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The introductions are located on the left end of the detachable covers.

Author's Comments (作者コメント, Sakusha komento?) or Author's Notes are short introductions that mangaka traditionally add to the dust jacket of each collected volume of their manga.


The Author's Notes that Eiichiro Oda writes for volumes of One Piece are usually irrelevant to the series itself, instead relaying bizarre daydreams, anecdotes, and/or jokes. Each Note is headed with an original drawing (more rarely, a photograph) that may or may not illustrate the topic at hand.

Similar Author's Notes can also be found on "unofficial" volumes, such as the databooks (where they are provided from the Straw Hat Pirates' in-universe perspective).

As manga is not sold with dust-jackets in the United States, the Viz localization of the volumes places the Author's Notes on the very first page.

Volume Translations[]

Volume Translations
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Volume 1
Volume 001 Intro Image In order to write a "Story of Pirates", I've been gathering lots of sources on pirates and reading them, but none state of a pirate who dreamed of becoming one in their young days. Seems like they were having so much fun that they forgot to mention themselves in history. Gosh, this is why pirates are such a pain.
Volume 2
Volume 002 Intro Image Customer

"Oh generous host a customer has come I wonder where shall we have him sit People who have to sit near the exit make me feel uneasy"

Nice, isn't it. This Northern European Pirate Song.

Volume 3
Volume 003 Intro Image If I ever get to take a break for a whole entire year, there's something I'd like to do.

Polishing various drawing skills and drawing tool techniques. Then, drawing would surely become a lot more fun. I wonder who said that the earth is a narrow place.

Volume 4
Volume 004 Intro Image I have a dream. Aah, how I want to scribble all over a dog's body at least one time before I die.

「Can I draw you some nose hair?」 「Can I turn you into a panda?」

There were many occasions where I dreamed of drawing on my friends' pets, but no one would let me. People tell me 「Get your own dog and draw on it」, but hell, what are you saying, I DON'T WANT TO HAVE SUCH A STRANGE PET DOG.

Volume 5
Volume 005 Intro Image [\/]

In volume 4, since it said you wanted to scribble on a dog, if it's fine with my dog('s picture), please feel free to scribble on him to your heart's content! He's called 「Charmy」(Original name Tome).

(from the Shizuoka Area, I love monkeys♡ san)


Thank you very much. With much responsibility, I've turned Tome into one sexy dog. In this world, there are various animals with exotic colors to match their surroundings. For example, it's possible that a dog who grew up in a field of sunflowers may evolute like this in order to protect itself from outer enemies, isn't it. Living things are just so mysterious. U mad? I love monkeys♡ san.

Volume 6
Volume 006 Intro Image Does everybody know? When you eat stuff like Spaghetti al Nero di Seppie (Squid ink Spaghetti), your poop turns black. Real black. Then how's this. If you eat rainbow spaghetti I wonder if your poop would become rainbow poop. I wonder. I wonder if nobody gives a damn about this shit.
Volume 7
Volume 007 Intro Image You can't see the side of your face with one mirror.

Now I wonder if this is true. Like this... really fast... SWSH!! ... like this... look at the mirror real fast and...! Maybe you could see an afterimage for a second!! SWSH!! SWSH!! CRACK!! ..................!!

Volume 8
Volume 008 Intro Image There's this short little story. A long time ago, rabbits—in the distant past—seemed to have been able to fly. The reason why we still count rabbits the same way we count birds in the Japanese language is because of this. Rabbits that freely soared through the ancient, clear, blue skies with those great, big ears---.

...That kind of occult story.

Volume 9
Volume 009 Intro Image Ah-. It is currently the year of 1999, month of July. This is the month that our Bro, Nostradamus, predicts that "the world will be ended by the hands of the King of Angolmois". For this reason, when the King of Angolmois' wanted poster came out, the World Government made this decision. His appearance is as shown in this image. His punishment is 「To lock him up until the month of August」. In conclusion, if you spot him please do not attack him with moves such as the Rolling Sobat or the Piledriver. (World Government)

(Translator's Note: On King of Angolmois's forehead of this image is a small "A" in Japanese [あ].)

Volume 10
Volume 010 Intro Image It's Volume 10. Already 2 years since the series launched. 2 years huh... 2 years would mean Sazae-san would turn from age 24 to 24... ah, when I think about it, I'm the same age as Sazae-san right now. I somehow feel like I remember a time when I was the same age as Katsuo-kun. Who's next. Ah, Norisuke-kun. Or Taiko-san. Or Tara-san. Hah Tara-san makes me laugh a little. Or maybe Ikura-san. What am I talking about. Well, as usual I am always drawing my manga without even trying to get a proper job.

(Translator's Note: Oda is referencing characters from the old manga series, Sazae-san.)

