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Albert is the father of Eric who lives outside Steel City's entrance. He is also a member of the "Pro-Marine" faction on Jail Island.[1]


He is a heavy-set man who wears green, aqua-colored clothes with orange buttons and a gray cravat. He has blue hair that juts out at the end, blue eyebrows and a blue beard. He also wears a black hat with an elongated top.[1]


He is a caring man who worried about opposing the Marines. He cares for his family and friends as he didn't want to see them get hurt by pirates or the Marines.[1]



Eric is Albert's son and cares for his well-being. After Eric and Doni run off to Battery Island, both Albert and Damian go to the area to save their sons from pirates. When both boys asks for them to make up, the two agree as long as they don't go around dangerous areas.[1]


He and Damian are childhood friends who played around Battery Island many times.

When the Marines arrived at Jail Island, Albert didn't want to oppose them, but Damian didn't want to live in fear of them. Along the way, the two got caught up and forgot to keep talking to each other. When their sons asks if they can make up, the two fathers agree.[1]


One Piece: World Seeker

Albert is confronted by Damian outside his home when both their children run away. They are eventually confronted by Luffy who tells them to shut their mouths, but they tell him to stay out of their important discussion. Luffy exclaims if the discussion is more important than their children, and the two men realize the boys went to Battery Island, which is crawling with pirates now.

A few more pirates show up to take the two boys, but Albert and Damian defeat them. The two reminisce that they used to play around Battery Island when they were younger and just got caught up with the complying or defying the Marines.[1]

He later bids farewell to Luffy and the Straw Hats as they depart the island.[2]


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