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Adventure of Nebulandia is a TV special of the One Piece anime.

The special has the Straw Hat Pirates fight Foxy again in the New World, on Kinoko Island. This soon gives way to a battle against the Marines on an island called Nebulandia that can nullify Devil Fruit powers.[2]

Short Summary[]

At Marine Headquarters, the Marine soldiers are presented with a plan to eliminate the Straw Hat Pirates.

The Straw Hat Pirates are lured to Mushroom Island by the Foxy Pirates, who challenge them to a Davy Back Fight rematch. The Foxy Pirates have gotten stronger in the New World, and they now have Dojaku, an experienced shipwright, and Komei, a former Marine. In the first round, the Eating Contest, Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Porche, and Hamburg gorge on a pile of mysterious mushrooms. However, the mushrooms cause them to collapse and lose their motivation. Komei then traps them, revealing that he was still a Marine Vice Admiral, but went undercover as part of his plan to eliminate the Straw Hats. Dojaku, also a Marine, helps bring the cage to the Sexy Foxy. The Straw Hats manage to revive and free Luffy, but Komei and Dojaku escape with Zoro, Sanji, Porche, and Hamburg. However, they leave behind an Eternal Pose.

The Straw Hats decide to follow the Eternal Pose to save their friends, and Brook, Chopper, and the Foxy Pirates stay behind to find the Rebound Mushroom, which is an antidote to the Drowsy Mushroom that their captured crewmates ate. Foxy forms an alliance with Luffy and comes along with his crewmate Kansho. They reach an island called Nebulandia, which has a plant that traps Devil Fruit users and a seawater mist that robs them of their powers. Marines are swarming the island, and Komei tells Luffy that he has until sunrise before his friends die.

The Straw Hats and Foxy struggle to traverse the island and deal with the Marine attacks. Due to Komei's plans and traps, everyone is captured one by one except for Luffy and Nami. Meanwhile, Brook, Chopper, and the Foxy Pirates find an injured snake creature which has Rebound Mushrooms growing on its skin, and name it Kinoconda. However, their efforts to help it lead to them being surrounded by Marines.

Luffy finds his captured crewmates, but Komei traps him and nearly kills him by submerging him in seawater. Luffy is saved by Nami and Foxy, who manage to resuscitate him. However, Kansho shoots Luffy in the head, revealing that he, too, was an undercover Marine. Komei stands victorious over the Straw Hats, when Brook, Chopper, and the Foxy Pirates ride in on Kinoconda, having beaten the Marines on Mushroom Island. It also turns out that Luffy is alive due to a Foxy trinket blocking the bullet. The Straw Hats are all freed and engage in combat with the Marine forces, while Foxy heads to rescue Porche and Hamburg. Luffy battles Komei, and manages to defeat him with Red Hawk. With the Marines defeated, the Straw Hats and Foxy Pirates return to Mushroom Island, where they part ways.

Long Summary[]

A Davy Back Fight Rematch[]

Straw Hat Eradication Maneuver

The Straw Hat Eradication Maneuver is presented.

At a Marine base, legions of Marines stand and watch as someone tells them about the actions the Straw Hat Pirates have taken and the danger they present to the world. For this reason, they would move to get rid of them in the Straw Hat Eradication Maneuver.

During a lazy day at sea in the New World, Usopp and Franky engage in a contest to shoot flotsam floating in the water, but Usopp always wins. Meanwhile, Luffy has Sanji prepare meat for him. Suddenly, Chopper notices a signal coming out from the mushroom-shaped island nearby, which turns out to be an SOS. Closer inspection reveals that there is a mob of people shipwrecked on the island, and they all appear to be young women. This instantly attracts Sanji, who quickly leads everyone except Nami, Robin, and Zoro to the island. When they enter the beach, however, they realize that only the people in front look like women. A person then emerges from the crowd, and Chopper quickly recognizes him and gasps in fear.

Straw Hats Meet Foxy Pirates Again

The Straw Hat Pirates are lured to Mushroom Island by the Foxy Pirates.

The person takes off his disguise, revealing himself to be none other than Foxy. Foxy laughs about how he managed to trick the Straw Hats as the other Foxy Pirates remove their disguises. However, Luffy does not recognize Foxy, causing him to get depressed. Franky asks why they wrecked their ship just to trick them, but Foxy just grins and orders his crewmate Dojaku to show the new Sexy Foxy. Dojaku converts the Sexy Foxy into a much larger ship resembling a battleship, which leaves Luffy, Usopp, Chopper, and Franky awestruck.

