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The animals on Merveille were changed by eating a plant called IQ. Shiki, in his attempt to take over the world and destroy East Blue, had Dr. Indigo create an army of violent animals with the drug SIQ. Many of these animals are introduced in the tenth movie, appearing on the floating island of Merville.[1]



The Agehaguera (アゲハグエラ Agehagurea?) is a giant colorful butterfly, that is mostly always seen smiling. As it moves its wings, the Agehaguera releases toxic pollen that can weaken its enemies. It appeared when the animals from Merveille invaded Shiki's palace, but it was defeated by Nico Robin.

The "Ageha" in its name literally means "swallowtail butterfly".

Concept art of the Agehaguera.
Agehaguera Strong World.png
Agehaguera as seen in Strong World.

Air Elephant

The Air Elephant (エア・エレファント Ea Erefanto?) is a pink elephant-like animal that can use its ears to fly.

It somewhat resembles the flying elephant Dumbo from the animated film of the same name, as well as the flying elephants from the novel Alice Through the Looking-Glass.

Baku Zame

The Baku Zame (バクザメ Baku Zame?, literally meaning "Chomp Shark") is a shark with an elongated body, like a snake. It is green with six pectoral fins, three sets of gills, and two dorsal fins. It attacked Franky, Robin and Brook, but was eaten by Guntai Ari.

Baku Zame.png
Concept art of the Baku Zame.
Baku Zame Strong World.png
The Baku Zame as seen in Strong World.

Batch Fly

The Batch Fly (バッチフライ Bacchi Furai?) is a giant green fly. It has six limbs, red eyes and is almost always seen with an angry face. Using its uppermost limbs to produce friction, it can ignite its claws in order to attack. It was seen for the first time when the animals from Merveille were summoned to the main island. It later attacked Shiki's palace with the other animals. It was later defeated by Brook before it could strike back.

Batch Fly.png
Concept art of the Batch Fly.
Batch Fly Strong World.png
The Batch Fly as seen in Strong World.

Big Tree

The Big Tree (ビッグツリー Biggu Tsurī?) is an insect that greatly resembles a tree. It appeared when the animals from the archipelago are summoned to the main island. When the Daft Green trees around Shiki's palace were blown up, Big Tree and many other animals invaded the palace. Later, a Big Tree was defeated by Sanji and Brook.

The Big Tree is based on the Phasmatodea, commonly known as the "stick insect". While the Phasmatodea resembles small twigs and branches, the Big Tree imitates an entire tree, as it is even able to stick part of his body inside the ground to imitates roots.

Big Tree.png
Concept art of the Big Tree.
Big Tree Strong World.png
A Big Tree getting his lower body out of the ground, as seen in Strong World.


Main article: Billy


Billy (ビリー Birī?) is a giant electricity producing bird from the tenth One Piece movie. He was originally a creation of Dr. Indigo, but he aided Luffy in fighting against Shiki in the air.

Black Brothers

The Black Brothers (ブラックブラザーズ Burakku Burazāzu?) are three scorpion brothers, each with a different appearance. Big Sasori (巨大サソリ Kyodai Sasori?, literally meaning "Big Scorpion") is the eldest son of the three brothers, and is dark red in appearance. The second son has sharp pincers and stringer, and is dark purple. The third son has two stingers on his tail, and is green.

Big Sasori's name comes from the Japanese word, "Sasori" (さそり Sasori?), which means "scorpion".

Big Sasori.png
The eldest Black Brothers, Big Sasori.
Younger Black Brothers.png
The second and third Black Brothers.
Black Brothers Strong World Poster.png
The Black Brothers from a poster.
Black Brothers Strong World.png
The Black Brothers as seen in Strong World.

Blue Jack

Blue jack as seen in Strong World

The Blue Jack (ブルージャック Burū Jakku?) is a whale-like animal.

Boxer Penguin

The Boxer Penguin (ボクサーペンギン Bokusā Pengin?) is a large penguin with tall legs and a large beak. It uses mainly punches to fight.

It resembles a cross between a Great Auk and a Magellanic Penguin.

