo GameCube and Sony PlayStation 2

Nintendo Wii

Nintendo 3DS

Sony PlayStation 3

Sony PlayStation Portable

Sony PlayStation Vita

Игры выпущенные в Северной Америке

Game Boy Advance

GameCube and PlayStation 2

Nintendo Wii

Sony Playstation 3

Игры выпущенные в Европе

Sony PlayStation 2

  • Shonen Jump's One Piece: Grand Battle! In the UK this was a Virgin Megastores exclusive game and was on sale for a limited time only. Released September 30, 2005.
  • One Piece: Grand Adventure was released in Europe the 20 October 2006. In the UK, although a release date was issued for the game, the game was not actually available for purchase in store outside of imports or second-hand.

Nintendo Wii

  • One Piece: Unlimited Cruise Episode 1 was released in Europe on June 19, 2009 which was only available for purchase online, Episode 2 was also released in the same year on September 25, 2009 again only for online purchase.
  • One Piece: Unlimited Cruise Double Pack was released in Germany on June 25, 2010.

Nintendo DS

Nintendo 3DS

Sony Playstation 3


This section just gives a quick overview of other kinds of One Piece goods, but is really not exhaustive.



Ремни сотового телефона



Note : Due to the number of plushies produced reguarding the series, only the notable plushies (i.e. ones produced as one-offs or in a collection) are listed below.


Сборные Модели


One Piece Stamps.

Japan Post released a commemorative series of ten One Pieces stamps in March 2011, each with a face value of 80 yen. The stamps come in five pairs, each featuring a single scene with at least two characters:

  • Monkey D. Luffy and Tony Tony Chopper
  • Sanji and Roronoa Zoro
  • Nico Robin and Nami
  • Usopp, Brook, and Franky
  • Portgas D. Ace and Monkey D. Luffy


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Page Notes

  • DX stands for 'Deluxe' and is often used to describe the merchandise as being of "above" average quality and normally only found in UFO Catcher games.
  • This is not an online shop, all One Piece merchandise is listed for informational reasons and not purchasing reasons. Please do not direct link to online shopping websites.
  • Information written here is based primary on descriptions and info released on the merchandise and may not reflect the actual products described.


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