Luffy notices Foxy's Jolly Roger and comments on how terrible it looks, causing Foxy to get mad at him because Luffy himself drew it. Foxy remembers how the loss of his Jolly Roger permanently blemished his reputation, but he continued pressing on, gaining two new crewmembers: the master shipwright Dojaku as well as Komei, who used to be in the Marines. This makes the Straw Hats suspicious, but they are assured that Komei has left his past career as he really wanted to be a man of the sea. Foxy gives Luffy a gun, telling the Straw Hat what everyone knew all along: that he wanted a Davy Back Fight rematch. Nami shouts at him to not do it, but Zoro arrives and tells her that a man cannot back down from a challenge like that. Luffy smiles as he shoots the gun into the air, accepting the match.

Davy Back Fight Eating Contest

The first game of the Davy Back Fight, the Eating Contest.

A celebration to start the Davy Back Fight then begins, and Itomimizu goes over the rules as the first game, the Eating Contest, begins. Luffy, Sanji, and Brook are tasked to eat a large pile of blue mushrooms before Porche, Hamburg, and Dojaku do. The Straw Hats get suspicious that the mushrooms might be poisonous, but Komei assures them that the mushrooms were discovered recently but were not poisonous. However, Komei has an objection to Brook competing, as per the rules all competitors must have a stomach. The Straw Hats reluctantly accept, and choose to substitute Zoro in instead. The Foxy Pirates complain that substitution was against the rules, but Komei allows them to do it since they accepted taking Brook out. The Foxy Pirates become annoyed that Komei is exerting his will on Foxy, and Komei reminds the competitors that there is another rule: if anyone who is not a competitor steps onto the stage, their team will automatically be disqualified. The Eating Contest then begins as the two teams gorge on the mushrooms, with the exception of Dojaku. When asked why he wasn't participating, Dojaku stated that he had a plan. Suddenly, everyone who ate the mushrooms turns gray and collapses.

Komei Traps the Stage

Komei and Dojaku trap Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Porche, and Hamburg

The pirates react in shock, and an angry Foxy confronts Komei. However, Komei maintains that the mushrooms are not poisonous, and Dojaku jumps off the stage. Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Porche, and Hamburg get up. However, they are too tired to do anything, and Luffy does not even perk up when Franky throws meat at him. The pirates realize that the mushroom must have caused this, and Foxy looks for Komei, who to his surprise is on the masthead of the Sexy Foxy. Komei gives Dojaku his orders, and Dojaku pulls a rope, causing thick bars to surround the stage. Komei then revealed to a shocked Foxy that his true goal was to capture the Straw Hats, and he only submitted himself to the pirate in order to accomplish his plan, though it was still incredibly humiliating for him. A chain shoots out of the Sexy Foxy and latches onto the cage, pulling it up toward the ship. However, Franky holds the chain back and Brook attempts cutting it, though it is too solid for him. Franky asks what the mushroom Komei used was, and he reveals that it was the Drowsy Mushroom that only grew on Mushroom Island. Brook realizes that Komei complained about him being in the contest in order to substitute Zoro, which Komei affirms. Komei says that the only antidote to the Drowsy Mushroom is the Rebound Mushroom, which Dojaku pulls out.

Sexy Foxy Metal Plating

The Sexy Foxy covers itself in metal, reflecting Foxy's Noro Noro beam.

Suddenly, Robin uses her powers to snatch the Rebound Mushroom out of Dojaku's hands and force-feed it to Luffy, who instantly becomes energized again. However, Komei tells a shocked Dojaku that everything is all right and has the cage pulled in. Luffy manages to bend the bars of the cage and tells Zoro and Sanji to come on, but he is attacked by Dojaku, who sends him flying onto the beach. The cage is pulled onto the Sexy Foxy's masthead, and Luffy attempts to get back and rescue Zoro and Sanji. However, Komei pours oil on Luffy's handhold and causes him to slip, sending Luffy flying into the sea. Usopp goes to rescue Luffy as Foxy fires a Noro Noro beam at his ship. However, Komei knew he would do that and covers the Sexy Foxy in reflective plating, causing the beam to reflect and hit everyone on the beach. Komei taunts Luffy, saying that he must overcome his maneuvers if he wants to save his friends.

Foxy Prostrate

Foxy begs Luffy to let him come along.

