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Artificial Devil Fruits are man-made fruits designed to give consumers special powers like a natural Devil Fruit would.

The creation of artificial Devil Fruits has been attempted by two scientists, who once belonged to the research institute MADS: Vegapunk and Caesar Clown. Vegapunk later continued and perfected his process while working for the World Government, while Caesar helped mass-produce artificial SMILE fruits under the employ of Donquixote Doflamingo.


Artificial Devil Fruits are created based on Dr. Vegapunk's research on how Devil Fruits affect the user's Lineage Factor, making practical applications of such effects on the blood. However, Vegapunk's and Caesar's development methods were quite different. While Vegapunk utilized the Lineage Factor of an already existing fruit user to develop his artificial fruit, Caesar utilized the Lineage Factor of regular animals. Thus, Caesar was only ever capable of producing replicas of Zoan-type fruits, whereas Vegapunk found a way to replicate Paramecia fruit powers as well.[3] According to Vegapunk, Logia-type powers are too difficult to recreate despite his best efforts.[4]

Both Vegapunk's and Caesar's artificial fruits take away the consumer's ability to swim much like a natural Devil Fruit.[5][6] However, as evidenced by the unusual effects of both scientists' fruits compared to natural Devil Fruits, producing a normal Devil Fruit through manmade means is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to the point that even Vegapunk, the smartest man in the world, has serious difficulty successfully pulling it off.[1]

Artificial Zoan[]

Momonosuke and Kaidou as Dragons Face-to-Face

An artificial user using a replicated Zoan power.

Zoan-type Devil Fruits are the only ones that can be produced artificially. Vegapunk believed that any fruit of the Zoan category could be recreated, even the Mythical ones, with vast amounts of both money and time.[4]

Artificial Zoans look very different from regular Devil Fruits; instead of the normal swirl pattern appearing on Devil Fruits and their varying shapes, all seen are smooth with a ring pattern and the shape of an apple.

Sometime within the last 38 years, Vegapunk created a fruit using Kaidou's lineage factor, it was later consumed by Kozuki Momonosuke and it gave him the ability to transform into a pink-bodied, yellow-maned variant of his Azure Dragon Zoan form. Momonosuke was able to replicate some of the powers that Kaidou's dragon form granted him, such as the ability to generate Flame Clouds (焔雲, Homura-gumo?) that could also be used as stepping stones, giving the appearance of flight.[7] It is unknown if, but likely that his other powers/techniques could be utilized with practice. The Human-Beast form of this fruit has not been demonstrated.

Vegapunk had deemed the fruit to be a "failure". Because of this, the World Government believes that the fruit didn't yield satisfactory results in proportion to resources (time, materials, money, etc) spent. However, it was then revealed by Vegapunk himself to be for no other reason than because the dragon form was the wrong color, being pink instead of the original Devil Fruit's blue.[8]

Momonosuke's initial usage of the fruit appeared to have several flaws which may have contributed to it being deemed a failure, but all of these have since been shown to be a result of Momonosuke's young age and lack of experience:

  • A few moments after consuming the fruit, Momonosuke transformed automatically, and he claimed that he did not know how to revert to Human Form.[1] Later, he was shown to be able to accomplish the task, albeit ending up completely naked, which is unusual for a Zoan.[9] He has since transformed in and out of his Beast Form willingly while retaining his clothes and it is unclear why he lost his clothes when he first transformed back into his Human Form.
  • The size of Momonosuke's Full Beast Form transformation was also much smaller than that of the natural fruit's transformation, barely being big enough to carry a normal-sized human, and being similar in size to one. However, this was shown to be a result of Momonosuke's age, as when Shinobu matured his body by 20 years, his Full Beast form was much closer in size to Kaidou's, who neared the size of a small town.[10][11]
  • After achieving the form of a full-sized dragon, Momonosuke likewise gained a massive increase in his strength and durability, as he could easily smash through walls by simply crashing into them and is able to hurt Kaidou, in his Beast Form, with a bite. He also gained better control over his ability to produce Flame Clouds, being able to use them to fly himself and Luffy at high speed all the way back up to the floating Onigashima from the shores of Wano Country.[12]
  • After some initial difficulties,[13] Momonosuke was able to breath fire as Kaidou can.[14]


Main article: SMILE
Leftovers Retrieval

SMILE users with three different transformations.

