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A A A[2][3] is a pirate who participated in the Dead End Race[1] and has a bounty of Beli2,200,000 as written on one of the wanted posters from the beginning of Movie 9.[2]


A A A's Wanted Poster

A A A's Wanted Poster from Movie 9.

A A A is a tall man with long blonde hair and a beard of the same color. He wears a black tank top underneath a blue jacket with large camouflage shoulder pads. On his head he sports a bandana with dark-red and black stripes, and on his left shoulder, he has a tattoo of linings.[1][2]


Not much is known about A A A's personality, apart from the fact that he is reckless enough to join the Dead End adventure, aiming either for the prize, or just for the adventure itself.

Abilities and PowersEdit

While he has not shown any specific abilities, it can be assumed from his bounty of Beli2.200.000 that he is strong and confident enough to enter the Dead End adventure.


Dead End AdventureEdit

He was first seen when he entered the bar the Straw Hats were eating in. After ordering a drink, he asked the bartender if he's in Hannibal. After confirming the fact, he presented two Beli100 coins to him; the password to be allowed to the secret area where the Dead End Race was being organized. Nami noticed of this, which led to the Straw Hats joining the race as well.[4]

After the race began, his ship eventually arrived at what they believed to be Partia. However, in reality his crew fell victim to Gasparde's trick, in which their Eternal Pose turned out to be fake and instead pointed to Navarone, a Marine Base. As his ship was swiftly destroyed, a crewmate told him they had to abandon ship. A A A yelled out his confusion as to whether the island was supposed to be Partia before a final cannon shot finished his ship off.[5]


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