In the Sexy Foxy, Komei gloats over his capture of Zoro and Sanji as Dojaku hands him his Marine coat, asking about Luffy's escape. However, Komei says that he knew that the Straw Hats would get the Rebound Mushroom and feed it to Luffy, and states that they will move on to the second phase of his plan. On Mushroom Island, the effects of the Noro Noro beam wear off as Luffy is brought onshore. They find an Eternal Pose washed onshore that leads to Komei's next location, and they realize that the Pose and the Rebound Mushroom were likely traps. However, Luffy is still determined to rescue them anyways, and Chopper decides to stay and find the Rebound Mushroom, getting its scent by smelling Robin's hand. Brook decides to help find it as well, since he could detach his soul from his body and look anywhere. Luffy apologizes to Foxy for being the only one to eat the Rebound Mushroom and Foxy apologizes to him for setting them up as the two make amends.

An Unlikely Alliance: Voyage to Nebulandia[]

Foxy Meets Komei

Foxy remembers meeting Komei.

Later, the Straw Hats part ways with Chopper and Brook as they prepare to sail to Zoro and Sanji's location. However, Foxy comes and begs Luffy to let him come along and save Porche and Hamburg, prostrating himself before the Straw Hats. Foxy is cheered on by his crewmates, who also want to come and free Porche and Hamburg. However, the Thousand Sunny cannot take all of them, so Foxy tells them to leave it in his hands. However, his crewmate Kansho asked to tag along, saying he wanted to help his new captain and assist his idol Usopp in long-distance combat. The Straw Hats, Foxy, and Kansho sail away, and Foxy tells Luffy how his new Jolly Roger caused him to become a laughingstock among other crews no matter how many Davy Back Fights he won. However, Komei did not laugh at Foxy, telling the pirate to keep going forward as he and Dojaku joined the Foxy Pirates. Luffy recalls how Zoro was his first crew member, and Foxy replies that Porche and Hamburg were also his first crew members. Luffy states that he does not want any of them left behind when he becomes Pirate King. Foxy then gives Luffy a trinket of his head as a token of friendship, which Luffy loves. Foxy offers them to the other Straw Hats as well, but they refuse.

Meanwhile, Komei and Dojaku visit the cells of Zoro, Sanji, Porche, and Hamburg. Komei tells Porche and Hamburg that he will execute the two of them because they are pirates, and tells Zoro and Sanji that their crewmates will soon join them, mocking their helplessness.

Ambush on Mushroom Island

The pirates on Mushroom Island are ambushed.

On Mushroom Island, Brook and Chopper look for the Rebound Mushroom, but have no success. They accidentally set off a trap, which sends them flying into a large mushroom. The mushroom releases a thick gas, and they decide to call it a sneeze mushroom. Capote, Itomimizu, and Chuchun attempt to help clear the gas, but only annoy Brook and Chopper. They look at the giant trap, which has a Marine symbol posted on it as well as a paper indicating Komei's approval. However, Brook suddenly realizes that they are surrounded by Marines, and tells everyone to duck as the Marines fire on them.

Foxy Stops Marine Cannonballs

Foxy brings the Marine cannonballs to a near-standstill.

Meanwhile, the Thousand Sunny comes upon a mountainous island which is where the Eternal Pose is pointing. A Marine lookout spots them and reports them to Komei, who begins his ambush. The Thousand Sunny is then surrounded by five Marine ships, which fire at it from port and starboard. Unable to escape, the Straw Hats panic, but Foxy tells them to leave it to him as he fires Noro Noro beams at the cannonballs, slowing them down. He continues firing beams, eventually making the ships and cannonballs slow to the point of standstill. However, the ships will only be slow for 30 seconds, but Franky gets the Coup de Burst ready and the Straw Hats escape. The power of the beams wears off, and the cannonballs fly toward the Marine ships and destroy them. A Marine reports to Komei that the ambush fleet has been destroyed and the pirates have arrived on the island. Dojaku says that he heard that Chopper and Brook stayed behind on Mushroom Island to find the Rebound Mushroom, which all went according to Komei's plan.

Arrival on Nebulandia

The Straw Hats, Foxy, and Kansho arrive on Nebulandia.

The Straw Hats climb up the mountains surrounding the shore, and they see numerous other Marine ships tailing them. The Marine lookouts spot them and report to Komei, who prepares to enact his second plan. Komei uses a loudspeaker system to announce himself to the Straw Hats, saying that he was in one of the rock towers. Komei tells the Straw Hats that they have until the break of day tomorrow to find their friends. If they succeeded, they would win. If not, they would fall into his clutches. The Straw Hats are determined to go on despite the likelihood of traps. However, Luffy does not want to take the time to search all the towers and unleashes rapid Haki-enhanced attacks on the closest tower, while Robin wraps her hands around another tower to break it. Suddenly, green vines grow from the tower and wrap around Robin's hands, causing her to lose her strength and her hands to dissolve. Meanwhile, Luffy too is being pulled toward the tower, as the plant has wrapped around his hands. Nami and Usopp attempt to keep Luffy from being pulled into the tower as the others wonder what kind of plant that is, not knowing that it is creeping toward them from behind.