SMILEs are the artificial Zoan Devil Fruits that were created by Caesar Clown. They are produced by irrigating natural fruits with a special substance known as SAD. However, instead of being able to transform into animals and animal hybrids, the consumers of SMILE fruits gain an animal body part(s), or even an actual sentient animal, growing out of their body. These animal attributes are almost always permanent, although some (for example, Sarahebi) are afforded an amount of transformation. Also, the abilities granted by SMILEs are noticeably weaker compared to natural Zoan fruits.

Out of all the SMILE fruits created, only 10 percent of them successfully grant Zoan abilities to the consumer. The other 90 percent of SMILE fruits are duds which, when consumed, will leave the consumer powerless but still take away their ability to swim, as well as take away their ability to express any emotions other than joy, which is where the fruit gets its name. Even after being partially eaten, the duds retain these side effects and will affect any future consumers in the same way.

These fruits were monopolized by the Beasts Pirates and consumed by approximately 5000 members, resulting in roughly 500 successful SMILEs eaters, known as "Gifters", and roughly 4500 dud SMILE eaters, known as "Pleasures".[6]

Artificial Paramecia[]

Supa Supa no Mi Users

Green Blood replicating a Paramecia power.

While only Zoan fruits can be recreated artificially, it is possible to copy Paramecia powers. As long as the real users' bloodline elements are available, it is possible to synthesize and administer a special kind of artificial Green Blood to confer those powers to others.[4]

The Seraphim created by Vegapunk are shown to possess artificial replicas of existing Paramecia-type Devil Fruits.[15] This is the result of the Green Blood that is running through their arms.

Currently, the following Paramecia have been known to be replicated:

Artificial Devil Fruit Users[]

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An unknown amount of time ago, Vegapunk's research into Devil Fruits led him to develop an artificial replication of one, using Kaidou's Lineage Factor as the basis for it. However after 20 years, he then deemed this experimental fruit a failure,[8] despite interest from the World Government in the results. The fruit remained in Punk Hazard and, because of Caesar Clown's attempt to blow up the island, was believed to have been destroyed.[1]

SMILE Success Rate

Waiters consume Caesar's artificial Devil Fruits, becoming Gifters or Pleasures.

Sometime within the last four years, Caesar developed a method to create artificial Zoan Devil Fruits with a special chemical known as SAD.[18] He and his captain Donquixote Doflamingo mass-produced these fruits in a factory on Dressrosa and sold these fruits to Kaidou of the Four Emperors in exchange for weapons. Kaidou fed these fruits to his crew to grant them Zoan abilities, though only ten percent of the fruits actually worked. Kaidou's ally, Kurozumi Orochi, decided to put the leftover dud fruits in the leftovers that the poor resident of Wano Country ate, forcing them to look happy all the time. It was this effect that caused Kaidou and Doflamingo to name the fruits "SMILE" out of a cruel enjoyment of such misfortune.[6]

Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance[]

Momonosuke Eats Artificial Devil Fruit

Momonosuke eats Vegapunk's artificial Devil Fruit.

A few months before the present day, Kozuki Momonosuke, who had been brought into Caesar's lab as a test subject, was trying to escape when he encountered Vegapunk's artificial fruit. The young boy ate it due to being extremely hungry, and thus gained the power to transform into a dragon.[1]

A short time after Momonosuke ate the fruit, the Straw Hat and Heart Pirates formed an alliance to take down Kaidou, and to weaken the Emperor's forces they destroyed the production of SAD and SMILEs. They captured Caesar and defeated Doflamingo in the process, causing the latter to be arrested, and thus took away the potential to make more SMILE in the future.[19]


In the development of the Seraphim, Vegapunk created Green Blood, which replicated the powers of Paramecia-type Devil Fruits, specifically the Sui Sui no Mi, Nikyu Nikyu no Mi, Mero Mero no Mi, and Supa Supa no Mi and gave them to S-Shark, S-Bear, S-Snake, and S-Hawk respectively.[16][15][4][17]



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