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Aremo Ganmi[3] is a spectator at the Corrida Colosseum. She lives in Primula, a town in the west of Dressrosa.[3]


Ganmi in the Digitally Colored Manga.

She is a young woman with short, light colored (orange in the anime) hair. She wears a dark colored, floral patterned dress and a light colored rose in her hair. In both of her appearances so far, she has always had her hands covering most of her face except for her eyes.[2]


She is a very shy woman.[3] She has a habit of covering her face with her hands but leaving large gaps in her fingers so that she can still see perfectly well.[4][5]


Dressrosa Arc

She was first seen as a spectator watching the B block battle royale. While witnessing the brutality of a little fighting fish against the competitors who fell into the water, she covered her face with both hands, but left gaps between her ring and little fingers to see through.[4]

She did the same thing shortly after, upon witnessing Bartolomeo standing at the edge of the ring and openly urinating.[5]

She was later seen watching C Block, when Hajrudin crushed Ucy and Luffy. She reacted by only covering her mouth with her hands, and was seen with her eyes closed for the first time.[6]

She also screamed out when Kelly Funk brutally kept punching a gladiator who was already defeated, while peeking through her fingers with one eye open.[7]

Manga and Anime Differences

As a background character without any importance outside of the SBS question in which she was named, she has been drawn inconsistently in all of her anime appearances.

  • In Episodes 637 and 645, her appearance closely matched her manga appearance, having orange hair, a pink top with purple dots, and a red flower in her hair. Picture above in her infobox.
  • In Episode 636, she had dark blue hair, a plain top, and no flower in her hair.
  • In Episode 642, she had purple hair without a flower, her top was plain red, and she was surrounded by different audience members (as the scene did not occur in the manga).
  • In Episode 644, she had darker brown hair without a flower, and her top was plain pink without dots.
  • In the special Episode of Sabo her appearance matches closely to the one in the manga, but she is missing her flower and her color scheme is different, having a pink top with yellow dots and dark brown hair.


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