Boxer Penguin.png
Concept art of the Boxer Penguin.
Boxer Penguin Strong World.png
Boxer Penguin as seen in Strong World.


The Cowball (カウボール Kau Bōru?) is a small bull-like animal. Its skin, fur and eyes are red, while its horns are pink. Even though it is small, its body is very large in comparison to its hooves. It attacks by launching itself at a target like a bullet. A number of Cowballs tried to attack Sanji and Usopp; though they weren't defeated, they broke the ground below the pirates, making them fall.

Concept art of the Cowball.
Cowball Strong World.png
A group of Cowballs as seen in Strong World.


The Dasoku (ダソク Dasoku?, literally meaning "Snake Feet"), also known as a Mukade Hebi (ムカデ蛇 literally meaning "Centipede Snake"?) is a cross between a snake and a centipede. It was seen being attacked by an Ettousaurus.

"Dasoku" (だそく?) means superfluity. If separated, it literally means "snake feet" (蛇足?).

Concept art of the Dasoku.
Dasoku Strong World.png
The Dasoku as seen in Strong World.

Death Risu

Concept of the Death Risu

The Death Risu (デス・リス Desu Risu?, literally means "Death Squirrel"), is a squirrel-like animal.

Del Kong

The Del Kong (デル・コング Deru Kongu?) is a giant gorilla with brown fur. Its face and ears are violet, and it has protruding fangs. The front of its arms are larger than the back of it. It appeared for the first time when the animal from Merveille were summoned to the main island.

Del Kong.png
Concept art of the Del Kong.
Del Kong Strong World.png
A Del Kong as seen in Strong World.

Don Kamakiriri

The Don Kamakiriri (ドン・カマキリリ Don Kamikiriri?) resembles a giant praying mantis, and always seems to be angry. Its arm scythes are capable of cutting through solid stone with ease. It was first seen when it quickly defeated a Mori Dako that was chasing Luffy. However, the Don Kamakiriri was soon defeated by a Terror Guma.

"Kamakiri" means mantis.

Don Kamakiriri.png
Concept art of the Don Kamakiriri
Don Kamakiriri Strong World.png
The Don Kamakiriri as seen in Strong World.


Concept art of the Erimakitokageps.

The Erimakitokageps (エリマキトカゲプス Erimakitokagepusu?) is a giant purple colored lizard with a dinosaur-like appearance. It can easily break stone walls, and it seems to have very resistant horns. It appeared for the first time when the animals from Merveille were summoned to the main island. It was seen running toward Shiki's palace, and breaking through the wall.

Its name comes from "Erimaki Tokage" (エリマキトカゲ Erimakitokage?, Japanese name for "frilled lizard"), referring to its frill.


The Ettousaurus (エットウザウルス Ettōsaurusu?, literally meaning "Wintersaurus") is a dinosaur-like animal that lives in snowy places. Its main color is cyan, with some black spots. It has white fur over its back, tail, around its head and under its mouth, and large antlers. It was seen attacking a Dasoku, and then trying to attack a little girl, but it was defeated by Zoro. Two other Ettousaurus are seen running to the main island of Merveille.

Concept art of the Ettousaurus.
Ettousaurus Strong World.png
The Ettousaurus as seen in Strong World.

Fat Lion

The Fat Lion (ファットライオン Fatto Raion?) is a bloated lion with a spiky mane reaching the end of his back. His legs are small compared to his body. The Fat Lion is first seen in Volume 0 on the island of Merveille.[2] He was later seen chasing the Black Brothers and Luffy, before he and the scorpions were defeated by Billy.

Fat Lion.png
Concept art of the Fat Lion.
Fat Lion Strong World.png
The Fat Lion as seen in Strong World.


The Giragon.

The Giragon (ジラゴン Jiragon) is a green giraffe with black hair on its neck and a long flexible neck. It was seen chasing Usopp and Sanji.

Its name is a combination of "giraffe" and "dragon" since it has a long dragon-like neck.

God Wind

The God Wind

The God Wind (ゴッドウィンド Goddo Uindo?) is a black dragonfly-like animal with blue eyes. It wields a spear.

Golden Bat

The Golden Bat.