Volume 11
Volume 011 Intro Image Ah- thank you very~~ much for ah- riding this ah- sightseeing bus. Eh- this bus~~ is uh- currently on its way~~ to~~ ONE PIECE's 100th ah- chapter. Ah, right around the right hand side to you~~ where~~ you can~~ see something tall~~ sticking~~ up~~ ah~ that would be~ the middle~~ finger~~, yes. Eh~~ now then we will~~ get into an~~ exciting~~ and lively mood in~~ this~~ sightseeing~~ bus.
Volume 12
Volume 012 Intro Image Today, let us talk about the topic of "evolution". Or let's not. Let's just go. "Monkey" became "Human". As shown in the image provided. You'll probably be able to tell by looking at it, but the form starts to straighten, little by little.

Now let's discuss the future form of "man". I personally think we should bring this in the direction of a back-flip. In other words, the human race will slightly float in the future. I'm sure of it.

Volume 13
Volume 013 Intro Image There is a sacred Dragon in Enoshima. The being that is closest to God. That is the Dragon. I WONDER IF YOU CAN EAT DRAGONS.

(Translator's Note: Enoshima Enoshima)

Volume 14
Volume 014 Intro Image This is out of the blue, but I have seen a ninja before. I'm dead serious. I think it was when I was in 3rd grade or so. This is a story of when I was living in Miyazaki because of my parents' job transfer. A ninja came to the elementary school I went to. Class was suddenly over and an school-wide assembly was held. Getting a request from the principle, the ninja says this.「Today, I have come to show you all ninjutsu.」The ninja screamed「KAAAAAAHHH!!」and chopped a big rock. Our jaws dropped. Then the ninja picked out a few students in the higher grades, made them come up on stage, and said this.「You can go back.」The thing we puzzled kids saw next with our eyes was......!! TO BE CONTINUED.
Volume 15
Volume 015 Intro Image A continuation from the previous volume.

"Kaaaaahhh!!" the ninja screamed, and "Baaaam!!" Shockingly, the upperclassmen suddenly became stiff all at once and fell to the ground. It was the world-famous "Jutsu of Binding"!! After that, he did things like stopping people's hearts and showing us pictures from back when he was still in training; there was no end to the levels of our excitement. Then the ninja says this. "To be honest, I can keep on standing upside-down on the ceiling of this gym for 5 hours straight, but since we do not have the time today, I will not do it."

I've seen a ninja. Dead serious.

Volume 16
Volume 016 Intro Image 「Teacher!!! Afroda-kun's lunch money disappeared!!!」

「Say what!!? Seriously!!! Afroda!!! No lunch for you today!!!」

(Translator's Note: Afroda's name can also mean "It's an Afro" if read out loud.)

Volume 17
Volume 017 Intro Image Japanese restaurants that I usually go to with the staff have lots of families with kids as customers, and it's always lively. For each seat, a television set is attached. When we go there on a Wednesday at 7 o'clock, the kids have their mouths wide open and stare at the television set, looking silly, stuck like glue. The channel is set on 「ONE PIECE」. I think I should do my best.
Volume 18
Volume 018 Intro Image I hear you need stamina to sleep. If you sleep the correct way, even if it's for a short while, it seems like you can wake up nice and fresh. In other words, you should sleep with all your might. That's the idea. So, in order to sleep to the fullest in a short period, I decided to gain some stamina before sleep. I gulp down some strong energy drinks and snuggle into my blanket. Ugh, geez, I'm tellin ya, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO FUCKING SLEEP LIKE THIS.
Volume 19
Volume 019 Intro Image In English, it's「Brown」. Brown is the color of land. If there was brown toilet paper, I think it would be a problem. ....Ya know--. You wouldn't be able to see it, right? ....Ya know--. ....Yeah this discussion is disgusting, isn't it. I really shouldn't be talking about this, should I. Now then! Volume 19 of「ONE PIECE」is going to start!!
Volume 20
Volume 020 Intro Image Phrases with rhythm feel good to hear, don't they. Like「Kappa on the river flow」. Or「It's spring after all」. Or maybe「It is well into autumn」. Or「Falling dead on the street」, or 「stiff circular kicks」, or 「taste of rich soy sauce」. Now then, volume 20 starts.
Volume 21
Volume 021 Intro Image I saw a unique panda on TV. You know how pandas have black sections? That part was all white. Heh, there are amazing things in this world. On top of that, it lives in places like the North Pole. I don't know what to do with you, panda. (Lol) Now then, volume 21「Ideal Nation」start.
Volume 22
Volume 022 Intro Image Did you know?

