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For the Romance Dawn, Version 2 character, see Ann (Romance Dawn).

Ann is a character who appeared in the third and fourth installments of the One Piece Live Attraction in Tokyo Tower as well as in the movie One Piece: Stampede.[1] She is a diva who was born on Tongari Island.[4]


Ann is a young woman with very curly light green hair which is mostly partitioned into two sections and purple eyes (light brown in One Piece live attraction artwork) and had freckles on her face. She wears a frilly white top with green sleeves that exposes her midriff and has a necktie whose design is based on Tokyo Tower. She wears a large skirt with green and white stripes that has a large number of black frills lining the bottom and wears green tights as well as green heels. She wears two bows, both of which are orange on the right side and have yellow and green stripes on the left. One bow is on the top of her head, while the other is on the back of her skirt.


Ann Concept Art
Ann concept art by Oda.
Ann Anime Concept Art
Ann concept art from the anime.
Ann Full Body
Full-body view of Ann.
Ann Actress
Ann portrayed by an actress in the live attraction.


Ann is a kind but ditzy girl. She quickly made friends with the Straw Hat Pirates, and she also is thoughtful enough to have asked Luffy if he wanted to see Ace again. However, she often gets easily distracted and forgets what she is doing until others remind her, including when she is performing or asking for help.[4][5]

Ann has a bright, spunky personality and puts a lot of spirit into her announcing during the Pirates Expo. She is not shy about her bias, actively cheering for Luffy and his crew. She is also somewhat of a diva in personality, getting frustrated at her co-announcer Donald Moderate for cutting off her sentences and stealing his microphone to goad her ego.[2]


Straw Hat PiratesEdit

Ann and the Straw Hat Pirates consider each other friends. Ann was very welcoming to them when they first met, and she was grateful to Luffy for saving her from Buggy. She was willing to make a phantom of Luffy's brother after he saved him, though Luffy declined her kind gesture.[4] Ann helped the crew later when they saved Tongari Island's resident from Caesar Clown, after which the Straw Hat Pirates verbally affirmed to Ann that they were friends.[5]

Ann showed bias toward her friends while announcing for the Pirates Expo, intentionally cheering them on over other competitors.[2]


Sabo protected Ann from Caesar Clown when he was controlling one of Tongari Island's residents.[5] Ann was later saved by the Revolutionary Army, and Sabo had instructed Ann to create a phantom of Ace to help the Straw Hat Pirates escape from a Buster Call.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Devil FruitEdit

Further information: Bijo Bijo no Mi

Ann ate the Bijo Bijo no Mi, a Paramecia-class Devil Fruit that allows the user to create "phantoms," or illusory images, by touching pictures. She can create phantoms of objects, plants, and even people that can then interact with their environment.



Ann was born on Tongari Island and left to become a diva.[4]

One Piece Live Attraction: PhantomEdit

Ann returned to Tongari Island and put on a special homecoming concert at Live Music Club TONGARI. DJ Parrot introduced Ann and her abilities and welcomed her to the stage. She began to perform, but the Straw Hat Pirates, except for Robin, Franky, and Brook, came to see her perform, she interacted with them and forgot that she was performing. She continued to perform after the pirates reminded her, demonstrating her powers by creating phantoms of a bunch of flowers and a group of Kung-Fu Dugongs (Karoo in the second term of the show) on an island. Suddenly, Buggy appeared and captured Ann, explaining that he wanted to use her phantoms to help capture the Straw Hat Pirates and sell them to the Marines.

Buggy forced Ann to create phantoms of several of the crew's allies to confuse them while Puggy apprehended them one by one. Ann was then forced to create a phantom of Sabo to confuse Luffy. Luffy knocked Buggy and Puggy away, freeing Ann and the others. Ann thanked him and offered to create a phantom of Ace. Luffy declined, and they all decide to restart Ann's concert. As they are singing and dancing together, Buggy returns. Ann creates a phantom of Ace without Luffy's knowledge, which helps Luffy defeat the Shichibukai member. DJ Parrot announced that the concert will continue, and Ann parts ways with the crew after they finish singing together.[4]

One Piece Live Attraction: MarionetteEdit

Ann was performing another concert on Tongari Island when a resident of the island ran onto the stage, warning her to run. The resident was sprayed with marionette gas by Caesar Clown, and Caesar manipulated the resident to charge at Ann. Before the resident could hurt Ann, Sabo intervened and stopped him. Ann watched as Caesar tricked Sabo into inhaling the gas and ran to find help once Sabo was under Caesar's control.

Ann ran into the Straw Hat Pirates on the island's beach and asked them for help. Luffy asked her to make a phantom of meat for him, but the rest of the crew reminded her that she had wanted their help. She was about to tell them about Sabo when he attacked them and appeared. Ann watched the crew fight Sabo. After Zoro got sprayed with marionette gas by Caesar, she and Usopp sent Chopper through a secret passageway to the Thousand Sunny to develop an antidote. She continued to watch the fight as Caesar took control of Sanji and Usopp. As the four under Caesar's control prepared to attack, Luffy asked Ann to create a phantom of Vinsmoke Reiju to remove the poison gas from them. Ann watched as Charlotte Cracker joined Caesar and as the Straw Hat Pirates defeated them.

With the island saved, Ann observed the crew's antics and commented on how nice it must be to have friends. The crew affirmed to her that they were her friends, and they all sang and danced together before the Straw Hat Pirates and Sabo departed.[5]

One Piece: StampedeEdit

When Donald Moderate began moderating the Pirates Expo and the main event, a hunt for Roger's treasure, he introduced Ann to the crowd as a guest announcer and explained her Devil Fruit abilities. Ann demonstrated her powers by creating a projection resembling Dragon Number Thirteen and exclaimed her excitement for the treasure hunt. The pair moderated, with Ann enthusiastically supporting the Straw Hat Pirates, but they became terrified when they realized that Douglas Bullet was present. They continued to moderate the battle until they learned of the Marines' Buster Call, at which point they fled.

Later, Ann was taken aboard the Revolutionary Army's ship and given a coat by Koala to keep her warm. As the Marines launched their second Buster Call and began clashing with the Worst Generation pirate crews, Sabo instructed Ann to create a projection of Ace. Sabo and Ace's projection launched joint Hikens, creating a path for Luffy and the other Super Rookies to escape the Marines safely.

Ann and the Revolutionary Army parted ways when she boarded the Takoyaki 8 with Hatchan, Camie, and Pappag.[2]


Ann appears in the third volume of the One Piece World Collectable Figure Stampede series.

Video Game AppearancesEdit

Playable AppearancesEdit



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