The Golden Bat (ゴールデンバット Gooruden Batto?) is a golden bat-like animal with large red eyes.


Concept art of the Groggysaurus.

The Groggysaurus (グロッキーサウルス Gurokkīsaurusu?) is a giant animal that resembles a dinosaur. Its main color is gray, with some red stripes. It has white fur above and below its head and neck. Its neck is always curved, and its tongue stays out of its mouth. It appeared for the first time attacking the village in Merveille with other animals.

Guntai Ari

The Guntai Ari.

The Guntai Ari (軍隊アリ Guntai Ari?, literally meaning "Army Ants") are a group of soldier-like ants. They act in a group, using superior numbers to attack large prey. When they find prey, they will reduce it to bones in an instant. However, they have no interest in the bones, much to the anger of Brook. They attempted to attack Brook, Nico Robin and Franky, but they were distracted by a Baku Zame, which they ate. They tried to attack the pirates again, but were defeated by Brook.

They resemble "army ants".


Concept art of the Gyoriiza.

The Gyoriiza (ギョリーザ Gyorīza?) is a giant fish.

Hammer Isoginchaku

Concept art of the Hammer Isoginchaku.

The Hammer Isoginchaku (ハンマーイソギンチャク Hanmā Isoginchaku?, literally meaning "Hammer Sea Anemone") is a pink colored mollusk-like animal. It has mushroom-like tentacles coming from its head that can act as hammers. It appeared for the first time when the animals from Merveille attacked Shiki's palace. One chased after Franky, but when the Hammer Isoginchaku finally cornered him, Franky used his cannon to defeat it.

Hippo Iron

The Hippo Iron with its tusks hidden and exposed.

The Hippo Iron (ヒポアイアン Hipo Aian?) is a pink hippo with a long tail, spots, long fangs and a pig-like snout.


The Ikahula (イカフラ Ikafura?, literally meaning "Squid Hula") is a giant squid-like animal. Its body is mostly yellow colored, with red stripeson its head. It uses dozens of tentacles to attack its enemies. It first appeared in Chapter 0, as Shiki and Indigo watch their animals in Merveille. It later appeared when the animals from Merveille attacked Shiki's palace. An Ikahula was seen attacking allies of the Golden Lion Pirates.

The movement its tentacles make resemble hula dancing, hence the name.

Concept art of the Ikahula.
Ikahula Strong World.png
Ikahula as seen in Strong World.


The Joker (ジョーカー Jōkā?) is a bee-like animal.

Joker Strong World.png
A Joker flying.
Concept art of a Joker.

Jura Chou

Concept art of the Jura Chou.

The Jura Chou (ジュラ鳥 Jurachō?, literally meaning "Jurassic Bird") is a bird that resembles an archaeopteryx. Its body is green, while the feathers on its wings are multicolored. Its head is black, and does not seem to have flesh or feathers. When the animals from Merveille were summoned to the main island, one is seen invading Shiki's palace. Later, another one tried eat Luffy and Billy as they fought Shiki. After the island fell on the sea, it was seen greeting Billy as they both fly past by after the credits in the DVD.

Kaen Kabuto

Concept art of the Kaen Kabuto.

The Kaen Kabuto (カエンカブト Kaen Kabuto?, literally meaning "Flame Beetle") is a giant black beetle. It has pink fur around its body, and four horns. It is capable of breathing fire. It attempted to attack Sanji and Usopp, but was defeated. Boss resembles a Kaen Kabuto.


Main article: Boss


Boss (ボス Bosu?) is a uniquely large beetle from the Little East Blue Arc. He was originally a Kaen Kabuto, a creation of Dr. Indigo, but escaped.[3]

Kill Rabi

Concept art of the Kill Rabi.

The Kill Rabi (キルラビ Kiru Rabi?) is a wolf-rabbit hybrid animal. It was seen for the first time attacking the village in Merveille. Another one was later seen in Shiki's palace after being defeated by Sanji and Brook.

King Umi Mukade

Concept art of the King Umi Mukade.