According to statistics, the "reading comprehension" rate of Japanese youngsters is crazy good on a worldwide level. Isn't this splendid? Hey. Isn't this splendid? Do you know why? Even out of the Japanese, people with the highest reading comprehension scores of all are the people who also read tons manga. Isn't it splendid? This fact. EESN'T DZEES SPLON-DEED? (↑French flavor)

Volume 23
Volume 023 Intro Image These days, whatever book I read says that the「mermaids」that the sailors saw back then were probably actually all 「dugongs」. The scientist who said that. You, sit right there. For example, a sailor back then. Let's say his name is "Nishimura-san". He says this.「Me saw e mermaid」. Now that's the pure reason why mermaid legends were created. But you just said it straight out.「Maybe it was a Dugong.」Yes, and with this the whole world took it seriously. Well well, Nishimura-san is now very disappointed. Crying to bed in the otherworld.「BUT I SAW ZE MERMAID.」 Cheer up. Nishimura-san. DUGONGS ARE PRETTY CUTE TOO, YOU KNOW?
Volume 24
Volume 024 Intro Image Come to think of it, when I went visited my family recently, my parents stated their thoughts on ONE PIECE for the first time.「That story 'bout the deer was real nice」........DEER?
Volume 25
Volume 025 Intro Image There is a reason why Chapter 233 in this volume's cover is black. By doing this, I have memorialized my mangaka buddy named「Shingagin」who recently passed away. According to a certain person, even if a Mangaka dies, the characters that the Mangaka created live on in place of them. I really think we have a great career.
Volume 26
Volume 026 Intro Image Brrrrrring......!!! I stop my alarm clock. It's 3 PM. I open the curtains, pour some coffee, and bring my head to my desk. I put my coffee in the same place as always, and open my sketchbook. I sharpen my pencil, slowly lean back on my chair, and ZZZ-------------. GOIN' BACK TO SLEEP IZ DA BEST. YEAHHHHHHHH (Do your work)
Volume 27
Volume 027 Intro Image I just happened to think this yesterday, but 「ONE PIECE」 sure is a REAL WEIRD TITLE. (ROFL)
Volume 28
Volume 028 Intro Image If you were to compare creating the storyline for manga to a game,「Tetris」would fit most. You put together the images scattered around in your mind like a puzzle to create a single, straight storyline. However, when that doesn't go too smoothly, I literally play the game「Tetris」. The image of the blocks building up one by one goes through my mind, and this is what I think.「TETRIS IS SOOO FUN. WOOOO--」
Volume 29
Volume 029 Intro Image I hear that you need to eat hot food when it's still hot, or else it'll taste nasty. The thing is, I feel like the vast majority of us out there have tongues sensitive to heat. Since we call them "cat-tongued" in Japanese, I think there should also be a name for people with non-sensitive tongues.

"Perverted Tongues".

I was jealous, so I gave them an embarrassing name.

Volume 30
Volume 030 Intro Image I got a letter like this.「Oda-sensei, you are always irresponsible and weird.」I will make this clear here, right now; even though it's me that always makes the dumb comments, some time ago our neighbors were praising this one kid about how "if you made him do academics, he was clearly a prodigy and if you made him do sports he would show how athletic he was". And do you know who that kid was?? My friend Tanaka-kun. Now then, Volume 30 is starting.
Volume 31
Volume 031 Intro Image Everyone!! News!! If you're having an unhealthy food routine and end up in a situation where you are having way too much sugar daily, having lots of salty foods as well to have a healthy balance IS SOMETHING YOU SHOULDN'T THINK OF!!! (EXTORTION!!!)
Volume 32
Volume 032 Intro Image I hear that in this world

everything turns out the way you think. Because for instance, in a case where a person thinks that in this world nothing turns out the way he thinks, what he thinks turns out to be real for him, therefore, everything turns out the way you think.

Volume 33
Volume 033 Intro Image Boogers are nasty, so I've decided to refer to them as "Honey" from now on.

I decided to ask one of the staff. "In schools, the chairs tend to have honey on the bottom of them, don't they." "Ehhhhh!?", he said. "Ehhhhh!?", I said back. "So what do you do with the honey you've harvested during class?!" "Oh, you flick it at people!!" "You abnormal person!!!"

Volume 34
Volume 034 Intro Image I will sing the mystery song I used to sing with my buddies in middle school.

「A pig-- walks out in the street-- (bum bum bum~ x2)
a car is coming from the side-- (bum bum bum~ x2)
The pig-- doesn't wanna die-- so he dodges and walks on-- (bum bum bum~ x2)」

Now, Volume 34 will begin.

