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The 153rd Branch is a Marine Base at Shells Town and the seat of the 153rd Marine Branch in East Blue.[2][1]

Notable Personnel

Name Rank Status
Morgan Portrait.png Morgan
  • Captain (former)
  • Base Commander (former)
  • Dishonorably discharged
  • Escaped arrest
  • Whereabouts unknown
Ripper Portrait.png Ripper
  • Commander
  • Base Commander
Rokkaku Portrait.png Rokkaku
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade
Ukkari Portrait.png Ukkari
  • Seaman Recruit
Koby Before Training Portrait.png Koby
  • Chore Boy
  • Transferred to Marineford
  • Promoted
Helmeppo Before Training Portrait.png Helmeppo
  • Chore Boy
  • Transferred to Marineford
  • Promoted
Rika Portrait.png Rika
  • Waitress



After Morgan was promoted from the rank of Chief Petty Officer to Lieutenant Commander for reportedly capturing the infamous "Kuro", and then making his way up to the rank of Captain,[3] he became corrupted with his newfound fame and tyrannized the entire 153rd Branch and the town associated with it for three years, with his son Helmeppo taking advantage of this.

East Blue Saga

Romance Dawn Arc

Their reign of terror came to an end when Luffy and Zoro defeated Morgan. He was then dismissed and control of the base passed to Commander Ripper. Koby and Helmeppo were part of the staff of the base until the transfer of the imprisoned Morgan to Garp. During this, Morgan was able to escape and Koby and Helmeppo went under Garp's command and tutelage.

Fish-Man Island Saga

From the Decks of the World

During the two year timeskip, Ripper became a Marine officer and Rika joined the base as a waitress.[4]

Anime and Manga Differences

"Kuro's" execution taken place at the 153rd Branch in the anime

In the anime, Kuro's double was executed in a scene similar to Zoro's attempted execution at the same base.[5]


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