The King Umi Mukade (キング海ムカデ Kingu Umi Mukade?, literally meaning "King Sea Centipede") is a water dwelling centipede. It was in a flooded volcano in an island of Merveille. It tried to eat Nami and Billy, but it was defeated along with other animals when Billy used his electric powers in the water.


Concept art of a Kubinagaryu.

For Ganzack's sea monster with the same name, see Plesiosaur.

Kubinagaryu (首長竜 Kubinagaryū?, literally meaning "Long Neck Dragon" or "Plesiosaur") is a black plesiosaur-like animal, with a long neck and a dinosaur body.

Kung-Fu Dot

Concept art of the Kung-Fu Dot.

The Kung-Fu Dot (カンフードット Kung-Fū Dotto?) is a spotted frog that fights using kung fu. Its hands have four fingers and is non-webbed, but its feet have five toes and is webbed. It was seen when the animals from Merveille were summoned to the main island.

Its Japanese name "Dot" (ドット Dotto?) is backwards for "toad" (トッド todo?).

Land Gator

The Land Gator (ランドゲーター Rando Gētā?) is an enormous alligator with a flattened body. One was seen chasing Luffy through a forest, but it was defeated by a Mori Dako.

Its flat headed design slightly resembles that of a Japanese mythological monster called a Waniguchi.

Land Gator.png
Concept art of the Land Gator.
Land Gator Strong World.png
The Land Gator as seen in Strong World.

Mammoth Dense

The Mammoth Dense (マンモスデンス Mammosu Densu?) is a giant mammoth with large tusks and six feet. One was used by Roronoa Zoro and Tony Tony Chopper to travel around a winter island in Merveille. Another one was seen attacking the village in Merveille with other animals.

Mammoth Dense.png
Concept art of the Mammoth Dense.
Mammoth Dense Strong World.png
The Mammoth Dense as seen in Strong World.

Maou Game

Concept art of the Maou Game.

The Maou Game (魔王ガメ Maō Game?, literally meaning "Demon King Turtle") is a giant turtle. One was seen in a flooded volcano in Merveille trying to eat Nami and Billy, but it and the other animals in the lake was defeated when Billy used his electric powers in the water. Another one was seen amongst the animals from Merveille that were summoned to the main island. It was seen invading Shiki's palace after the Daft Green trees were blown up.

Meteor Ibex

The Meteor Ibex (メテオ・アイベックス Meteo Aibekkusu?) is a animal that resembles an ibex with large horns. Its body is white with black stripes, similar to a zebras. Three Meteor Ibex were seen when animals attacked the village in Merveille, running and jumping off a cliff. They landed on their feet and continued to the village. Later, one was seen breaking the walls of Shiki's castle.

Meteor Ibex.png
Concept art of the Meteor Ibex.
Meteor Ibex Strong World.png
Meteor Ibex as seen in Strong World.


Concept of the Missile

The Missile (ミサイル Misairu?) is a red rhinoceros-like animal. Its name comes from the word sai (ミサイル), meaning rhino.

Miyama Emperor

Concept art of the Miyama Emperor.

The Miyama Emperor (ミヤマ・エンペラー Miyama Enperā?, literally meaning "Mountain Emperor") is a large black stag beetle with horizontal white stripes on its body.

Monkey Trooper

The Monkey Trooper (モンキートルーパー Monkī Torūpā?) is a monkey that fights with weapons. It appeared for the first time after the animals from Merveille were summoned to the main island, and invaded Shiki's palace. One was seen trying to fight Sanji with nunchuks, but was defeated with a single kick.

Monkey Trooper.png
Concept art of the Monkey Trooper.
Monkey Trooper Strong World.png
Monkey Trooper as seen in Strong World.

Mori Dako

The Mori Dako (森ダコ Mori Dako?, literally meaning "Forest Octopus") is a large land-dwelling octopus. The Mori Dako was first seen in One Piece Film: Strong World. They attack prey by restraining them with some of their tentacles and beating them with the rest of their tentacles that are curled into fist-like shapes. It quickly disposed of a Land Gator that was chasing Luffy. It attacked Luffy but was soon defeated by a Don Kamakiriri. Luffy was seen eating a part of its tentacle after it was defeated. After the islands fell to the sea, it was seen greeting Billy waving its cut tentacles.

