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Artur Bacca is a captain of his unnamed pirate crew and the son of Wolf. He is the main antagonist of One Piece novel Law.[1]


Bacca is described as a man with long black hair and wearing an elliptical pirate hat. His crazed evil nature is clearly visible on his face.[1]


Bacca is a cruel and selfish pirate who will do anything to get what he wants. In his own view however, he has never done anything wrong as he simply does what he wants to do and he declares this his creed of 'freedom'.

He was a troublemaker even as a young boy and has committed many crimes. He shows no hesitation in destroying his own hometown and in killing the townspeople so long as he can get what he wants. He also shows no remorse in hurting his own father.

Abilities and Powers

Bacca is a skilled and strong fighter. He twice knocked Wolf out with a single blow whereas Law and group had never been able to defeat Wolf in even a four to one fight. His movements are not very fast but his reactions and strategizing are. Though Law is faster, he manages to dodge his attacks and strike him. He also pulls a feint and succeeds in breaking Law's blade with his ability.

Bacca's weapon of choice is a mace and he wields one in each hand expertly.

Devil Fruit

Further information: Dero Dero no Mi

Bacca ate the Dero Dero no Mi, a Paramecia-class Devil Fruit that allows him to dissolve himself into a liquid, as well as "dissolve" the will of others, taking control of them. 



Bacca was born and raised on Swallow Island. 25 years before novel Law, he left the island to become a pirate, with his father joining to try and control his temper and cruelty. At some point over the next 5 years, Bacca ate the Dero Dero no Mi. The crew ended up back on Swallow Island, and Bacca proceeded to pillage and destroy Pleasure Town, to Wolf's horror. Wolf remained on the island, and Bacca left with his crew, continuing to be a pirate.

Some time later, Bacca and his crew attempted to go to Grand Line. However, they were swiftly defeated, and half the crew died. They barely managed to make it back to the North Blue, and Bacca decided to raid Swallow Island again, having found evidence of Captain Ladoga's treasure on the island.

One Piece novel Law

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Major Battles


  • In the original serialization in One Piece magazine, he was called Artur Bacca upon his introduction in chapter 3 but is called Carlos Bacca (カルロス・バッカ Karurosu Bakka?) in chapter 4. This is corrected in the novel as he is called Artur Bacca in both chapters in the book version.
  • His name may have come from the Colombian football player Carlos Arturo Bacca Ahumada. He is called Bacca by his father Wolf and this might be his given name.
  • His ability and its effects, his weapon being a mace, his creed of freedom as well as his name seem to be a reference to Bacchus, the Roman God of wine, intoxication and liberation. The name of his Devil Fruit ability, Dero Dero is a mimetic that is most commonly used to refer to an intoxicated person and likens the state of drunken stupor of a person to the nature of liquids.


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