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Atoli is the princess of Silver Arrow Island. She travels with Dias and the Straw Hat Pirates for the duration of the game "Legend of the Rainbow Island."[1]

Atoli is also the carrier of the King's Emblem, one of three magic pendants needed to reach Rainbow Island.[1]


Atoli is a young girl with a round face, large eyes, and a wide smile. She has short purple hair and wears a yellow zippered dress that has short black sleeves and a hood. She also wears a yellow hat that has a purple stripe with golden circles on it.[1]


Atoli is a mature girl for her age, possessing a lot of knowledge on Rainbow Island and Dias' pendant. However, she still fears the members of the Drayke Pirates for invading her island and tearing her away from her family, who she deeply cares about.[1]



Before the events of the game, the Drayke Pirates invaded Silver Arrow Island, and Atoli was separated from her father when the Drayke Pirates captured her. They took her to Loguetown, and she escaped from Garride and Kaabo, who trailed her.[1]

Legend of the Rainbow Island

Meeting Dias and the Straw Hat Pirates

Atoli was cornered by Garride and Kaabo, who began to threaten her to come with them. Dias intervened, throwing his boomerang at Kaabo and allowing the two of them to flee to his home. There, they introduced themselves to each other, and Atoli noticed his pendant. Fitting her pendant and his together, they fit perfectly. She realized that what he possessed was the Fisherman's Emblem, and after he told her that it had belonged to his dad, she told him not to display it anymore or ask questions on the matter.[1]

Before they could continue their conversation, Kaabo and Garride arrived at Dias' door. Kaabo gave them five seconds to come out peacefully, but Garride kicked down the door and entered Dias' house after only two. The pirates quickly noticed Dias' Fisherman's Emblem, demanding that both children come with them. Atoli backed away in panic, but Dias stood up and began attacking them. Now with a chance to escape, they fled to the execution platform where they met up with the Straw Hat Pirates.[1]

At the execution platform, Atoli and Dias witness Luffy nearly be killed by Buggy, but right before, lightning struck the platform. Atoli, Dias, Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji fled to the harbor and fought the Marines on the way. At the harbor, Garride and Kaabo blocked their path to the Going Merry. After Dias and the Straw Hat Pirates defeated them, everyone boarded the ship, as Atoli and Dias decided to travel with the crew.[1]


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