Expedition on Nebulandia, the Island of the Sea[]

Robin Captured on Nebulandia

Robin is caught by a plant and captured by the Marines.

Suddenly, the cannons in the rock towers begin firing at the pirates, and Franky shields Luffy, Nami, and Usopp from the blast. Foxy and Kansho are blown away, and a weakened Robin barely manages to shield herself; however, the plant wraps around Robins hands. Suddenly, Robin hears the Marines approaching her and one Marine troop covers Robins mouth with his hand to prevent her from yelling for help while he pulls out a pair of handcuffs and proceeds to handcuff her. Nami desperately yells for Robin as Foxy's hands become bound by the plant. Nami corners Foxy, suspicious that he did something to Robin, and examines the plant binding him. To her shock, she realizes that the plant smells strongly of the sea, and Komei confirms that the plant grew with seawater, causing it to react to Devil Fruit users and coil around them, with effects similar to Seastone. Komei reveals that he has captured Robin and mocks the pirates for relying too much on Devil Fruit abilities. Komei gleefully says that this island has many secrets and Devil Fruit users would be powerless here on this island called Nebulandia.

Luffy Trapped by Sea Plant

Luffy fights off a plant that reacts to Devil Fruit users.

After finishing his broadcast, Komei talks to Dojaku about his wish for non-Devil Fruit users to capture Devil Fruit-eating pirates, and his plans along with the geography of the island finally allow him to do so. Outside, the Straw Hat Pirates realize that by capturing Zoro and Sanji, their two most powerful non-Devil Fruit users, and luring them here, Komei developed a great advantage. However, Luffy is determined to keep pressing on, and he leaps toward the stone tower, ready to attack. The plant reacts to him and wraps around him, leaving Luffy open for the Marine cannons to fire on him. Luffy is sent flying and crashing into the ground by the cannon shots. Franky, Usopp, and Kansho then fire at the stone tower and succeed in bringing it down. However, there are more towers behind it, which shoot at the three and send them flying. Nami uses her Clima-Tact to create a large thundercloud, but a lightning vane rises up and attracts all the lightning, which does no damage to any tower. Right then, mist emerges from the mountain at the center as Nami begins to fear the worst about Chopper and Brook.

Encounter with Kinoconda

Brook, Chopper, and Chuchun encounter a snake-like creature.

On Mushroom Island, Capote, Itomimizu, and some other Foxy Pirates have been captured by the Marines while Chopper, Brook, and Chuchun hide in the trees. They grimly reflect that the Foxy Pirates sacrificed themselves to save them. A short time ago, Capote told Chuchun to take Chopper and Brook away so they could find the Rebound Mushroom, and he would cover for them. In the present, Chopper attempts to jump out of the tree and save the Foxy Pirates, but Brook catches him, showing Chopper that the Marine below them was carrying Seastone handcuffs. Brook and Chopper then fly away on Chuchun, and Chopper promised to come back and save the Foxy Pirates. Suddenly, they collide with a mountain, which spins around to reveal that it is a large snake-like creature. The snake creature roars, causing the three of them to scream in fright.

On Nebulandia, Komei receives a call from Tsuru, who checks in on his progress. Komei assures her that he will have all nine Straw Hat Pirates in his hands, and the call ends. Komei tells Dojaku that he has no interest in being praised for his work, and prepares to hunt down the five remaining Straw Hats and Foxy. Meanwhile, Franky crawls low to the ground and discovers a hole that was located in the same place as the tower they destroyed. As Luffy fought off the encroaching sea plant, Franky tells him about his discovery. Franky tells Luffy that since there is a lot of machinery underground, they could use it to destroy the towers. Luffy prepares to go, but Franky says there is a lot of seawater pooled inside the hole. Usopp decides to go in Luffy's stead, and Kansho offers to tag along, but Usopp tells him to keep guard above ground. Franky and Usopp then head toward the hole as the mountain in the center of the island spews mist again.

On Mushroom Island, Chopper and Brook run from the snake creature, with the latter carrying a passed-out Chuchun on his back. Chuchun wakes up at Brook's behest, and when he sees the snake creature chasing them, he panics and carries Brook and Chopper up into the air. However, the snake creature is caught in a Marine trap and starts wriggling, so Chopper and Brook decide to go to it. They find the trap it is caught in, and Chopper tells Brook to play music and soothe it, and Brook does so despite knowing that it would attract the Marines. Brook's music calms the snake creature down, allowing Chopper to use Heavy Point and break the trap with Brook and Chuchun's help. The Marines spot the ruckus going on at the snake creature's location, and Brook keeps it calm as Chopper rubs medicine on its wound. Suddenly, Chopper smells a familiar smell and realizes with delight that Rebound Mushrooms are growing on the snake creature's neck. Chopper crawls toward them, telling Brook and Chuchun that he is naming the creature Kinoconda. Suddenly, gunshots explode on Kinoconda as the Marines fire on it, knowing that the pirates are there.

