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Ahiru is the Deputy Commander (副隊長 Fuku taichō?, VIZ Media: Vice Captain) of the East Army in the Revolutionary Army and the assistant of Belo Betty.[2]


Ahiru in the Digitally Colored Manga.

Ahiru is a woman with tanned skin, prominent lips and long brown hair. Her left arm is a mechanical prosthesis with light and dark green (gray in the manga) coloring. She wears a black shirt, a red tie and a green jacket. She also has a pair of goggles on her head.[1]


As a member of the Revolutionary Army, Ahiru has no qualms with challenging the World Government, especially with her status as an officer. As such, she is a brave woman as she has made enemies with one of the most powerful forces in the world.

Abilities and Powers

As a deputy commander within the Revolutionary Army, Ahiru has some degree of command over lower ranking revolutionaries, especially those within the East Army, where her authority is second only to her direct superior, Belo Betty.[2]


Four Emperors Saga

Levely Arc

Ahiru was present on Momoiro Island with Belo Betty and Koala after the plan to infiltrate the Levely had been put into action.[1]


  • "Ahiru" (あひる?) means "duck" in Japanese. This follows the theme of female characters being named after birds.
  • Ahiru is so far the only female cyborg in the series.


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