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The third Sorcery Clima-Tact[2] is a homie created from the extracted soul of Zeus and Nami's , the Clima-Tact, thus turning it into a sentient weapon.[3]


During an encounter with Big Mom at Onigashima, Nami had her Clima-Tact accidentally possessed by Zeus' soul while attempting to save him from Hera, turning it into a homie.[1] This effectively makes the staff Zeus' new body and his face is now visible on its surface (with his cap occasionally showing up as well). He also has full control over the Clima-Tact's shapeshifting functions, allowing the staff to take more offense-oriented forms.[3]


The Clima-Tact taking a mace-like shape through Zeus.

This version of the Sorcery Clima-Tact is fused with the soul of Big Mom's Homie, Zeus. After almost dying by being eaten alive by Hera, Zeus' soul left his original body and ended up fused together with Nami's Clima-Tact that happened to be in Hera's mouth at the same time. The cloud homie was able to fit perfectly into the Clima-Tact, where he was kept until Nami needed to summon him out.

With Zeus' soul now inhabiting the Clima-Tact itself, the weapon essentially became sentient and capable of speaking. Zeus can freely manipulate the Clima-Tact's shape without Nami's input, changing into more combat-oriented forms to aid her in battle. Zeus can also transfer his consciousness to the weather clouds Nami creates when performing most of her lightning attacks, allowing him to take a form that is nearly indistinct from his previous cloudy appearance. In this form as a sentient storm, Zeus is capable of homing on targets, making Nami's strikes difficult to avoid.

All these new features make this version of the Clima-Tact the first one to amend the three major weaknesses of Nami's fighting style concerning her lack of power at close-range combat, speed in general, as well as covering her low accuracy from her strongest attacks.

According to Zeus, his soul cannot truly leave the Clima-Tact without Big Mom's powers.

Zeus elongate his new body.

  • Grow Up (成長グローアップ Gurōappu?, literally meaning "Grow to Adulthood"): By incorporating the growth abilities of the Pop Green into the second model, similar to his own Kuro Kabuto, Usopp designed the new Sorcery Clima-Tact to also change size. Whenever Nami squeezes the handle she can extend the size of the staff, where the new length is determined by the amount of pressure that is applied.[4] Nami's first usage of this move as an actual method of offense was against Charlotte Brûlée, as an escape measure after the latter had Nami captured in her arms.[5] With Zeus's inclusion, the attack becomes even stronger, with him manipulating the size and shape of the Clima-Tact to deal heavier blows.

Battle Uses

Ninpo: Raitei.

  • Ninpo: Raitei (忍法 雷霆 Ninpō Raitei?, Meaning "Ninja Art: Thunderbolt"): After summoning Zeus and feeding him a Weather Egg, Nami swings her Clima-Tact downward with Zeus following the movement and striking her target and surrounding area with a massive electric discharge. It was first used against Kurozumi Orochi. It was also later used to defeat Ulti, successfully defeating the powerful Tobiroppo in one strike. Due to maintaining his cloud form in the midst of this attack, Zeus is capable of moving around and homing in on his target if it misses the first time.[3] It is called "Ninpo: Lightning Blast" in the Viz translation,[6] however against Ulti it was simply referred to as "Raitei".


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