The fog on Nebulandia continues growing thicker, as Nami realizes that it formed because the underground seawater got heated up. Franky and Usopp use the thick fog to hide themselves as Nami sees with a shock that Luffy is losing his strength due to the fog's seawater content. Foxy also grows weak and collapses, and Komei's voice calls out to Luffy. Komei taunts Luffy as he knows the fog is weakening the pirate, and during this time Franky and Usopp sneak underground. Inside the Marine base, Komei receives reports that intruders have been discovered below and that the pirates on Mushroom Island were successfully captured. Komei then tells his troops that his third plan would now commence.

Usopp and Franky Captured

Komei captures Usopp and Franky.

Underground, Franky and Usopp examine the machinery. Franky then sees with a shock that the water they are standing in is growing brighter, and throws Usopp into the air. Usopp's foot catches onto a pipe and he watches in shock as Franky is electrocuted by the water and knocked out. Outside, Nami watches in shock as the area near the hole begins lighting up. A grate then opens in the ceiling as the Marines point their guns at Usopp and Franky and Komei gleefully reaches out to capture the two.

Soon afterwards, Komei announces to Luffy that Usopp, Franky, Chopper, and Brook have all been captured, but changes the rules for the pirates. He would take their captured friends outside, and it would be up to them to rescue them before sunrise. If Luffy made it to them, he could trade himself for his friends' freedom; if not, they would be sent to Impel Down. Luffy angrily accepts Komei's challenge and pulls himself to his feet, shocking Foxy and Nami. Luffy promises to rescue Foxy's crewmates as well as he lurches forward, causing a worried Nami to go help him. However, Luffy says that he will go on his own as he struggles to stand, and stumbles through the fog-covered terrain. Foxy watches in awe at how low the Straw Hats had been brought to at Komei's hands, when suddenly Kansho puts Foxy on his shoulders and races after Luffy, saying that he could not leave Luffy to fight Komei alone. Nami agrees and races with them as well.

The Straw Hats Defeated? The Final Maneuver Takes Effect[]

Komei Traps Luffy

Komei traps Luffy in a pitfall.

Luffy brings himself to five rock spires where his crewmates are all chained up. Usopp shouts at Luffy that it was a trap, but Luffy continues pressing on. He is knocked to the ground by a geyser, but keeps crawling forward, saying that they should get off Nebulandia and all go on an adventure. Suddenly, Luffy falls into a pitfall, and barely manages to hang onto the edge. Komei then rides in on a chair, gleefully noting how he loved pitfall traps. Komei tells Luffy that there is seawater at the bottom of the pitfall, and his trap carried fear. Komei recounts how he felt bigger fear as a child, when pirates rampaged through his home town. He joined the Marines to eliminate the evil of pirates, but grew disappointed when he realized the World Government tolerated pirates in order to maintain balance. Komei hates their method of dealing with violence, as he knew it could not be counteracted by more violence. Instead, they needed wisdom to fight pirates, so that anyone could take part in the fight. Wisdom is Komei's weapon to end the cycle of violence, and he plans to start by reforming the Navy and killing the Straw Hats as an example. Komei pushes one of Luffy's hands of the ledge and he asks Luffy why he would want to become a pirate, knowing the violence it entailed. However, Luffy grins and expresses pity for Komei, as he would never get to experience the adventures that they are having. This annoys Komei, and he kicks Luffy's hand off the ledge, sending him plummeting into the pitfall.

Komei's Sword

Komei uses Haki to convert his fan into a sword.

Luffy manages to grab hold of the walls and stop himself from falling into the seawater. Komei admires Luffy's will to live as he covers himself in Busoshoku Haki and begins dancing. With the power of Haki, Komei turns his fan into a long sword, which he uses to cut several rock spires in one swing. Respecting Luffy's tenacity, Komei decides to finish the pirate off himself as he pushes his sword into the pitfall, forcing Luffy into the seawater. Luffy is unable to withstand Komei's sword as his weakness to the sea takes effect and renders him helpless. Suddenly, Nami throws Heat Egg at Komei, who leaps out of the clearing. The intense heat begins clearing away the fog as Nami reaches her captured crewmates, who reveal that Luffy is inside the pitfall. Komei, who jumped onto a rock tower, extends his sword and attacks Nami, but she dodges his strike and jumps into the pitfall.

