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Amanda is a girl looking for her father's treasure in the second TV Special, along with her two siblings, younger sister Milia and baby brother Holy.


Amanda is a young girl of average height. She has freckles, and rather long hair shaped into two pigtails. She wears a purple sleeveless shirt that exposes her navel, with an orange sleeveless jacket, white trousers, and purple and white sandals. She also has a simple map drawn on her back, that indicates the location of a treasure her father has found during his adventures.


Amanda is usually happy.


She and her siblings stowed away on Captain Zap's ship but escaped along with Maccus and Bonney, eventually ending up on a deserted island where they meet the Straw Hats. Their father was an adventurer who always brought them back gifts from his travel, but one day he returned home and died at their doorstep. However, before his death, he left a map etched on Amanda's back, which she hates him for at the start of the special. The map was what Bayan, her father's murderer, was after and forced her to reveal it through his pirate choir's singing. However, the Straw Hats managed to defeat Zap and Bayan, then help locate the treasure which turns out to be a gigantic clam and pearl (i.e: the island they were on). This regains Amanda's respect for her father while Max and Bonney offer to adopt Amanda and her siblings in the end.

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