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Akudai Kanzaburo[2] is an arms dealer who lives in the Flower Capital of Wano Country.[1]


Kanzaburo is man with curly dark brown hair, a semi-long beard and sideburns. His hair is styled in a pompadour at the front, while part of it is tied in a topknot at the back. He wears a light red kimono, dark green hakama with yellow swirling patterns, and a black and purple patterned cape.[1]


Kanzaburo seems to be a nefarious individual, as he laughed heavily while discussing the production of weapons and their use for war.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Kanzaburo's skills an arms dealer are highly evaluated, earning him an invite to the shogun's banquet.[2]


He used a naginata to attack Nami and Shinobu through the wooden ceiling.[1]



Wano Country Arc

Kanzaburo met with Waruno Furishiro to receive the next list of weapon orders. During the meeting, they noticed Nami and Shinobu spying on them through the ceiling and chased after the kunoichi with naginata.[1]

He later attended the banquet at Shogun Kurozumi Orochi's castle.[3]


  • His name is likely a pun on aku daikan (悪代官), meaning "evil officer".


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