Volume 35
Volume 035 Intro Image There is something called the "Nanba walk". Like when they say the Japanese people before the Meiji era walked by setting out their left leg and left arm together, and then right leg and right arm together. If this is true, I think the people of ancient Japan were always very nervous. The reason for the tenseness is of course, because of the piano concert that is coming up tomorrow, and for that concert, your secretly beloved Mariko is going to come watch. Takashi has very short fingers, and he is not able to reach the black keys of the piano, so in order to dismiss that weakpoint, he locks himself in the mountains once again, and fights the big bad bear!!! Now!! Volume 35, start!!!
Volume 36
Volume 036 Intro Image I became 30 last year. I even married last year. There are days where I become a bit worried if there are any ways for me to live more properly then, as always, doing nothing but drawing cartoons, but I am healthy and well. Volume 36 will begin.
Volume 37
Volume 037 Intro Image Humans seem to be strong but are actually weak creatures. There is this fact that if there are only 5 cms of water in a puddle, it is possible for a human to drown in it. In other words, only being able to breath from nose and mouth is not too good. And so let us learn the third way of breathing, everybody. The third way, ASS BREATHING. And so, volume 37 begi*fart*
Volume 38
Volume 038 Intro Image When you buy stuff like singles CDs, around the 3rd song or so there's a singing-less song you can find that's written "Instoormentar". Mothers who forget to buy the ingredients of the miso soup they were going too make for the dinner of their families could say this. "Today's miso soup is Instoormentar". During a test, if you can't think of an answer then everyone should write next to the blank space. "It's Instoormentar". I frequently get pointed out by my readers that I forgot to draw something, but that is obviously also "Instoomentar".

(Translator's note: The first Instoormentar (written インストゥルメンタル for all of them)refers to "Instrumental". The second is probably some pun on INSTRUmental and instant. The third has something to do with instruMENTAL but I am not sure how that works out. The last use of Instoormental is probably just random.)

Volume 39
Volume 039 Intro Image BIRDS ARE LUCKY HUH? BECAUSE THEY CAN FLY AROUND THE SKY FREELY. According to a certain scientist's calculations, apparently if you train to get your chest to have 2 meters worth muscle, then humans can also fly. Scientists sometimes say the craziest things, don't they. Vamanos! Volume 39 will start!!
Volume 40
Volume 040 Intro Image Goats became famous for eating paper.

They deliciously eat anything that's paper, as if to say "Oh, this is totally edible". They eventually had to put up signs at the zoo. "Please do not feed the goats paper." In reality, eating paper that has synthetic fibers in it will actually get you sick. Goat... you... you... What are you, a rising comedian artiste?

(Translator's note: In Japan, young comedian artistes, or "芸人-Geinin", will stereotypically do just about anything with a smile on their faces [usually on variety shows, etc.] in order to get a job or achieve fame.)

Volume 41
Volume 041 Intro Image These days even toothbrushes have evolved, and they even say there are these things called vibration brushes that vibrate 30 thousand times in just one minute, so when I carefully checked, it really was vibrating 30 thousand times. Now then, volume 41 is gonna begin--!!
Volume 42
Volume 042 Intro Image I think that there is an ancient language and a modern language because language is something hard to pass down. In the Heian period, a certain person's diary apparently said "Young uns' these days don' know howto speak properly". It's funny how only the miserable stuff in history have been accurately passed down, so I think i'll try saying that when I'm old too. VOLUME 42 IS GON' FUCKING START BITCH.
Volume 43
Volume 043 Intro Image Timing is important.

George really needs to fart. Right now he is in a classroom and it's very quiet. So he thinks. If he shouts out extremely loud and farts while doing so, it can be covered. Three, two, one, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" "What?" *whisper whisper!!* *silence.....* *FART!!!*

Now then!! Volume 43 is about to begin!!

Volume 44
Volume 044 Intro Image I hear that the worldwide population increases in about 200k people per day.

There are over 5 billion humans in this world. Sometimes I wonder. Today I eat meat and tomorrow I eat meat and the whole world is eating animals every day, yet they don't become extinct. To all animals- THANKS FOR THE MEAL.Really. Volume 44 is starting!!!

(Translator's Note: Red text in image says "Yakiniku")

Volume 45
Volume 045 Intro Image The days of war with 10 year old young men. Kids that were 10 when the series started are now 20. The hair in that place must be already going wild by now. Just saying, but by that place, I meant armpits. Armpit hair. It's become real long by now (not the armpit hair; I'm talking about the series) but I still have many scenes I want to draw. Hairless boys and Hairy boys, please bear with me for a bit more.
Volume 46
Volume 046 Intro Image I will now announce a mystery song I used to sing with my pals. I want you to sing it to your crying friend. This song.

「Dooon't cry, Dooon't cry cuz I'll give you a potato♪ Ah nevermind cuz those things make you fart♪」

(Translator's note: this rhymes in Japanese. It's also in kansai dialect.)