It makes an appearance on the cover of Chapter 590, along with Jinbe and Dracule Mihawk.[4]

Mori Dako.png
Concept art of the Mori Dako chasing Luffy.
Mori Dako Strong World.png
The Mori Dako as seen in Strong World.

Oh Imomushi

The Oh Imomushi (大イモ虫 Ō-Imomushi?, literally meaning "Big Caterpillar") is a giant caterpillar seen chasing Sanji and Usopp on an island on Merville; it fell off the island while chasing them.

Oh Imomushi.png
Concept art of the Oh Imomushi.
Oh Imomushi Strong World.png
The Oh Imomushi as seen in Strong World.

Oh Umi Gappa

The Oh Umi Gappa (大ウミガッパ Ō Umi Gappa?, literally meaning "Great Ocean Kappa") is a giant water bug-like animal. The name may come from the kappa, a Japanese mythological water animal.

Oh Umi Gappa.png
Concept art of the Oh Umi Gappa.
Oh Umi Gappa Strong World.png
The Oh Umi Gappa as seen in Strong World.


Concept of the Rakuda.

The Rakuda (ラクダ literally meaning "Camel"?), is a bison-like animal with camel-like humps.

Red Fang

The Red Fang (レッドファング Reddo Fangu?) is a zebra which looks like a large cat.

Red Fang.png
Concept art of the Red Fang.
Red Fang Strong World.png
Red Fang as seen in Strong World.

Rock Panda

The Rock Panda.

The Rock Panda (ロックパンダ Rokku Panda?) is a panda-like animal with red and blue star-like patches over its eyes and a purple coloration on its arms, ears, and legs.

Sazae Kanchou

The Sazae Kanchou (サザエ艦長 Sazae Kanchou?, meaning "Turban Shell Captain") is a animal that resembles a hermit crab.

Sazae Kancho.png
Concept art of the Sazae Kanchou.
Sazae Kanchou Odyssey.png
The Sazae Kanchou in One Piece Odyssey.

Screen Buffalo

Concept art of the Screen Buffalo and its snow camouflage ability (bottom right).

The Screen Buffalo (スクリーンバッファロー Sukurīn Baffarō?) is a giant carnivorous buffalo with a giant beard. It attacks prey by closing in using the snow as camouflage.

Seiuchi Mountain

Seiuchi Mountain being attacked by Shiki's allies.

The Seiuchi Mountain (セイウチマウンテン Seiuchi Maunten?, literally meaning "Walrus Mountain"), is a giant walrus with a blue and cyan color pattern.

Senbon Yari

Concept art of the Senbon Yari.

The Senbon Yari (千本鑓 literally means "Thousand Spears"?) is a large blue boar-like animal with spikes on its back.


The Shimatori (シマトリ Shimatori?, literally meaning "Island Chicken") is a strong four-winged rooster-like animal. One was seen attacking Usopp and Sanji, but was defeated by the latter. Another one was seen when the animals from Merveille are summoned to the main island.

Its name comes from the Japanese words "shima" (島) which means island, and "tori" (鶏) which means chicken.

Concept art of the Shimatori.
Shimatori Strong World.png
The Shimatori as seen in Strong World.


Shirokage as seen Strong World.

The Shirokage (シロカゲ Shirokage?, literally meaning "White Shadow") is a white sloth-like animal.

Shogun Jishi

The Shogun Jishi (将軍獅子 Shogun Jishi?, literally meaning "General Lion") is a giant lion. It was seen when the animals from Merveille invaded Shiki's palace after the Daft Green trees were destroyed.

Its appearance somewhat resembles the guardian lions found in some Asian cultures.

Shogun Jishi.png
Concept art for Shogun Jishi.
Shogun Jishi Strong World.png
Shogun Jishi as seen in Strong World.
Shogun Jishi Odyssey.png
Shogun Jishi in One Piece Odyssey.

Spider Tank

The Spider Tank (スパイダータンク Supaidā Tanku?) is a giant spider with the force of a tank. It appeared after the animals from Merveille invaded Shiki's palace. One Spider Tank was seen attacking a few Golden Lion Pirates.

