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The 16th Branch Base is a Marine Base and the seat of the 16th Marine Branch in East Blue. It is commanded by Captain Nezumi.[2]


The 16th branch is responsible for the region of Conomi Islands, which is where Cocoyasi Village, Nami's home village, is situated. It was also responsible for turning a blind eye on the activities to the Arlong Pirates and their tyrannical reign on the island, thanks to Arlong's monthly bribes.[2]

The 16th Branch beaten up by Zoro for trying to spoil the Straw Hats' victory.

As part of Arlong's scheme to keep Nami under his power once more, he tipped off Nezumi about the money Nami had gathered to buy her village from him, allowing the Marine Captain to confiscate all Beli.png93,000,000 that Nami kept buried near her house.[3]

Nezumi later attempted to claim Arlong's treasure after the Straw Hat Pirates defeated the fish-men crew, but was beaten up and then forced by Nami to return the money he had previously confiscated. Humiliated and injured, Nezumi furiously retreated to this base to report Monkey D. Luffy as a pirate to the Marine Headquarters.[1]

Manga and Anime Differences

The cameo in the anime.


  • The 16th branch commander's code to the headquarters is 00733.[4]


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