Kansho Shoots Luffy

Luffy is shot.

Komei jumps down to the pitfall and prepares to attack Nami and Luffy, when suddenly Kansho and Foxy come, with the latter holding a gun to Komei's head. Foxy forces Komei away from the pitfall as Nami brings Luffy up above the seawater. Foxy gives the gun to Kansho and tells him to keep guarding Komei, which causes Komei to grin. Usopp tells Foxy to help Nami, and Foxy complies, sending Nami a rope to grab on and pulling her and Luffy up. Nami sees with a shock that Luffy isn't breathing, and Foxy desperately pounds on Luffy's chest to resuscitate him. Eventually, Luffy spits out water and is revived, which relieves his crewmates. Luffy jumps toward his crewmates and prepares to free them, when suddenly he is shot in the back by a pointed bullet.

Komei Victorious

Komei stands victorious over Foxy and the Straw Hats.

Luffy collapses onto the ground without moving, and Foxy realizes with a shock that it was Kansho who fired the bullet. Komei reveals that this was part of his two-sided backstab maneuver, where they would go for the kill after Luffy turned his back on Kansho. Kansho tells a shocked Usopp and Foxy that he was just doing his job as he dons a Marine uniform, as many more Marines pour into the clearing and point their guns at the Straw Hats and Foxy. An angered Nami attacks Komei with Thunder Lance Tempo, but Komei absorbs her strike with his sword and sends it back to her and Foxy, electrocuting them and bringing them down. Komei orders his men to arrest the Straw Hats, and legions of Marines appear from every corner of the island as they cry out in victory.

A Counterattack Erupts: Battle for Freedom![]

Kinoconda Arrives

Kinoconda emerges from the volcano.

As the sun rises, Komei and Kansho leap up as the former surveys his victory. Dojaku arrives and congratulates Komei, claiming this capture to be the beginning of the end of the Great Age of Pirates. He and the Marines cheer on Komei, who tells Dojaku to prepare his contraption as they would take the Straw Hats (minus Luffy) and Foxy to Marine Headquarters. Dojaku activates the underground machinery, causing a large building to rise up, and he watches with pride as his greatest gimmick unfolds. Suddenly, everyone begins noticing that the entire island is shaking, and the volcano at the center of the island spews a large amount of seawater. In the seawater is Kinoconda, who carries Brook, Chopper, and the Foxy Pirates in his mouth.

The Straw Hats and Foxy are delighted and the Marines are shocked as Kinoconda and the pirates fly through the air. Kansho and several other Marines fire at Kinoconda, but their bullets have no effect as it destroys the mountains Komei and Kansho are standing on, although Komei manages to hop to a new mountain. Chopper, Brook, and the Foxy Pirates jump out of Kinoconda's mouth and lay waste to the Marines in the clearing. Komei orders the legions of Marines at the edges of the island to charge, but Itomimizu incapacitates many of them using Sneeze Mushrooms. Other Marines fire on Kinoconda, but their shots have no effect as the creature lands on Dojaku's gimmick, destroying it before the astonished Marine could fully unveil it.

Foxy Trinket Blocks Bullet

Foxy's trinket blocked Kansho's bullet.

Nami and the Foxy Pirates free the five captured Straw Hats from the rock spires, and Chopper and Brook reveal that they defeated the Marines with Kinoconda's help and made a pretend call in order to trick Komei. Brook offers Zoro and Sanji medicine made from the Rebound Mushroom, and Itomimizu frees Foxy from his handcuffs and gives him the Rebound Mushroom medicine for Porche and Hamburg. Zoro and Sanji return to full strength, and Foxy gives Zoro his swords back and Capote gives Franky new bottles of cola, which re-energize the cyborg. The Straw Hats and Foxy Pirates tend to Luffy, who is still not getting up. Komei gloats over Luffy's death, when suddenly Foxy's voice rings out. Luffy suddenly rises up, which shocks Kansho, who knew he did not miss. However, Luffy pulls up his hood and reveals that the Foxy trinket he attached to it blocked the bullet, which saddens him as he liked the trinket. Komei curses Luffy's sheer luck. An angered Komei tries shooting Luffy again, but his shot is deflected by Usopp. Angered at Kansho for betraying him, Foxy rapidly punches him and sends him flying into a crowd of Marines.

Nebulandia is Flooded

Komei floods Nebulandia with seawater.

