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Alubarna is the capital city of Alabasta. The city is built on a plateau near an oasis, and there are four long flights of stairs that act as the only entrances. Directly outside the town is a group of ruins.

Notable PlacesEdit

Alubarna PalaceEdit

The Alubarna Palace (アルバーナ宮殿 Arubāna Kyūden?) is where the royal family and their servants live, located in the center of Alubarna. It boasts many luxuries, including a lush rooftop garden, a massive bathhouse, and secret passageways.

During the Alabasta civil war, Princess Nefertari Vivi nearly detonated the palace in a last-ditch attempt to divert the combatants.[1] Her efforts were easily thwarted by the war's orchestrator Crocodile,[2] who almost threw her to her death from the battlements.[3] Shortly after, Crocodile and Monkey D. Luffy held their second battle on the rooftop garden, and the former eventually obliterated it with his Suna Suna abilities.[4]

After the war ended, the entire Straw Hat crew rested at the palace for several days before leaving Alabasta.[5]

Medi Assembly HallEdit

Medi Assembly Hall (メディ議事堂 Medi Gijidō?): located in the North Block, two great battles took place around it. In front of the hall Zoro won a battle against Mr. 1, while behind it Nami managed to defeat Ms. Doublefinger. Not much else is known about it.

Polka StreetEdit

Polka Street (ポルカ通り Poruka Dōri?): found in the South Block, it is the location where a fierce battle took place between Sanji and Mr. 2 Bon Clay, which Sanji eventually won. Not much else is known about this street.

Central City SquareEdit

Central City Square is a large, circular area where people can meet. It lies just outside of the Alabasta Royal Palace. The first and final confrontation between the Rebel Army and the Royal Guards took place here, at the climax of the Alabasta Arc.

First appearance: Chapter 163; Episode 96.

Alubarna ClocktowerEdit

Alubarna Clocktower

The Alubarna clock tower.

The Alubarna Clocktower is an extremely tall building, resembling Big Ben in England. There is a large open area at the very top of the tower. The top of the clocktower can only be accessed from the stairs on the bottom floor, and going up the stairs for the building it rests upon do not lead to the top of the tower. At the time, Crocodile planned to launch a bomb from there, due to the large open space and the close proximity to the Central City Square. The Suna Suna Clan used this space as a secret base.[6]

First appearance: Chapter 196; Episode 120.

Tomb of the KingsEdit

The Tomb of Kings is located just outside of Alubarna and is where the royalty of Alabasta are buried. There is also a hidden chamber where the nation's poneglyph tells of where to locate one of the ancient weapons, Pluton.


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