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Шарлотта Монде — вторая дочь Семьи Шарлотта[2] и член Пиратов Биг Мам.[1]


Mondée is a thickset woman with a fat face and neck. She has long, wavy, blue hair and wears a yellow buttoned gown as well as a wide-brimmed black hat on her head that has pink flowers around it.[1] At the tea party, Mondée wore prominent lipstick,[3] although her lips look quite thin without it.


Mondée appears to be loyal to her family and crew, as she attended a meeting to address the statuses of the Big Mom Pirates' enemies to prepare for Pudding's wedding.[1] Mondée ends her sentences with -mondée.

Способности и Силы


In a concept sketch, Mondée was shown wielding a sword, but she has not been seen using it in the manga.[2] In the anime, she demonstrates enough skill and strength to chase after Luffy and cut the building under him in half.[4]


Арка Тотто Лэнда

Big Mom Pirates Convene

Mondée at Big Mom Pirates' meeting.

The day before the wedding of Charlotte Pudding and Sanji, Mondée attended a meeting in the Whole Cake Chateau to discuss the statuses of the Straw Hat Pirates and their allies who were opposing them.[1]

The next day, Mondée attended the tea party and wedding.[5] The wedding resulted in a failed assassination attempt on Big Mom by the Fire Tank Pirates and Straw Hat Pirates, and the Big Mom Pirates overwhelmed them. The Chateau suddenly started collapsing after Big Mom's Tamatebako exploded at its base. However, Streusen managed to break the Big Mom Pirates' falls by turning part of the Chateau into soft cake.[6]

Следующие события являются Филлерными и потому не считаются частью Каноничной истории.

Mondée later went to Nuts Island. When Monkey D. Luffy jumped to the rooftops with a captured Charlotte Brûlée, Mondée confronted him. However, every time Mondée tried to attack Luffy, he used Brûlée as a shield. She then forced Luffy to ground level by slicing apart the building he was running on.[4]

Конец Филлерной части.

Основные сражения

Филлерные Сражения


  • Her name comes from amande mondée, French for "blanched almond", which follows the food-themed names of the Charlotte Family and Big Mom Pirates.


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