Volume 47
Volume 047 Intro Image 「UFO」stands for「Unidentified Flying Object」. I don't really get it, so I'll just call it a UFO. That's the word. A UFO researcher looks at a mystery object in the sky in a picture and says this.「This is without doubt, a UFO!!」In other words he's saying「There's no mistake it's an unidentified flying object!!」HM?? Volume 47 is starting---!!

(Translator's Note: Text in image says "alien")

Volume 48
Volume 048 Intro Image [\/]

Who are you calling invaders, dude. A heavenly punishment to the Mangaka that doesn't trust his fans. Switch on. Click. 10 seconds before Kokoro's Bra drops, *DROP*... Please continue on with the Volume. by Shelltect-kun >゚)##)彡 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! VOLUME 48 IS STARTIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHH!!!!

Volume 49
Volume 049 Intro Image I go outside hangin' a bag from my shoulder sometimes and bring my new song album with me instead by mistake. Yup yup. Common mistake. Volume 49 will start!!
Volume 50
Volume 050 Intro Image "Huh......?

you...... could it be that...... you are God?"

"...YES." Okay volume 50 starting---!!

(Translator's Note: In Japanese, the way of saying the english word for "Yes" [イエス; iesu] is pronounced and written the same way as the Japanese way of saying "Jesus" [イエス; iesu]- hence, this could also be taken as a pun.)

Volume 51
Volume 051 Intro Image I heard a story where, in order to be able to paddle as much water as possible, a swimmer's hands become webbed. That's evolution, man. Mangakas are also always drawing so I want to evolute in one way or the other. For example... like the tip of my nails becoming shaped like a pen. Or being able to see through passerby women's clothing. Volume 51 is starting-!!
Volume 52
Volume 052 Intro Image Vending machines during the winter have these labels that say "wa~rm" on them, so when I go with that flow and say "shoot, deadline's coming clo~se", it feels


In the first chapter, if Luffy had said "I'll become the Pirate Ki~ng!" instead, something would feel slightly off. Just a little. Volume 52!! "I want to sta~rt it".

Volume 53
Volume 053 Intro Image That "pose" that a person makes when saying「Excuse me I need to pass through」or on a full train or bus「Excuse me I need to get off」!! Let's name it the "GOD FIST". We can assume that is an old type of martial arts that was passed down from ancient China. The people that are under the "God Fist"'s attack are hypnotized by the "will" that seeps from that hand and crowds end up creating a shining path as if Moses cracked a roaring sea in half.... Volume 53 is starting-!!
Volume 54
Volume 054 Intro Image I hear that humans are supposed to be able to live until the age of 140.

Then from there on, it's said that their lives get shorter as they put more stress onto their bodies. Mangakas always have way too much pressure in their lives, so I'll probably only get to live up to about the age of 135 (bummed).

Life is so short. Volume 54!! Starting now----!!

Volume 55
Volume 055 Intro Image I heard that when you don't have enough oxygen in your body, your body says "gimme oxygen" and makes you yawn. When you yawn and the person next to you yawns as well, I personally think it's because the earth's oxygen suddenly decreases when you yawn. You know, the Law of Conservation of Mass and all. Thinking back, I yawned that day. ...yes, that day of the dream of all humanity, the space shuttle went to space. Half of that was a lie. Volume 55 is starting-!!
Volume 56
Volume 056 Intro Image There's these seedless type of grapes that you can eat including the skin. Nothing can be better. I love those things. Seedless watermelon and seedless Japanese Persimmon make me feel like I'm in heaven too. Going with this flow, if things like shell-less crab and shell-less shrimp came out, I would totally gobble them up whole. Boneless fish is also great. From time to time the bones stab my throat so boneless eel makes me happy too. Still, I wouldn't want this. MANGALESS LIFE. Now then Volume 56!! It's starting---!!!
Volume 57
Volume 057 Intro Image I'm the type of guy who doesn't feel right if I'm not reading something; in other words I have an addiction to books. I lied. JUST WANTED TO TRY SAYING IT. Volume 57 is starting---!!
Volume 58
Volume 058 Intro Image I'm not about people just deciding things for you without any consent.

Since the very day you were born, you're just automatically categorized as the "Year of the Rabbit?!! "Capricorn the Goat"?!! You've gotta be kidding me!!! I don't wanna be some damn weakling animal like that!!

With that being said, let's change this up.


Scary. Sounds strong. Volume 58 starting now---!!

Volume 59
Volume 059 Intro Image You ask why I'm drinking alone?

You know how there's this one song that someone was singing about how if everyone "imagined" of a peaceful world, then the world would gradually become peaceful, right... You wanna drink with me too? After all, today is the day John died.

Ah, John the Dog. THE DOG.

Volume 59 is about to begin---!!!

Volume 60
Volume 060 Intro Image "The Standing Death of Benkei".

I believe this death wins first place when it comes to manliest ways of dying that have been told down the Japanese generations.

