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Amazon Lily is an empire located in Island of Women (女ヶ島, Nyōgashima?, Maiden Island in the Funimation subs), an island located in the Calm Belt adjacent to Paradise.[1][2] The island is inhabited by a tribe of Kuja.[1] Monkey D. Luffy was sent here by Bartholomew Kuma.[3]

After the Empress Boa Hancock lost her status as a Seven Warlords of the Sea, Amazon Lily was invaded by the Marines and the Blackbeard Pirates and nearly destroyed by both S-Hawk and Marshall D. Teach, causing the island to be deemed unsafe for the Kujas as long as Hancock stays due to the damage the island sustained.[4]

Layout and Locations[]

Amazon Lily is a jungle island located within the Calm Belt. Due to the island's location, there is no wind or storm ever on Amazon Lily. The focal point of the island is a large mountain situated in the center. It is carved with gigantic curved snake statues and the name of the native tribe of the island, Kuja, engraved in Kanji. Within the center of the mountain is a deep valley where the Kuja tribe village is located. The architecture and decor of the village resemble that of ancient China.

During the post-Levely raids on the Seven Warlords of the Sea, the island was invaded by both the Marines and the Blackbeard Pirates, which led to massive geographical destruction. In particular, the Kuja's village and the mountain it was situated upon was essentially cleaved in half due to the actions of one Seraphim Pacifista.

Amazon Lily in Calm Belt
Amazon Lily's location in the Calm Belt.
Amazon Lily Palace
The palace.
Amazon Lily Battle Ring
The battle ring.
Amazon Lily Fort
The fort.
Amazon Lily City
The city.


It is a firm and influential belief in Kuja culture that strength equals beauty.[5] They are snake worshipers and many of the women carry very large snakes around their necks.[6] Some of the warriors can even use their snakes to form bows, allowing them to fire arrows.[7] Their society is apparently meritocratic in nature, as Hancock apparently did not inherit the position. This would indicate that rank is determined by skill.

The currency used by the Kuja in Amazon Lily is "Gor", in place of Belly.[5] It is unknown how much Gor is worth in proportion to Belly; however, due to the isolation nature of the island, it can be assumed that the Gor has lower value than Belly from the lack of trading.


Due to the Calm Belt being infested by Sea Kings, Amazon Lily is naturally protected against outsiders.[2] However with new Seastone technologies invented by Dr. Vegapunk, this protection has begun to erode. As such, the only method to keeping outsiders from entering is for the empress of the tribe, Boa Hancock to maintain her position as a Warlord of the Sea, and sign a treaty with the World Government for their continued protection. This treaty would be nullified if Hancock refused to live up to her duties as a Warlord of the Sea.[8][9] With the Seven Warlords of the Sea system being abolished, however, the treaty became void, leaving Amazon Lily unprotected from invaders as the Marines were sent to try to arrest Hancock.

Due to the lack of men, the Kuja have to leave the island to conceive children. When they return to give birth at the island, the children are always born female.[6] As part of the Kuja's belief, men are forbidden on the island, but Monkey D. Luffy is an exception, as the empress has fallen in love with him. Indeed, even though the Heart Pirates were given an exception among exceptions due to them caring for Luffy, they were still forbidden from crossing the border of the country.[10]


  • Body Mushroom
  • Giant boar
  • Laughing Mushroom
  • Angry Mushroom
  • Crying Mushroom



Amazon Lily, being populated by the all-female race the Kuja Tribe, have been ruled by empresses, who were picked from the strongest warrior on the island, for generations.[11] However, several of these empresses' either passed away or left due to being afflicted by Love Sickness.[12]

19 years ago, the Gorgon Sisters went sailing with the Kuja Pirates and were kidnapped, being sold as slaves to the World Nobles, during that time, they were made to eat their respective Devil Fruits. 15 years ago, they escaped slavery thanks to Fisher Tiger, and eventually made it back home, thanks to Gloriosa, Shakuyaku and Silvers Rayleigh. They hid their past as slaves by claiming they gained their powers by fighting a monster called Gorgon who left a curse mark on their backs (actually the "Hoof of the Flying Dragon", the slavery mark of the Celestial Dragons) that would petrify anyone who saw it.[13][14] 13 years prior, Boa Hancock became the empress of Amazon Lily and the captain of the Kuja Pirates, and in a single expedition, gained a bounty of Beli80,000,000 and an invitation to the Seven Warlords of the Sea, which she accepted, in order to protect Amazon Lily from the Marines, who could now travel across the Calm Belt, thanks to new technology.[15]

Summit War Saga[]

Amazon Lily arc[]

Monkey D. Luffy ended up landing on the island thanks to Bartholomew Kuma Nikyu Nikyu no Mi ability, and unable to get off it, ended up eating mushrooms to improve his mood. However, he was left in dire straits after accidentally consuming the Grows-Mushrooms-On-Your-Body Mushroom and would have died had the Kuja warriors Marguerite, Sweet Pea and Aphelandra not discovered him and taken him back to the village, having assumed he was a local female. However, after curing him, they discovered he was a male, and imprisoned him.[15] After Luffy awoke, and the Kuja threatened to kill him, he quickly escaped to the forest and took Marguerite with him in order to reclaim the Vivre Card she held. Shortly afterwards, the Kuja Pirates returned after an expedition, deciding to refresh themselves after a long trip. After Luffy learned the only ship on the island belonged to the Kuja Pirates, he figured the best course of action was to personally request the empress to give him a ride back to Sabaody Archipelago.[16] He infiltrated the city again in order to find the empress but was quickly discovered and chased all the way to the palace where he stumbled onto Boa Hancock herself bathing and seeing the brand on her back, seemingly recognizing it.[13] Hancock attempted to petrify him with her Mero Mero no Mi ability and though this failed, Luffy he was still captured.[17]