Spider Tank.png
Concept art for Spider Tank.
Spider Tank Strong World.png
Spider Tank as seen in Strong World.

Terror Guma

The Terror Guma (テログマ Tero Guma?, literally meaning "Terror Bear"), also known as the Long-armed Bear (手長グマ Tenagaguma?), is a black bear with white stripes on its body and long arms. The most notable features of the Terror Guma are its massive and powerful arms and its cute face. They defeat prey by grabbing them with their long arms and smashing them headfirst in the ground over their own head in a suples-like manner. It defeated a Don Kamakiriri before turning on Luffy, but was defeated. After the island fell on the sea, it was seen greeting Billy.

Guma comes from the Japanese word Kuma くま/熊. The Terror Guma also resembles a gibbon, called "Long-armed Monkeys" (手長猿 Tenagazaru?) in Japanese.

Terror Guma.png
Concept art of the Terror Guma.
Terror Guma Strong World.png
The Terror Guma as seen in Strong World.


The Toramata (トラマタ Toramata?, literally meaning "Forked Tiger") is a large blue six-legged tiger with two tails and long teeth like a saber-toothed tiger. It was sleeping in a tree, but was awakened by Sanji and Usopp before they defeated it.

Its design and name is a reference to the Japanese mythological monster "Nekomata" (猫又 Nekomata?, literally meaning "Forked Cat"), which translates the Toramata's name to "Forked Tiger" (虎又). Its coloring appear to be based on the cryptid Maltese tiger.

Concept art of the Toramata.
Toramata Strong World.png
The Toramata as seen in Strong World.

Tsujigiri Itachi

The Tsujigiri Itachi (辻斬りイタチ Killer Weasel?) is a giant weasel that carries a handmade scythe, made from a leaf that comes from a plant called a Sword Tree (剣樹 Kenju?), a plant which also grows in Level 1 of Impel Down. It was seen when the animals from Merveille are summoned to the main island.

The word "tsujigiri" literally means crossroad killing, which refers to the practice in the Edo period of Japan in which bushi would kill a random bystander in order to test out a new sword. It would later refer to other needless killings committed by the bushi, and was considered socially acceptable for a time. The theme of the Tsujiri Itachi comes from the Japanese folklore monster known as the kamaitachi (鎌鼬 Kamaitachi?, lit. "Sickle Weasel"). It would travel through fierce winds and cut people with its sickle shaped claws.

Tsujiri Itachi.png
Concept art for Tsujiri Itachi
Tsujiri Itachi Strong World.png
Tsujiri Itachi as seen in Strong World.

Franky's Creations

Animals that Franky came across and modified while on Merveille.

Batta GT-7000

The Batta GT-7000 (バッタGT-7000 Batta GT-7000?, literally meaning "Grasshopper GT-7000") is a vehicle designed and produced by Franky, using a animal created by Indigo as a base. Like the Zarley Davidson, the Batta GT-7000 handlebars are actually the animal's antennae tied by rope to control the brakes and movement. It was seen taking Franky, Robin and Brook to the destroyed village in Merveille.

Batta GT-7000.png
The Batta GT-7000, before and after (top right) Franky's modifications.
Batta GT-7000 Strong World.png
Franky, Robin, and Brook riding the he Batta GT-7000 as seen in Strong World.

Zarley Davidson

The Zarley Davidson (ザーリーダビットソン Zārī Debison?) is a vehicle designed and produced by Franky, after he modified the base animal that Indigo created. Though the handlebars may appear to be only for show, they are actually the animal's antennae tied together by rope. The brakes are controlled through these handles.

The name "Zarley Davidson" is a play on the Japanese word Zarigani (ザリガニ), which means crayfish, and the motorcycle company Harley Davidson. In the FUNimation dub, it is called the Crawley Davidson.

Zarley Davidson.png
The Zarley Davidson before (bottom left) and after Franky's modifications.
Zarley Davidson Strong World.png
Franky, Robin and Brook riding the Zarley Davidson in Strong World.


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