In the previous volume, the death of the great "Whitebeard" was the epitomy of this saying. Speaking of Benkei, I have this one trait that really mirrors him. Yeah. You see, I heard that, coincidentally, Benkei had this same little quirk, but the truth is that

I also feel like crying when I accidentally bang my shin.

Guess it can't be helped... that men among men end up resembling each other.

Alright, Volume 60 starting--!!

(Translator's note: Text in image says "GYAAAAAAAHHH My nose bled...". For more information on Benkei, go here: Wikipedia:Benkei, or here Benkei: The Warrior Monk Who Died Standing)

Volume 61
Volume 061 Intro Image I despise people who try to be cute. For example, people who try to use cute words are secretly manipulating us into letting our guards down, so be very careful.

"One and only → Wun and onwy♡" "Monument → Monyu♡ment" "No breaks the entire year → No breakies the entire yearrrrr♡" "Mugi yu → Mugyuuuuuuuuuu~~♡"

How about we all keep the cuteness appeal to a bare minimum!!!

A respectable chivalry manga, "ONE PIECE"!! The sixty-first volume!! It's about to start, so my greetings go to you!!!

(Translator's note: These can all be considered as puns in the Japanese language.

  • One and only to Wun and onwy (唯一無二 to 唯一むにっ♡, both pronounced yuiitsumuni) literal translation is "One and only to One and squish♡"
  • Monument to Monyu♡ment (モニュメント to もにゅっ♡メント) could also be translated as monument to "squeeze with a guy"
  • No breaks the entire year to No breakies the entire yearrrrr♡ (年中無休 to 年中むきゅ〜っ♡, both pronounced nennjuumukyuu) literal translation is "No breaks the entire year to sqeeze hug all year~♡"
  • Mugi yu to Mugyuuuuuuuuuu~~♡ (麦湯 to むぎゅ〜〜っ♡) literal translation is "Roasted barley tea to Squeeeeeeeeeze~♡"

Text in image says "Boss, please don't try to stop me!!! I... Even if w'both end up taking e'chother out, I'll make sure to thrust this shank into his abdomen with a 'squish♡'..." [Read in a gangster accent])

Volume 62
Volume 062 Intro Image Apparently, if you trace the roots of peoples' DNA, our blood all leads to a single woman from a looooong time ago in Africa.

Despite this, theoretically speaking, she was not the earliest human around--- but such a person must exist.

The beginning of humanity. The mother of humanity!

It sounds intense, so I tried drawing a picture in her image.

All of humanity is one big family.

No matter who's in trouble, they're not a complete stranger.

Volume 62 is startiiiing~~!

(Translator's Note: Background text in image says "Great Mother!!!" and in Great Mother's speech bubble, it says "Do your homework!!")

Volume 63
Volume 063 Intro Image Back when I was a kid, I raised this Japanese rhinoceros beetle larva, but I fiddled with its horn too much while it was growing and it ended up hardening at a weird, twisted angle.

They say to strike while the iron is hot, but that was a bad thing I did there. Yet, I can't help but imagine- that if I had accidentally attached a bazooka to its shoulders while it was a pupa, it might have grown into a bazooka helmet beetle. If I had equipped it with armor and a katana, it might've grown into a fully armed helmet beetle. Except that's sort of unethical- and after all, it's best to stay the way we're born!! Volume 63 is starting--!!

(Translator's Note: Japanese rhinoceros beetles are called "カブトムシ [lit. Warrior helmet bug]" in Japanese.)

Volume 64
Volume 064 Intro Image Snacks from those traditional candy shops have wrappers or bags with these characters, who announce their opinion on how the snack tastes, printed on them.

I kind of like that, and think it'd be fun if they did this for various types of products. For example, on a bag of kimchi, it'd say, "Spicy!!" For pervy DVDs, it'd say "Naughty!!" For cigarettes, "Smoky!!" For drugs, "Risky!!" Volume 64 starting!! Tasty!!

(Translator's Note: Text in image speech bubble says "Tasty!!")

Volume 65
Volume 065 Intro Image It goes in the bunker because you think you don't want it to.

In fact, if you aim for the bunker, you'll have a better chance of missing it. My favorite type of iron is... a 5-iron. I feel like these days, my putting skills are going down the drain---... Though I'VE NEVER EVEN PLAYED GOLF BEFORE~~!!! I wanna try it out when I'm all grown up-- Volume 65 is starting~~!! Good up!!

Volume 66
Volume 066 Intro Image Ordering a "Chef's Capricious Pasta" is a gamble. 

I'd be crying myself to bed if the chef were "feeling like not making anything today" or "feeling like he wanted to eat his own cooking today". I'd at least want to know how the chef has been doing recently. "The chef's daughter got a 100 on her test. Chef's Capricious Pasta!!" Sounds delicious--!! "The chef's wife has been cheating on him... Chef's... Capricious Pasta..." .......uhhhh--...... Now then! The capricious captain's big adventure!! Volume 66 is starting--!!

