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Atsuko x One Piece is a collaboration clothing collection created by lifestyle brand Atsuko and Toei Animation. The line was first announced on September 22, 2021, and it was released exclusively at New York ComicCon 2021 and on Atsuko's website on October 7, 2021. The collection includes T-shirts, long sleeves, hoodies, button-ups, shorts, beanies, bucket hats, tote bags, sling bags, slides, water bottles, bento boxes, and ramen bowls, though many of the additional lifestyle products were available only at NYCC 2021.[1]



  • One Piece Patchwork Button-Down Shirt
    • Price: $68 USD
  • Nami Black Tee
    • Price: $28 USD
  • Roronoa Zoro Black Tee
    • Price: $28 USD
  • Monkey D. Luffy Black Tee
    • Price: $28 USD
  • Usopp & Chopper White Tee
    • Price: $28 USD
  • Sanji & Brook White Tee
    • Price: $28 USD
  • Straw Hat Panel Tee
    • Price: $55 USD
  • Zoro Checkered Panel Tee
    • Price: $55 USD
  • Boro Style Monkey D. Luffy Panel Tee
    • Price: $ USD
Atsuko One Piece Patchwork Button-Down Shirt.png
One Piece Patchwork Button-Down Shirt.
Atsuko Nami Black Tee.png
Nami Black Tee.
Atsuko Roronoa Zoro Black Tee.png
Roronoa Zoro Black Tee.
Atsuko Monkey D. Luffy Black Tee.png
Monkey D. Luffy Black Tee.
Atsuko Usopp & Chopper White Tee.png
Usopp & Chopper White Tee.
Atsuko Sanji & Brook White Tee.png
Sanji & Brook White Tee.
Atsuko Straw Hat Panel Tee.png
Straw Hat Panel Tee.
Atsuko Zoro Checkered Panel Tee.png
Zoro Checkered Panel Tee.
Atsuko Boro Style Monkey D. Luffy Panel Tee.png
Boro Style Monkey D. Luffy Panel Tee.


  • Straw Hat Crew Bucket
    • Price: $30 USD
  • Badge Beanie
    • Price: $22 USD
  • Straw Hat Crew Beanie
    • Price: $22 USD
  • One Piece Black Hat
    • Price: $25 USD
Atsuko Straw Hat Crew Bucket.png
Straw Hat Crew Bucket.
Atsuko Badge Beanie.png
Badge Beanie.
Atsuko Straw Hat Crew Beanie.png
Straw Hat Crew Beanie.
Atsuko One Piece Black Hat.png
One Piece Black Hat.


  • Monkey D. Luffy Socks
    • Price: $12 USD
  • Straw Hat Crew Socks
    • Price: $12 USD
  • One Piece Badge Socks
    • Price: $12 USD
Atsuko Monkey D. Luffy Socks.png
Monkey D. Luffy Socks.
Atsuko Straw Hat Crew Socks.png
Straw Hat Crew Socks.
Atsuko One Piece Badge Socks.png
One Piece Badge Socks.

Other Items

  • One Piece Patchwork Shorts
    • Price: $52 USD
  • One Piece Panel Hoodie
    • Price: $88 USD
  • One Piece Badge Sling Bag
    • Price: $55 USD
Atsuko One Piece Patchwork Shorts.png
One Piece Patchwork Shorts.
Atsuko One Piece Panel Hoodie.png
One Piece Panel Hoodie.
Atsuko One Piece Badge Sling Bag.png
One Piece Badge Sling Bag.


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