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Antonio's Graman is a shop run by Antonio on the Sabaody Archipelago that sells souvenirs and merchandise.[1]

Items for Sale

Food souvenirs

  • Grand Line Manjuu (偉大なる航路グランドライン饅頭 Gurando Rain Manjuu?, literally meaning "Grand Line dumplings") a.k.a."Graman" (グラマン Guraman, "Grand Bun" in the FUNimation sub) - This food is a sweet, tasty dumpling with the words "Grand Line First Half" on it. Luffy, Brook, and Chopper "sample" the product in Antonio's shop.[1] It can last up to three months, so it's ideal as a gift.[2]
  • Grand Line Senbei (Grand Line rice crackers) a.k.a. "Grasen" - This is a souvenir bought by Luffy in Sabaody Archipelago.[1]
  • Grand Line Chocolate a.k.a. "Grachoco" - This is also bought by Luffy along with the Grasen.[1]


  • Pennant - It says "Grand Line" on it along with a picture. It is a triangle shape with frills. Brook bought this at Sabaody Archipelago.[1]


Sabaody Archipelago Arc

Luffy, Brook and Chopper came to Antonion's Graman to purchase souvenirs. Antonio explained what "graman" was, and the three overconsumed his free samples. Luffy bought a lot of senbei and chocolate while Chopper and Brook bought a keychain and pennant respectively. They showed their purchases to Pappag, and Antonio wished them well as they left.[1]


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