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Movie 3Edit

Horn EatersEdit

Horn Eaters

Horn Eaters

Horn Eaters (ツノクイ, Tsuno Kui) are a type of creature featured prominently in the third One Piece movie. They are large herbivorous armadillo-like rhinos that will aggressively attack any horned creature within sight, even if said creature happens to have fake horns, as seen with Luffy (Usopp had him garbed in a ridiculous costume with antlers included). They are used by Butler to herd the various other horned animals on Crown Island in order to chop their horns off.

Trumpet PigEdit

Trumpet Pig

Trumpet Pig

A Trumpet Pig (トランペットブタ Toranpetto Buta?) is a weird pig living on the Crown Island.

Square RhinosEdit

Square Rhino

Square Rhino

Square Rhinos (四角いサイ Shikakui Sai?) are animals with a rectangular form and loosely resemble rhinos that live on the Crown Island. When they lie on the ground, it is very easy to mistake them for rocks.

Movie 5Edit

Hippo RhinoEdit

A Hippo Rhino (カバサイ Kabasai?) is a purple rhino with a hippo's mouth. It can be mistaken for a rock when its head is downwards. It's also a good swimmer as it was able to swim far out to the sea. It fell in love with the Going Merry after it landed on it which made it spit out a fish it was choking on. It decided to swim to the Going Merry and propose to it.

Movie 6Edit


Main article: Rosario
Rosario Portrait

Rosario,a giant red fish

Rosario was the giant pet goldfish owned by Muchigoro. It was a giant red fish with a hard metallic shell. The shell had jewels embedded on the top and on the forehead.

Movie 7Edit

Island TurtleEdit

Main article: Mecha Island
Mecha Island Infobox

Island Turtle

The Island Turtle (シマガメ Shimagame?), also known as Mecha Island, is a giant turtle that wakes every thousand years to lay its eggs. These eggs are considered extremely valuable due to being made of gold.

Heart of GoldEdit

Water LizardEdit

Chavez Anime Infobox

Water Lizard

The Water Lizard (水中トカゲ Suichuu Tokage?) is a type of reptile that exist in one of the island swallowed by Bonbori. Two Water Lizards, who are named Elizabeth and Chavez, are adopted by Myskina Olga and her father and now live with them after escaping from Bonbori's stomach.

Giant FootballfishEdit

Main article: Bonbori
Bonbori Anime Infobox

Giant Footballfish

The Giant Footballfish is fish that roams though the New World. The inside of its body is somehow far larger than the outside, having three stomachs big enough to hold an island. It has a powerful desire to eat the rare Pure Gold and it only surfaces when it senses its light in the sea. Consumption of Pure Gold make the bulb on its head shine a bright golden light. One specimen is Bonbori who is known to have eaten two islands, one inhabited by dinosaurs and the island of Alchemi.

One Piece Film: GoldEdit

Lucky Turtle SquadEdit

The Lucky Turtles are small turtles that were enslaved by Gild Tesoro and made to power the various automobiles, known as Turtle Shuttles, on the Gran Tesoro. After the island was sprayed with sea water and Tesoro was defeated, the Lucky Turtles most likely gained their freedom. They are referred to as Rare Muscle Turtles in the FUNimation dubs.

Lucky Turtle
A Lucky Turtle Chauffeur.
Lucky Turtle 2
Lucky Turtles used to power a Turtle Shuttle.

Gigant TurtlesEdit

Gigant Turtle

Two Gigant Turtles pulling the Gran Tesoro

The Gigant Turtles (ギガントタートル Giganto Taatoru?) are massive turtles nearly a third the size of the Gran Tesoro (which itself stretches 10 km long) that were tamed and harnessed to the ship. Two of them are attached to the Gran Tesoro, and are tasked with protection of the ship from Sea Kings and sea creatures that would do the ship harm. Furthermore, they both have what appears to be a massive cannon attached to their back. They are referred to as Giant Turtles in the FUNimation dub.

Red-Eyed OwlsEdit

Red-Eyed Owl

Red-Eyed Owls

The Red-eyed Owls (赤目フクロウ Akame Fukurou?) are a species of owls tasked with monitoring a passage way that leads to the Lesoro's Hyper Suite, where a safe containing a fortune lies. The Red-eyed Owls' gaze emits light, and as soon as anything living is caught in their gaze, they will scream and alert security. However, their gazes move at set intervals, so it is possible to avoid the lights, especially if one can understand their speech.

Golden BatEdit

Golden Bat

Golden Bats

A ferocious species of bats that guard the pipeline to the Gran Tesoro's saltwater pump. Although they may prove formidable to normal people, they were instantly defeated when faced against the likes of Luffy and Franky.

One Piece Unlimited Adventure/Cruise/WorldEdit

Umbrella FrogEdit

The Umbrella Frog (アマガサガエル Amagasa Gaeru?)

