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See also the associated category: Animal Species.This page lists all animal species encountered in the East Blue Saga.

East Blue[edit | edit source]

Monstrous Bird[edit | edit source]

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A full body view of Pinky, a Monstrous Bird.

A "Monstrous Bird" (怪鳥 Kaichō?) is a large, pink bird with a downward-curved, beige beak, and dark blue feathering on the edge of the wings and tail and on the top of the head.

Island of Rare Animals[edit | edit source]

Further information: Island of Rare Animals

Island of Rare Animals.

As the name says, this island is inhabited by many rare animals most of which are hybrids of two or more normal animals.

The animals inhabiting the island include:

Big Bird[edit | edit source]

Big Bird with his chicks.

Big Bird is an inhabitant of Big Bird Island. It tried to eat Buggy in order to get revenge on him for trying to eat one of his chicks, but Buggy did not taste good, so he spat him out. It first appeared in Chapter 39 and Episode 46.

Big Bird's Son is a little bird which Buggy tried to eat, but failed. He is the son of Big Bird. He first appeared in Chapter 37 and Episode 46.

South Blue[edit | edit source]

Blue-Finned Elephant Tuna[edit | edit source]

An Elephant Tuna.

A Blue-Finned Elephant Tuna (エレファント・ホンマグロ Erefanto Honmaguro?, Elephant True Bluefin in the Viz Manga and Titanic Tuna in the 4Kids dub) is a fish that comes from the South Blue and has elephant-like features. It is classified as type "A" creatures "Big Friendly".[2] The first one appeared in Chapter 98 and Episode 51, in which Sanji bought/won from Loguetown.

In the original manga, Sanji bought one, while in the anime, Sanji competed in a contest against another cook, Carmen and won it. Once the Straw Hat Pirates reached Twin Capes Lighthouse and settled down, Sanji prepared the fish into an elaborate meal for everyone while they were speaking with Crocus in Twin Cape. Usopp and Sanji were paying attention to Nami and Crocus's conversation while, unbeknown to them, Monkey D. Luffy ate up the rest of the fish, including the bones.

Another one has appeared in the Thriller Bark, when Oars, powered by Luffy's shadow demands food to satisfying his hunger, a large bundle of food was provided, including an elephant tuna. While feeding Oars, the zombies realized that it was a salted fish that could kill Oars if he ate it. The zombies got rid of it at the last second.

Another one has made its appearance around Little East Blue, where it was fished up by Luffy, Usopp, and Brook, but was carried off and eaten by a gigantic beetle called Boss.

Grand Line[edit | edit source]

Sea Cow[edit | edit source]

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Non-Canon Animals[edit | edit source]

Sennenryu[edit | edit source]

A Sennenryu (千年竜 Sen'nen-ryū?, literally meaning "Thousand Year Dragon" or "Millennium Dragon", known as a Millennial Dragon in the FUNimation dub) comes from Warship Island's mostly submerged Dragon's Nest.

Every 1000 years, they return to the nest to give birth and die. Their bones, when extracted to create an elixir, can grant eternal youth, which is what Nelson and Eric desired. The only named one is Ryu, though a huge group did gather during the Dragon's Nest's rising. They only appear in the anime on the Warship Island Arc, and first appeared in Episode 55, but are also referenced in the Ocean's Dream arc.

Their appearances in the series created a plot-hole, as Zoro later commented that he does not believe in the existence of dragons.[3]

Baby Ryu.png
A hatchling Sennenryu with an adult.
Ryu Anime Infobox.png
Ryu, an ancient Sennenryu.

References[edit | edit source]

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