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Applenine Island is an island in the New World and one of the three islands neighboring the country of Dressrosa.[1]


The island was shown to have houses with a roof in the shape of an apple, befitting the island's name. The houses were shown to be covered in snow and the citizens were wearing winter clothing.[1]

The most distinct geographic feature of the island is the colossal apple in its center, which dwarfs the nearby mountains. There are five smaller apples around its base, and three more around its top, near the stem, making nine in total.[2]


After the fall of Donquixote Doflamingo and his regime, Vice Admiral Maynard broadcast a message to all three islands neighboring the country of Dressrosa. When the message was shown in Applenine Island, the citizens were shown to be afraid of Doflamingo's regime. They were astonished to see the island's state, and again when Admiral Fujitora knelt and apologized to the former king Riku Doldo III.[1]


  • The island's name is a pun on "neighboring country" (隣国 Ringoku?), as the kanji for "apple" and "nine" can also be read together as 林檎九 (Ringo-ku); as well as the Apennine Mountains.


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