Weir Storm MouseEdit

The Weir Storm Mouse (ヤナアラシネズミ Yana-arashi Nezumi?)

Jungle LizardEdit

The Jungle Lizard (ジャングルオオトカゲ Janguru Ootokage?)

Hidden Forest BeeEdit

The Hidden Forest Bee (モリノカクレバチ Mori-no-kakure Bachi?)

Oil Stain FrogEdit

The Oil Stain Frog (アブラジミガエル?)

Purple Poison FrogEdit

The Purple Poison Frog (ドクムラサキガエル Doku Murasaki-gaeru?)

Lantern FireflyEdit

The Lantern Firefly (チョウチンホタル Chouchin Hotaru?)

Giant Devil Hand MothEdit

The Giant Devil Hand Moth (デビルハンドオオガ Debiru Hando Oo Ga?)

Crossbone ButterflyEdit

The Crossbone Butterfly (クロスボーンバタフライ Kurosuboon Batafurai?)

Rainbow PhoenixEdit

The Rainbow Phoenix (レインボーフェニックス Reinboo Fenikkusu?)

Hidden Black-winged SwallowtailEdit

The Hidden Black-winged Swallowtail (カクシクロバネアゲハ Kakushi Kurobane Ageha?) is a butterfly that can be mistaken for a normal swallowtail butterfly, except when seen from behind where the black part is visible.

Doctor HornetEdit

The Doctor Hornet (ドクトルホーネット Dokutoru Hoonetto?) is a hornet with a stinger resembling an injection needle.

Thunder ScarabEdit

The Thunder Scarab (カミナリコガネ Kaminari Kogane?)

Flying PenguinEdit

The Flying Penguin (ソラトビペンギン Soratobi Pengin?)

Golden HerculesEdit

The Golden Hercules (ゴールデンヘラクレス Gooruden Herakuresu?)

Rockin LizardEdit

The Rockin Lizard (ロッキンリザード Rokkin Rizaado?)

A Class ToadEdit

The A Class Toad (A級トード Ee-kyuu Toodo?)

Horned Icicle LizardEdit

The Horned Icicle Lizard (ツノツララトカゲ Tsuno Tsurara Tokage?)

Ice Miyama Stag BeetleEdit

The Ice Miyama Stag Beetle (コオリミヤマクワガタ Koori Miyama Kuwagata?)

Doze Evil Eye ButterflyEdit

The Doze Evil Eye Butterfly (イネムリジャノメチョウ Inemuri Janome Chou?)

Fire HeraclesEdit

The Fire Hercules (ファイヤーヘラクレス Faiyaa Herakuresu?)

Lightbulb FireflyEdit

The Lightbulb Firefly (デンキュウホタル Denkyuu Hotaru?)

Lantern TrilobiteEdit

The Lantern Trilobite (チョウチン三葉虫 Chouchin Sanyouchuu?)



Monsters Dragon

The dragon summoned by D.R. in "Monsters".

Oda has mixed the Monsters story into the One Piece main story, making dragons a canonical species within One Piece.

Dragons (ドラゴン Doragon?) are large winged reptiles of great power and ferocity that are capable of breathing fire. One resided in the Wano Country long ago.

The powers and abilities of a dragon are so strong that not only can it destroy a single town (under the control of D.R. and Cyrano with the use of a Dragon Horn) and bring terror to the public, but killing one made the samurai Ryuma a legend, and stories about him are still passed down after generations.

Dragons were first mentioned by Hogback in the One Piece storyline during the Thriller Bark Arc, where he revealed to Zoro the story of Ryuma and his legendary slaying of a dragon long ago which the latter took in with much skepticism.

Dr. Vegapunk was revealed to have created his own artificial dragons to guard Punk Hazard. The Straw Hats encountered two, both of which were incredibly strong, and one possessing great speed as well. However, both were eventually killed by Kin'emon and the Straw Hats.

There are also two anime exclusive dragon species, the Sennenryu and the Tatsunoko Dragon.

Romance Dawn V.2Edit


Balloon Manga Infobox

Balloon, a Roc.

Rocs (怪鳥ルク Ruku?, literally meaning "Monster Bird") are giant panda-like birds. Balloon is the last of his kind. Spiel wanted Balloon for the magical blood Rocs possess.

Shokugeki no SanjiEdit

Tomahawk Spiny LobsterEdit

The Tomahawk Spiny Lobster is a very rare, gigantic lobster most likely from the East Blue based on it being listed in “East Blue Ingredients Encyclopedia”.

It is able to live in fresh and saltwater habitats. Instead of pincers on its arms, it has boast razor-sharp blades in the shape of axes. It hides in rivermouth slit deposits and uses its blades to hunt fish passing by. Its incredibly tough upper shell has been used as wartime armor and in pre-war victory rituals. In cooking, it is a very difficult ingredient to prepare that even first-rated chefs from top-class restaurants would struggle with this ingredient.







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