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Шарлотта Марбел — 24-я дочь Семьи Шарлотта и член Пиратов Биг Мам.[4] Она Длиннорукий-Человек гибрид и старшая сестра-близнец Шарлотта Мюкуру.[2]

Она была членом армии Шарлотта Овен, чтобы устроить засаду Монки Д. Луффи на Острове Какао.[1]


Charlotte Marble Manga Concept Art

Marble's original concept art.

Marble is a thin young woman with light wavy hair. As a half-longarm, she possesses two joints in her arms. She wears a low-cut top, vertically striped puffy pants, boots, and a sailor's cap, as well as gloves on her hands.[4]


Marble appears to be loyal to her family and crew, as shown when she took up Oven's call to gather on Cacao Island and attack Luffy.[1]

Способности и Силы


During the attack on Luffy and Sanji, Marble wielded two pistols.[5]


Арка Пирожного Острова

Marble gathered with thousands of her crewmates on Cacao Island as part of Charlotte Oven's effort to ambush Monkey D. Luffy.[1] She was surprised when Pekoms came out of the mirror leading to Cacao Island, but the army eventually discovered Luffy. After Luffy and his crewmate Sanji were overwhelmed, Marble and several crewmates shot at them, but their shots were blocked by the Vinsmoke Family.[5]



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