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Acacia is a port town of Dressrosa.[1]

Layout and Locations

This town was once full of living toys before the liberation of Dressrosa took place. Like the rest of the island, the crime rate is very high because the women there are extremely beautiful, but also extremely temperamental. Because their passions run high, they often stab men that betray them to death.[1]

There are also restaurants which serve delicious food and have roulette tables.[1]

It is unknown what happened to Acacia after Donquixote Doflamingo razed nearly the entire kingdom of Dressrosa with his Birdcage.

  • Corrida Colosseum: A building used to host fighting competitions. Corrida means "Running" in Spanish.
  • Oikawa Cafeteria: A restaurant on one of the main streets of the town.
  • Una muchacha del baile: The name seen on the dome of the stage where Violet was dancing. It is Spanish and literally means "A girl of the dance".


  • The town is inspired by several places in Spain,[2] as some of the buildings are nearly identical to the entrance at Park Güell in Barcelona (Catalonia), whereas the bridge in the background looks like the Puente Nuevo in Ronda (Andalucia).
  • Acacia is a genus of shrubs and trees.


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