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Alba is a character in One Piece Film: Gold.[1][2]


Alba's Concept Art

Alba's Concept Art.

Alba is a young woman with short dark blue hair. She wears a pink halter, a green and black sash, short white, pink, and green shorts, dark pink and white shoes, and a dark pink golf cap.[1][2]


Alba was impressed by Tokikake's golfing abilities. She was also surprised and amazed by the Straw Hat Pirates when they crashed onto the golf course during a Turtle Car Race and pulled themselves back onto the track with Luffy's ability.[2]


One Piece Film: GoldEdit

Alba and three other women joined Tokikake for a game of golf. In the middle of the game, Luffy's Turtle Car crashed onto the golf course, startling Alba and her companions. When Luffy used his Devil Fruit abilities to launch the car back onto the track, Alba was left surprised. [2]

It can be assumed that she fled from the island after the defeat of Gild Tesoro.


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