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For the character from Movie 14 and the live attraction at Tokyo Tower, see Ann.

Ann is a female character from Romance Dawn, Version 2. She is friends with the strange bird Balloon, a bird that looks like it was crossed with a panda.[1]


Ann is a young girl with short light blue hair topped by a pink clip, and light blue eyes. She is wearing a white shirt with short sleeves and aqua green stripes and a light blue skirt with white lines.[1]


Ann Manga Color Scheme.png
Ann's color scheme.
Ann (Romance Dawn) Portrait.png
A close up of Ann's face.
Ann (Romance Dawn) Anime Concept Art.png
Anime concept art of Ann.


Ann has a short temper, getting annoyed when Luffy did something stupid.[2]

Abilities and Powers

Ann is strong enough to survive the trials of the sailing and was able to escape with Balloon's help from Spiel's rampage.[3]


Her entire hometown was slaughtered by Spiel except her, because Balloon always returned to her whenever he escaped.[4]

With Luffy's help, both she and Balloon were freed.[5]

Ann fights against Spiel's forces.

Ann - Development towards Nami

She was Oda's second attempt at a Nami-like character and, unlike Silk, there were no signs that Oda had any intention to make Ann join in Luffy's adventures. Her background was farther from Nami's than Silk's, with no mention of parentage at all. Once again, Ann's hometown was the target of pirates—however, unlike Silk and Nami, she was the only person left alive.[4]

Personality wise, she has Nami's hot temper and impatience for Luffy and was constantly complaining about his actions. This was brought out further by Luffy displaying more stupidity in Romance V.2 than in the final version.[2]

The voice actress for Ann in Episode 907 is Nami's voice actress.


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