Foxy next confronts Komei, but the Vice Admiral sends him flying into the pitfall with his fan. Robin rescues Foxy, and the Straw Hats prepare to fight the oncoming Marines as Sanji points Foxy to the tower where Porche and Hamburg are being held. As Zoro and Sanji easily fend off the hordes of Marines, Luffy confronts Komei, who admits the missteps he made but is still confident that the Straw Hats will not leave alive. Nami uses another Heat Egg to surround Komei in flames, but he swears to wipe out evil so everyone can live in peace. Using Haki, Komei blows out the flames with his fan before unleashing an even bigger gust of wind at a cliff face, causing it to break apart. The seawater being held back by the outer edges of the island seeps in, and Komei reveals that the entire basin is below sea level and he was willing to flood the entire island as a last resort. Luffy sends Nami to get the others away, and she tells everyone to escape the incoming flood and leave the rest to Luffy.

Foxy Frees Porche and Hamburg

Foxy frees Porche and Hamburg.

Luffy wonders why Komei would destroy a Marine base, asking if the Vice Admiral would get in trouble, but Komei tells him that he did not care about punishment if he could complete his mission. The Straw Hats run for the Sunny, but they are met with legions of Marines. However, they easily beat back the foot soldiers as they attempt to escape the seawater. Meanwhile, Foxy and Capote run through the tower where Porche and Hamburg are, with Foxy making the Marines and their bullets slower and slower. Foxy steals keys from an immobilized Marine and unlocks Porche and Hamburg's cell. The two are happy and relieved to see their captain, and Foxy revives them with the Rebound Mushroom medicine. The Foxy Pirates are confronted by more Marines, but Foxy immobilizes them again. Foxy prepares to head out and rejoin the Straw Hats, but Porche and Hamburg want to stay behind, saying there is something they want to take back. Foxy tells his crewmates to go on ahead while he looks after Porche and Hamburg, but Capote tells him that they are his crew and will follow him anywhere.

Outside, Komei mocks Luffy, as the pirate is standing in seawater and cannot use his powers. Luffy again says that he will escape the island once he saves his friends, causing Komei to become annoyed and attack Luffy with a gust of wind. Luffy dodges it, jumps above Komei, and attacks him repeatedly. However, Komei redirects Luffy's attacks using his fan and swings it downward, causing Luffy to fly down into the seawater. However, he leaps out before the water can take effect, and Komei mocks him for being slow as he pulls out a bazooka. The two take to the air as Komei jabs at Luffy with his fan-sword and shoots at him with his bazooka, and Luffy barely dodges the strikes as he lands back in the seawater. Luffy manages to dodge more of Komei's attacks, but the Vice Admiral forces him back into the water and corners him, ready to deal a final blow.

Meanwhile, the Straw Hat Pirates reunite with the Foxy Pirates, and they become concerned about the rising seawater. However, Foxy gets a bad idea, and tells Franky to carry him on his shoulder. Luffy manages to get out of the water again as Komei shoots several more shots at him, with one seemingly hitting its target. However, Luffy stands on Komei's sword, but is shaken off and forced into a bad position on a rock tower. Taking advantage of Luffy's position, Komei fires another shot at him, but it is slowed down by Foxy. The pirate slows Komei down as well, and tells Luffy to repeatedly hit the ball. Luffy gladly does so, and repeatedly punches the ball until it glows orange. Komei watches in shock as Luffy kicks the ball into the ground right as the 30 second time limit expires, and the ball explodes on the ground. This creates a large hole that drains the seawater, and Luffy mocks Komei about him taking Foxy for a fool, asking him how it felt to lose to the pirate.

Luffy Defeats Komei With Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk

Luffy defeats Komei with Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk.

Luffy and Komei attack each other again, with Luffy managing to knock Komei's bazooka away. Komei states that Luffy was tough, but not in the best condition, and would be buried with his Haki. Luffy replies that he didn't mind that Komei hated pirates since he was in the Marines, but he would never allow anyone to hurt his friends. Luffy and Komei battle once again, and Komei manages to send Luffy flying backwards. However, Kinoconda suddenly appears and gives Luffy a foothold, allowing him to spring toward Komei. As Luffy flies toward Komei, the Vice Admiral covers himself in Haki, but it is no use as Luffy hits him with Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk. Komei is sent flying into the basin, and the force of his impact causes the ground to crack and the island to shake as it loses stability. Luffy stands before a defeated Komei, who struggles to accept his defeat at the hands of a pirate.

