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Agotogi[2] was the leader of a gang of bandits who tried to kidnap Vivi.[1]


Agotogi is a man of regular height, who has red spiky hair. He wears an open-up green kimono with a few purple dots on it. He wears brown pants with a yellow sash to hold it up. He also wears typical sandals. It is also notable that he was always seen smiling until he was defeated.


He seems greedy, as he tried to kidnap Vivi so that he could ransom her for money. He was quite persistent, continuing in his pursuit of Vivi until his defeat. He was also merciless, going as far as injuring children.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Agotogi was seen wielding a large knife. Not much is known about his true strength, but he seemed very weak as he was defeated easily by Koza at a young age.



Koza Beats Agotogi

Koza defeats Agotogi.

He tried to kidnap Vivi, but the Suna Suna Clan attacked him while telling Vivi to run away. Agotogi easily beat up the clan except Koza. Koza tried to protect Vivi at all costs and ended up beating Agotogi but he pushed him away and was about to kidnap Vivi but Cobra showed up and kicked him away. His fellow bandits also ended up beaten by Pell and Chaka. In the end, Agotogi was arrested and he has never been seen again since.[1]

Major BattlesEdit


  • Agotogi's name means "pointed chin".


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