Luffy was sentenced to fight to his death in the gladiatorial arena, and when Marguerite, Sweet Pea and Aphelandra attempted to vouch for him, Hancock petrified them. Luffy's execution then commenced, where he was then made to face the large panther Bacura, but the Straw Hat captain easily defeated him, forcing the two younger Gorgon Sisters to face him.[17] Sandersonia and Marigold transformed into the hybrid form of their respective snake Zoan abilities and fought Luffy, who had a hard time dealing with the sisters' Haki. In order to give Luffy more despair, Marigold captured him in his coils, while Sandersonia threatened to break the petrified Marguerite. In a desperate attempt to save her, Luffy let loose an unconscious burst of Haoshoku Haki, which, along with knocking out a good chunk of the spectators, caused the sisters to be so stunned, they stopped what they were doing and released the man and the statue.[18] After Luffy made sure that Marguerite was safe, the battle resumed, this time with Luffy gaining the upper hand with 2nd Gear. However, during the battle, Sandersonia's cape was burnt, revealing her back, with Luffy voluntarily covering the mark with his own body, knowing that the sisters did not want anyone seeing it. Hancock halted the execution, and had everyone evacuate the arena, until it was only the Gorgon Sisters, Luffy the petrified warriors and Elder Nyon, who knew the circumstances.[19] Hancock still mistrusting of Luffy despite him just helping them, offered the Straw Hat captain an ultimatum to test him, either a ship of the island or the restoration of the petrified warriors. Belying the sisters' expectations, Luffy unhesitatingly, gratefully and happily asked for the restoration of his petrified friends, shocking them with his humility. Hancock kept her word and unpetrified the girls, before summoning Luffy for an audience with her in the castle.[14]

In the castle, Hancock bore the mark to Luffy again, with the Straw Hat captain admitting that while he hadn't seen this mark before, his fish-man friend Hatchan bore a similar mark. Elder Nyon then appeared and revealed Luffy's identity, and how he had appeared on Amazon Lily after punching a Celestial Dragon, the statement stunning the sisters, as they drew likeness between him and their savior, Fisher Tiger. The sisters painfully revealed their past to Luffy, and though they feared he would scorn them for being former slaves, their fears were unwarranted as he decisively supported them. Appreciating Luffy's kindness, Hancock offered to sail him wherever he wished, with the Straw Hat captain gratefully accepting.[14] Luffy then attended the homecoming banquet of the Kuja pirates, but due to being an oddity, he received too much attention and had to run away in order to eat in peace. Taking refuge with Elder Nyon, he learnt that his brother, Portgas D. Ace, was to be executed by the Marines. Elder Nyon revealed that Hancock might be able to take him to Impel Down, if she accepted the summons of the World Government, which prompted Luffy to immediately go ask her.[12] Surprisingly, Hancock accepted Luffy's request, despite continuously turning down the summons previously, due to having gained Love Sickness for Luffy. The next day, Hancock hid Luffy and left for the war.[20]

Post-War Arc[]

Hancock brought Luffy, who had gained serious injuries during the Summit War of Marineford, as well as Jinbe (who saved Luffy) and the Heart Pirates (who were treating him) to Amazon Lily for treatment, allowing them to stay on a gulf along their coast. However, when Luffy awoke, he started rampaging around due to losing his brother in the war, right before his eyes.[21] After Jinbe calmed him down, they returned to the coast where the Heart Pirates were docked, to find that they had left and Silvers Rayleigh had appeared.[22] The three men later left the island, with Jinbe heading back to Fish-Man Island and the Kuja Pirates taking Luffy and Rayleigh to Rusukaina for the latter's training.[23]

Whole Cake Island Saga[]

From the Decks of the World: The 500,000,000 Man Arc[]

After Luffy gained a new bounty, Hancock enlarged his poster picture to massive size and posted it on the castle terrace.[24]

Wano Country Saga[]

Wano Country Arc[]

The Kuja Tribe prepared for battle as a Marine fleet approached the island to capture Hancock after the Levely decided to abolish the Seven Warlords of the Sea.[25] The battle was intense, with the Marines throwing in the two new Seraphim Pacifista who were strong enough to alter the island's landscape. However, the situation got more complicated with Marshall D. Teach arriving with the Blackbeard Pirates in order to take Hancock's power. By the end of the battle, the majority of the Blackbeard Pirates and the Marines were petrified by Hancock, with the exception of Captain Koby and Teach himself. However, Teach had managed to capture Hancock and seal her powers with his Yami Yami no Mi ability. While they considered negotiating with her to undo the petrification on their crews, Blackbeard ultimately decided that she was too dangerous and planned to kill her, which Koby opposed since doing so would presumably leave their men permanently petrified. At this point, Silvers Rayleigh appeared with Shakuyaku and proposed to be the middleman of the negotiations, with Hancock reversing her petrification, in exchange, the invaders will quietly retreat, with all sides appearing to have complied. Koby was taken captive by Blackbeard[4] due to the Emperor held 800 Marine hostage until Koby forced to surrender to Teach.

Final Saga[]

Egghead Arc[]

The Kuja recovered from the battle as they, alongside Rayleigh and Shakky, discussed topics like the Seraphim and what to do next.[4]


  • The empire is named after the real life flower Amazon Lily.
  • Oda originally intended to have Amazon Lily appear later in the story. He brought its role forward so that it would be complete before his daughter began school (due to the large number of scantily clad women on the island).[26]
  • According to Rurubu One Piece, Amazon Lily was inspired by China, which can be seen in its architecture.
  • It is unknown if Bartholomew Kuma ever visited Amazon Lily like the other locations he has sent people to, as it was not seen in his backstory.


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