The Aftermath[]

Meanwhile, the Straw Hats and Foxy regroup on the Thousand Sunny, wondering how they could escape the Marine fleet since they already used Coup de Burst on the way there. However, Capote and the other Foxy Pirates arrive with more ammunition, and the Straw Hats watch as Luffy climbs up to the outer edge of the island and smiles at them. The Straw Hats and Foxy Pirates are happy to see him as Luffy tells everyone to set sail.

At Marine Headquarters, Tsuru receives the report of Nebulandia's destruction and Komei's defeat. The Marine on the other end tells her that everyone has been brought onto the warships, and she thanks him for the update. Tsuru reflects with Garp on how close Komei was to reaching his goal and his usage of ingenuity. Garp remembers how Komei came as a spindly young man and expressed his admiration for Komei's belief in not wanting to rely on Devil Fruits. However, Garp is assured that Komei will rise back up to his former self, but Tsuru tells him to stop laughing without a care.

Nami Outwits Foxy Pirates

Foxy attempts to betray Luffy, but is tricked and beaten by Nami.

The Straw Hats, Foxy Pirates, and Kinoconda return to Mushroom Island, and Foxy says that they will keep sailing the new Sexy Foxy because Dojaku did a fine job with it. Foxy reveals that they also took back their Jolly Roger, and he has come to like it despite its poor quality. Foxy holds out his hand to Luffy to thank the pirate for fighting with him, but as Luffy goes to shake his hand, Foxy ends the cease-fire between them and fires a Noro Noro beam at him. However, Luffy is not affected by the beam, which shocks Foxy, but he then disappears as it is revealed he was just an illusion created by Nami, who knew Foxy would do that. Nami then attacks Foxy, Porche, and Hamburg with Thunderbolt Tempo, scaring the other Foxy Pirates. Luffy then laughs at Foxy's stupidity.

Straw Hat Banquet Adventure of Nebulandia

The Straw Hats have a banquet to celebrate their victory.

The Straw Hats later set sail as the Foxy Pirates wave goodbye to them. Luffy says that he is interested in doing another Davy Back Fight, which scares Chopper, although Franky and Brook express interest in doing one, having not been there during the first one. Chopper and Brook wave goodbye to Kinoconda, and Luffy calls Foxy "Split-Head" for the final time as he says goodbye, which once again depresses him. However, Foxy remembers Luffy's determination to rescue his friends and his hospitality towards him, and tells Porche and Hamburg that it is time for them to continue seeking adventure, expressing his gratitude for his first two crewmembers. He then tells his whole crew that it was time for them to keep sailing, and they cheer at their captain. Meanwhile, the Straw Hats have a banquet to celebrate their victory as they bicker and keep sailing through the New World. However, they panic upon discovering that one last Drowsy Mushroom has gotten stuck in Zoro's haramaki.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Anime Notes[]

  • It has been suggested by Toei Animation that this will be the first in a series of 'Adventure Of' specials with original storylines. These specials would air in the winter in addition to the summer 'Episode Of' specials which re-adapt manga material.[3]
  • The special marks the first post time-skip anime appearances of Foxy and his crew.
    • This special also marks the debut of three new members of the Foxy Pirates which turn out to be undercover Marines designed by Eiichiro Oda; Komei, Dojaku and Kansho.[4][5]
  • When Porche is seen for the first time among the whole of Foxy's crew, she is shown at a distance with her cap and mask on. However, the scene then cuts to her unmasked, putting her cap and mask on.
  • Despite Chopper's tendency to not recognize people even in poor disguises, he was instantly able to recognize Foxy in his disguise.
  • In the anime continuity, this special could take place before the Punk Hazard Arc and after Z's Ambition Arc and One Piece Film: Z. This is because in the anime, the Z's Ambition Arc took place immediately after the Straw Hat Pirates entered the New World, which led into the film. However, this special must precede the Punk Hazard Arc, since the Straw Hat Pirates were travelling by themselves, meaning that the Dressrosa Saga had not yet commenced.
  • The special ignores the events added to the anime version of the Long Ring Long Land Arc and the entirety of the Foxy's Return Arc and Spa Island Arc, as the Straw Hats only refer to Chopper being taken as a member of Foxy's crew and Franky is not aware of Foxy's Devil Fruit. Additionally, this contradicts Franky showing some knowledge of the Davy Back Fight in Episode 326, meaning this special also entirely ignored the events of the Ice Hunter Arc.
  • The Marines recognize Chopper as the crew's doctor instead of just being a pet.
  • When talking about participating in another Davy Back Fight as the Straw Hats and Foxy Pirates part ways, Brook notes he wants to have one "for the first time in decades" (as Komei prevented him from participating in the eating contest), indicating he participated in a Davy Back Fight during his time as a member of the Rumbar Pirates.


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