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Antonio is a child who lives in Dressrosa with his mother Maria. His father was turned into a toy by Sugar. He was introduced in the Episode of Sabo.[1]


Antonio is a young boy with light skin and thick brown hair. He wore a white button-up shirt with a green vest over it, blue pants, and an orange and blue cap on his head.[1]


As is typical of children, Antonio was easily scared by unfamiliar situations, as shown when he easily cried out after the toy grabbed him.[1]


Dressrosa Arc

Antonio was grabbed on the street by his father, who had been turned into a toy by Sugar. His father tried to get him to remember who he was, but Antonio had no memory of him and cried that the toy was hurting him. Antonio's mother pushed his father away and then screamed out for help. She then held onto him as his toy father was carried away by the police as he begged his wife and son to remember him.[1]


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