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Atoll was a non-canon water fortress in Paradise that was taken by force by Deacon.[1]


Atoll was structured like the WaterWorld theatre at Universal Japan, with metal features, balconies, and a larger tower above a narrow dock that sits at sea-level. It was built on top of a sunken island.[1]


The only named citizen of the island that sank beneath Atoll was Deacon, who left after the island sank and returned to search for his mother's necklace. Deacon and his subordinates took over the fortress by force.[1]



Deacon was raised on the island that sank beneath Atoll. The water fortress was built on top of the sunken island.[1]

One Piece Premier Show 2007

Deacon and his subordinates came to the fortress and took it by force, searching for Deacon's mother's necklace that was lost on the seafloor beneath. Deacon sent Ox and Crown to search for it, and they came across Buggy, who wanted information about the treasure. On the opposite side of Atoll, the Straw Hat Pirates docked at Atoll after finding a necklace. Deacon and the Buggy Pirates agreed to work together to retrieve the treasure from the crew. Deacon and Buggy got into a dispute when Deacon stopped Buggy from firing Buggy Balls with birds nearby. Buggy was defeated by the crew, sent flying in his limbless form. Deacon saw the necklace in Nami's hand, and he was happy to be reunited with it. However, Buggy Balls left behind by Buggy exploded, destroying Atoll and collapsing with Deacon and his mother's necklace into the sea.[1]


The only known wildlife on Atoll are birds, which Deacon protected from Buggy.[1]


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