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The Accino Family is a family of Bounty Hunters who appeared as the main antagonists of the anime-only Ice Hunter Arc, where they attempt to capture the Straw Hat Pirates at Hyokaido prior to their defeat. Their leader/patriarch is Don Accino, who has taken to amassing a collection of flags as trophies from the captured pirates.

Jolly Roger

It is a red skull, with the upper part in the shape of Don Accinos hair, and the lower part in the shape of Don Accino's beard.


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Accino Family
Don Accino
(1st Son)
(2nd Son)
(1st Daughter)
(3rd Son)
(2nd Daughter)
Family Hunters Domo Penguins Phoenix Pirates 


The Accino Family are a strong and tactical group of bounty hunters, capable of outwitting and overwhelming powerful targets including the Phoenix Pirates and majority of the Straw Hat Pirates; which they take their respective flags as trophies. They are known to use the arctic geography of Hyokaido to their own home-field advantage against their opponents, including command of animals like the Domo Penguins. Their father, Accino, is the strongest member of the family and a Devil Fruit user capable of melting the surrounding ice caps and destroying the island.


  • The Accino Family is similar to the Charlotte Family, as they are both families who act as an organization and are led by a single parent.


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