(Translator's Note: Text in image says "I wonder what I should mix together today--". "Capricious Man" is printed on his hat.)

Volume 67
Volume 067 Intro Image

A "snooze". What the hell is "snooze"? Before I knew it, this weird little word had somehow permeated our society.


The image that comes to mind when I hear the word devoid of context is something like this.(←) Now then, Volume 67 is starting!! Don't snooze on it!!

(Translator's note: Text in image speech bubble says "Try sprinkling some salt onto Volume 67, it'll get salty")

Volume 68
Volume 068 Intro Image Does the thought of

"I DON'T EVER WANNA GROW UP!!" ever cross your mind?

When surrounded by adults who can hardly be considered role models, kids will lose their appetite and refuse to grow. If we were to take full advantage of this phenomena, it would become a revolutionary anti-aging treatment. Maybe the more shitty adults there are out there, people who don't want to end up like them will be able to stay young forever. But these days, there are awesome adults regardless of wether they're over 40 or over 70 which is just TOO BAD.

Strive for volume 70!! Volume 68's about to start--!!!

Volume 69
Volume 069 Intro Image

Volume 069 Intro Image 2

(←)Oh, shit!!

When your toilet paper accidentally rips vertically in half, it begins.


The left side is already two~three laps ahead of the right side and still going.

A man must must never look back to his mistakes!!

It is too late to turn back now!!

Volume 69 starting---!!!

Volume 70
Volume 070 Intro Image Cows look fabulous with their horns.

I wish I could just grow horns one day. Since the dawn of time, men have always wanted horns. It's normal to have horns. They look so manly after all. I guess they'd be slightly inconvenient when going to bed? And it'd probably be difficult to do headers in soccer. And when you face your desk, you might keep hitting your desk lamp and groan in annoyance. Oh!!

Cows also groan, don't they!! Volume 70 is starting-horn!!!

Volume 71
Volume 071 Intro Image When a product sells really well, they say it's a "hit".

They go "Successful hit!!" "Major hit!!" "Ground-Breaking hiiiit!!!".

And recently, I've been thinking. JUST CALL IT A HOME RUN AT THIS POINT!!!

Volume 71 begins now-kakiin!!

(Translator's Note: "-kakiin" is the Japanese sfx for hitting a home run.)

Volume 72
Volume 072 Intro Image Mini dog♡ Mini bird♡ Mini cow♡

Adding "mini" before something makes it so much more adorable, doesn't it.

Mini pig, mini rabbit, mini horse, mini rhombus, mini cat, mini bear, mini pernix, ministry...

Now then, the adorable mini-volume 72 MINI-STARTING NOW!!

Volume 73
Volume 073 Intro Image (←)Back when I was a student, I learned that this fellow here is Japan's legendary regent, Prince Shotoku.

However, recently, there's a theory that's been going around that this portrait might have not been Shotoku himself, which is quite problematic for me. In other words, this means that my "Prince Shotoku had a huge appetite and constantly carried a shamoji (rice spoon) around with him" theory would also be proved false. So in the end, WHO IS THIS HUNGRY GUY!!! History is full of dreams and excitement. Volume 73, begin!!

Volume 74
Volume 074 Intro Image From time to time, people talk about things that have a mochi-like texture, and I've discovered a food that has a mochi-like texture as well. Mochi.

A mochi-like Volume 74, starting nowwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

(Translator's Note: Text in image says "So mochi-like--, super mochi-like~~")

Volume 75
Volume 075 Intro Image These days, people tend to prefer fancy terms when color-coding merchandise, like using "chocolate" over brown or "rose" over red. I like it.

Like "champagne gold" or "mint" or "wine", "ruby", "cherry", "fudge", "caramel", "natto" "rice" "miso soup" "pickled plum" "now then" "the" "snot-colored" "volume 75"


Volume 76
Volume 076 Intro Image This famous Japanese saying that can be taken as even sexist. "A wife must always walk three steps behind her husband."

This saying comes from ancient Japanese samurai culture. Let's say we were one of those samurai who constantly carried around those dangerous Japanese swords, not knowing when we'd need to pull them out and fight- if that were the case, would we really make our loved ones walk right next to us? Those "3 steps" are equivalent to the distance we must make to keep our ladies safe!! If you're a man, say this. "Take 3 steps back and follow me!!!" Take 3 steps back from volume 79, and this is "Volume 76"!!

Starting now-de gozaru~~!!!

(Translator's Note: Samurai stereotypically add "-de gozaru" to the end of their sentences in Japanese.)

