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This page lists all animal species encountered in the Water 7 Saga.

South Blue

Super Sparrow

Chuchun, a Super Sparrow.

Super Sparrows (超スズメ Chō Suzume?) are birds that are originally from South Blue. They are gigantic sparrows who can fly very fast.[1] They feed on Super Worms (超ミミズ Chō Mimizu?), Super Lamp Anglerfish (超チンアンコウ Chō Chin Ankō?), Super Sharks (超ザメ Chō Zame?) and more.[2] Chuchun is one of these sparrows.

Grand Line

Sea Monkey

A group of sea monkeys.

The Sea Monkeys (シーモンキー Shī Monkī?) are sea creatures resembling monkeys. Found after returning from Skypiea and before arriving at Long Ring Long Land island, they have powerful flippers that can cause tidal waves. The Fanged Toad Pirates' ship sank due to the waves they created.[3]

Star Shark

Monda, the Foxy Pirates' Star Shark.

Star Sharks (ホシザメ Hoshizame) are orange with yellow stars on the upper side of the body. They are powerful swimmers. Monda is a notable star shark.[4]

Long Ring Long Land


A Long Ring Long Land bear.

The bear has a long body, and white fur. It can sometimes be mistaken for a man.[3]


A Long Ring Long Land fox.

The fox has a long body, and tan fur with black spots.[3]


A Long Ring Long Land deer.

The deer (シカ Shika?) has a long body, and grey fur and horns. Luffy joked that it was Chopper's cousin.[3]


A Long Ring Long Land stork.

The stork has a long white body, with an orange beak.[3]


The Daaachshund (ダ~~~~~~ックスフンド Daaaaaaakkusuhundo?) is a long white dog.[3]

A Daaachshund.
Daaachshund Chopper Pedometer.png
A Daaachshund in One Piece Everyday's "Chopper Pedometer.


Shelly, a Hooorse.

The Hooorse (ウ~~~~~~マ Uuuuuuuma?) is a long horse. It vaguely resembles a giraffe (due to its long neck and long legs). Shelly is one of them.[3]


A Plaaatypus

The Plaaatypus (カ~~~~~~モノハシ Kaaaaaaamonohashi?, Duuuuuuck in the Viz manga) is a long platypus with a long beak and tan feathers.[5]

Snow Leooopard

A Snow Leooopard.

The Snow Leooopard (ユキヒョ~~~~~~ウ Yukihyooooooou?), called a Snooow Leopard in the Funimation dub, is a white leopard with a long face.[5]

Water 7

Sumo Frog

Yokozuna, a Sumo Frog.

Sumo Frogs (角界カッカイカエル Kakkai Kaeru?)[6] are large, physically strong frogs that practice sumo wrestling. Yokozuna is one.[7]


The various species of Bulls (ブル Buru?) in Water 7 closely resemble a mythical creature called the hippocamp, which was literally a horse with the tail of a fish. The hippocamps were the creatures that pulled the Roman sea god Neptune's (and his Greek counterpart Poseidon's) chariot across the water.

Yagara Bulls

Yagara bulls.

Yagara Bulls (ヤガラブル Yagaraburu?) are horse-like and are the main mode of transportation in Water 7. They are used for carrying light cargo across the water to desired destinations, sightseeing, or simply everyday travel. It costs Beli.png2,000 to rent two yagara bulls.[8]

Rabuka Bulls

Rabuka Bull.

Rabuka Bulls (ラブカブル Rabukaburu?) are a larger and seemingly more violent type of yagara bull that has so far only been seen on the island of Water 7.[9]

King Bulls

King Bulls.

King Bulls (キングブル Kinguburu?) are giant versions of yagara bulls and are used for carrying heavy or large loads. Sodom and Gomorrah, two king bulls owned by the Franky Family, are examples of this species. They were noted to be of a high grade, suggesting there are quality differences between king bulls.[10] Their strength and size are comparable to giants.[11]


Seahorse Dragon

Noko and the Seahorse Dragon.

A Seahorse Dragon (タツノコ竜 Tatsunoko-ryu?) appears in the Dragon Dream! game, as well as in the anime Ocean's Dream Arc.

In the anime, Tatsu, the Seahorse Dragon, is the main villain who has the power to manipulate minds and memories and also has the power to cast illusions from the memories he gathers. He somehow manipulated the mind of a young boy named Noko who has the power of the Nemu Nemu no Mi (Video Game only) that helps him to erase the memories of its victim faster.[12]


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