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One Piece: Aim! The King of Belly is a game for the Game Boy Advance, loosely adapting elements of the series up to the Arabasta Arc. The game is simply just a board game, with additional aspect of traditional RPG game.


The player controls one of the five playable character (Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Usopp, and Chopper in a board game based on the One Piece world. From the start point, the players, with their boats, move around a vast seaboard without any guide. Because there is no goal point at any turn, movement is decided by rolling a die, or additional dice if one gets a card. The goal of this game is collect as much money (Belly) as Nami wants for the crew.


To move and find new islands, players roll a die. If it lands the player on a sea platform, the player will pick up a card. The cards carry various effect, such as healing HP/MP, change the direction, fight monsters and give players additional dice the next turn.


Along the way, players will find islands, guarded by villains from the One Piece story (both manga and anime villains). Players will be given options to fight them, or to try and escape. If they choose fight, the player will engage the enemy in a classic RPG fighting game (one attack allowed each turn). When the player wins, they are awarded with some treasure, and money, and sometimes a Shop, Restaurant or Workshop will be built on that island. Sometimes an island contains only treasure without being guarded, and sometimes players will meet allies for battles there.


Player status include HP (Hit Points) for life value. If the players runs out his HP, players will be knocked back to the START point and lose some Belly. MP (Miracle Points) are used to perform special moves and attacks. MP also can be used out of battle. On the board, players can perform special moves, such as Luffy's Gomu Gomu Rocket to increase his dice number by 2. MP will regain itself slowly during each turn. Items can be put into the player's inventory, though they can only carry 5 different items at one time. Items in the One Piece world include Meat for HP, and Mushrooms to lower the enemy's status. The items can only bought in Item Shops at some islands. The number on the dice represent the player's movement each turn. Dice can be upgraded in workshops. Each character have their own type of movements however.


Chapter 1: Repair Fee of Tears! Aim for 50 Million Belly!

While sailing one day, the Going Merry crashes into an iceberg, damaging it and breaking its figurehead. In order to gather the 50 million Belly needed to repair the ship, Nami sends Luffy, Zoro, Usopp, Sanji, and Chopper to gather funds while she and Robin stay on the ship.

Chapter 2: Broken Mast! 100 Million Belly of Tears

After narrowly avoiding another giant iceberg, the Going Merry is fired on by a Marine ship. Luffy deflects the shells using Gomu Gomu no Fusen, but one of the deflected shells hits the iceberg, causing pieces of ice to fall on the Going Merry, one of which breaks the mast.

Once again, Nami sends the others to go gather funds for repair, this time asking for 100 million Belly.

Chapter 3: Broken Rudder! 100 Million Belly Repair Fees

The Going Merry sails into a third iceberg, breaking its rudder. Usopp mentions that the iceberg appeared all of a sudden, almost as if it was moving, but Nami dismisses him and sends the others to gather the repair fees once again.

Chapter 4: Stolen Family Heirloom! Defeat the Pirate!

The Going Merry finally reaches land. The mayor of a town initially mistake the Straw Hats for another pirate who stole his family heirloom, but realizes that he was mistaken. Nami proposes that they recover his heirloom from the pirate in exchange for food and money.

Chapter 5: Hole at the Bottom of the Ship! Earn 100 Million Belly!

While relaxing at the top of the mast, Nami notices a distant iceberg, but the iceberg suddenly starts moving. The Going Merry is then caught in a tornado, creating a hole at the bottom of the ship.

Nami states that they can repair the ship using the money they got from the mayor, but Luffy reveals that he already used up the money to buy food, so Nami sends the others to gather funds once again.

After gathering the repair fees, the giant iceberg appears once again, revealing that it is actually a giant hermit crab with an iceberg on its back. For unknown reasons, the iceberg hermit crab is attracted to Luffy's straw hat, forcing the Straw Hat Pirates to fight it together.

After defeating the iceberg hermit crab, the crew realizes that it was responsible for every previous iceberg collision. Luffy promises that they will never let the Going Merry be damaged again while stretching his arms out. However, he stretches them too far and breaks the mast once again.


Playable Character


All antagonists from the Romance Dawn Arc until the Arabasta Arc appear here. They all have different HP and attacks, as in the story.


Some characters will join the player if they meet the character on an Island, or by picking up Special cards. Allies will fight with players if they summon them. They can only be summoned once, last for a battle, except Mr. 8 and Pell as Vivi's special, they can be summoned many times in battle as long as Vivi's MP remains.

  • Usopp Pirates are the weakest ally, deals damage 10 x number of dice. Recover the HP of the summoner when they are defeated.
  • Johnny and Yosaku.
  • Dorry and Brogy are the strongest allies with max HP 9999.
  • Nico Robin recruited when picked up field card Nico Robin. Roll a cube dice after pick up the card, she will join the player when 4~6 appeared. She is the fastest ally with max speed 255, and she will recover 999 HP every turn.
  • Portgas D. Ace will recover 300 HP every turn.
  • Mr. 8 appears as Vivi's special, 25 MP for one time, he will recover 300 HP every turn.
  • Pell appears as Vivi's special, 60 MP for one time, he will recover 300 HP every turn.


  • Nami appears to act as a "money bank", if the player meets Nami, they will give half of their Bellies to her so she can prevent those Bellies from trading, curing after failed battle, etc.

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