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Alan[2] is a character that made his first appearance in the third TV special One Piece episode. He is an actor and works with Randolph.[1]


Alan is a lanky man with unkempt hair and large round glasses. His stage outfit consists of a gray tunic with purple cutoff overalls. Otherwise he wears a long-sleeve shirt and dark pants.[1]


He is very dedicated to his friends in the acting troupe. He also puts a lot of effort into his acting.

He seems easily taken by beautiful women, as he was smitten when he saw Nami.[1]


He cares deeply for the other members of his acting troupe. He is also deeply grateful to the Straw Hats for filling in.

Abilities and Powers

He is supposedly a good actor.


Sky Island Saga

Protect! The Last Great Performance

He was rehearsing with the other actors when Lola gave her resignation. Once Nami offered to fill in, he was easily taken in by her beauty. He was later seen performing in the play. When Robin was overacting, he politely told her so, and corrected her when she thought that singing was what she was supposed to do, saying their play wasn't a musical. He was then surprised to see Robin walk off saying she had no reason to perform in a normal play. Once the set started falling apart due to the Straw Hats' antics, Alan was relieved to see Randolph, playing the hero in the play, appear.

During the intermission, he is reviewing his lines. When Usopp asks how the second act ends, he tells them that all the pirates die. He, along with the other actors, told the Straw Hats about Randolph's past. He then cheered Randolph on as he fought Luffy and was terrified when Luffy caused a shelf to collapse on him. After things settled down, he was talking with another actor about whether or not Randolph would be okay. He was then confused and surprised when Commander Governor showed up unexpectedly and started firing warning shots at their ship. He was angry to hear the Marines accuse Randolph of selling stolen weapons to pirates, and also that they could not finish the play due to his arrest.

Once Luffy rescued Randolph, Alan and his costars helped break his fall by catching him when Luffy threw him onto the deck of their ship. He was surprised to see Luffy help them by keeping Governor at bay. He went back to performing when Luffy told them to finish the play. He watched with a look of nervousness as Randolph performed the final fight scene in the play.[1]


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