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Ame no Habakiri is one of the 21 Great Grade swords. It was once wielded by Kozuki Oden alongside his other blade, Enma,[1][2] and both swords were the only weapons (until the present day) ever to injure Kaidou.[3]

After Oden's death, it was bequeathed to his son, Kozuki Momonosuke.[1][2]


Ame is a moderately curved katana, a golden trefoil-shaped tsuba. It has a white color scheme matching its "Heaven" motif. Its kashira and kojiri are both gold with its sheathe being lacquered solid white a lot like its tsuka with three cords, both the saya and tsuka have simple light five-petaled flower motifs on both sides.

Ame no Habakiri is a Shobu Zukuri style katana of medium curvature, its appearance analogous to that of its counterpart, Enma. Its all-light coloration is in accordance with its "heavenly" motif (contrasting the darkness of Enma). Its tsuba (identical to Enma's) is the shape of a trefoil, with each lobe thickly ridged (as is a central hole in each). The tsuka appears lacquered, being solid white (instead of wrapped in tsuka-ito), and is ridged by a pair of bands directly above the fuchi, as well as one higher up alongside two yet higher, far-apart lines of studs, all parallel. The kashira (singularly studded) is large, based in shape on a kumo (cloud) motif. The saya (colored the same as the tsuka) has a cord with two hanging, tufted ends (seemingly the sageo) a short bit below the tsuba, and is otherwise embellished by a triple set of flower motifs on each side (the pair near the cord six-petaled, the two below seven-petaled). The kojiri (like its counterpart) is large with trefoil cutouts on each side matching the tsuba, and is accented by a wide, knobbed ring above it.[1][2]


Enma and Ame-no-Habakiri.png
Enma and Ame no Habakiri digital colored.
Ame no Habakiri Color Scheme.png
Ame no Habakiri colored later in the manga.


Oden uses Enma and Ame no Habakiri to wound Kaidou.

Being the masterpiece of Kozuki Sukiyaki, one of the greatest swordsmith on Wano and one of the 21 Great Grade swords,[2] Ame no Habakiri is an extremely powerful sword on par with its counterpart Enma, the best masterpiece of the legendary swordsmith, Shimotsuki Kozaburo. According to its creator, it could "slice through the heavens" (paralleling Enma being able to "cut through to the bottom of hell").

Ame no Habakiri yields tremendous power and sharpness when mastered. In the hands of Oden, 40 years ago, alongside Enma, he was able to bisect the mountain-sized beast known as the Mountain God using a single slash after hardening them using powerful Busoshoku Haki (known as "Ryuo" in Wano),[4] clash against one of the 12 Supreme Grade swords, Murakumogiri,[5] and inflict a massive wound on the nigh-indestructible Kaidou in his dragon form.[3]



Sometime in the past, Ame no Habakiri was created by Kozuki Sukiyaki which became renowned as his masterpiece as one of the 21 O Wazamono Meitos.[2]

It later became the property of his son, Kozuki Oden, along with Enma, both utilized in his Daito Two Sword Style sword style since his youthful age of 18.[1] It was used in Oden's many battle in and out of Wano.[4][5][6][7] Oden later used Ame no Habakiri to wound Kaidou, giving him his only scar.[3] After Oden's death, Ame no Habakiri was somehow retrieved by its creator, who kept the sword safe in order to pass it on as a heirloom onto Oden's son, Momonosuke.[1]

Wano Country Arc

After Momonosuke time traveled into the future with his three retainers, they gathered in the Amigasa Village where Sukiyaki presented his masterpiece Ame no Habakiri to him which Momonosuke refused to accept due to believing he is not strong nor skilled enough to wield his father's designated heirloom.


  • The Ame no Habakiri (天羽々斬あめのはばきり Ame no Habakiri?, literally meaning "Feathery Cutter of Heaven") is one of the most famous Totsuka no Tsurugi, appearing in Japanese mythology as a blade used by the Shinto god Susanoo to slay the legendary monster serpent Yamata no Orochi. "Haba" (羽々?) while using the kanji for "feather/wing", is also an archaic term for "big snake/great serpent" (Orochi).
    • Beside its legendary status, it is a real sword, being enshrined as the shintai of Isonokami Shrine.
  • In Chapter 920 and Episode 893, a flashback of Oden is seen wielding a sword with a tsuba different from either Ame no Habakiri or Enma's.
  • Ame no Habakiri's design, which lacks the traditional Japanese mountings, resembles a Gunto.
  • Similar to Enma, Ame no Habakiri's size is inconsistent as it was shown as a regular sized katana when not wielded by Oden who heights 382 cm.


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