Volume 77
Volume 077 Intro Image You know how if a figure skater or ballerina tried to add a taste of "cyclone" to their typical spins, they'll either end up flying or getting themselves buried? Well, I figured, if you tried adding a taste of "cyclone" to your asshole, your **** would spurt out, spinning like crazy, and you wouldn't even be constipated anymore.



(Translator's note: Text in image says "Gyururururu". This is the sound effect for spinning.)

Volume 78
Volume 078 Intro Image The law that states that construction worker uniforms

cannot be this way DOES NOT EXIST!!! All you need is courage!! (and funds) The courageous Volume 78, starting now--!!

Volume 79
Volume 079 Intro Image

A person who ends his sentence with a musical note ♪ looks happier than necessary. 

"Hiyashi chūka now on sale ♪" 

"I'm going to commit seppuku ♪"

"I don't wanna die ♪"

Blow away your depressed feelings by a musical note ♪!

Now let's start volume 79 ♪♪
Volume 80
Volume 080 Intro Image There's a jump rope song that kids have been singing for ages.
I heard it recently and it really brought me back.
It goes, "The postal worker dropped some things ♪
Let's help him pick them up
One letter ♪ Two letters ♪ Three letters ♪ ... Ten letters ♪
Thank you sooo much ♪"
It's very cute. But is that one letter the only thing a postal worker loses?
Honesty ♪ Youth ♪ Friendship ♪ Freedom ♪
The gleam in his eyes ♪ His spirit of adventure ♪
Thank you sooo much (bawling)
Let's get volume 80 started!!
Volume 81
Volume 081 Intro Image They say that half-bathing is good
for one's health! Time for volume 81
to begin!!
Volume 82
Volume 082 Intro Image There's a Japanese game called Atchi Muite Hoi (Look
That Way) where one player has to turn their head in
one of the four directions while the other player points
with a finger, hoping to guess the same direction.
Well, I've invented a secret weapon called Atchi Muite
Hoi 3-D that has ten directions instead. If a kid ever
challenges you to Atchi Muite Hoi, use this method to
childishly avoid losing!!
Volume 83
Volume 083 Intro Image I...I've been lied to!!!
Is it possible...that when you swallow watermelon
They don't grow inside your tummy?!
Is it possible that Volume 83 is about to start?!
Volume 84
Volume 084 Intro Image Would you believe it?! This T-shirt has the yellowness
of 300 lemons!! Volume 84 is about to begin!!
Volume 85
Volume 085 Intro Image Try making a four with your fingers! "Four!!"
Is it just me, or is your thumb bent way more
than you expected?!
Okay, here comes Volume 85!! Let's go!!
Volume 86

Volume 086 Intro Image

It's the 20th anniversary of One Piece! Maybe it's time... I actually take this seriously!!! Here comes volume 86!!
Volume 87

Volume 087 Intro Image

There! I did it! Enjoy volume 87!!
Volume 88

Volume 088 Intro Image

1. Once there was a little pond of water ♪ (Yo♪)

2. A ball fell in and splashed a lot or ♫ (SHOCK!!)
Maybe it's a downcast eye? (Aye-aye ♫)

3. And now it has begun to cry

4. Perhaps it's dripping like a candle (hot wax ♫)
Oops, we've had a company scandal ♫ (fat stacks ♫)

We're sorry ♫ for our crim-in-ali-ty
And hope you accept our a-po-lo-gy ♫
Volume 89

Volume 089 Intro Image

When everyone eats outside,
there's always bowl of fried chicken left.
Let's give them a name:
Sergeant Shoichi.
Just something like "Only Sergeant Shoichi left!
Who can settle this!"
For those who don't understand who he is just search it.
I'm sorry! Volume 89 begins!!

(Translator's Note: For those who "Don't understand", click here.)

Volume 90

Volume 090 Intro Image

What do you suppose is the plumpest thing in the world? You know how sometimes you can't help but think about this topic... for three hours?
Maybe it's the cheeks of an indignant child.
Or is it a butt?
But I think in the end... it's got to be shrimp.
Can we agree that it's shrimp?
Let volume 90 begin!!!
Volume 91

Volume 091 Intro Image

"Build shrines for Komainu!"
In Edo era, everywhere in Japan
received this message.
Local masons however,
"What Komainu?"
Never seen Komainu before.
No image search, no fax machine.
In such era, local masons
try their best to make "Komainu" by their imagination.
This is "The origin of Komainu!"
Let's search images (for Komainu) now!
Volume 91 begins!!

(Translator's Note: Komainu is a Japanese traditional imagination creature.)

Volume 92

Volume 092 Intro Image

"Forty-eight browns and 100 grays!!"
This is a figurative saying that indicates there are
a multitude of shades of brown and gray in Japan.
In the old days, the common people were instructed
not to wear flashy colors, and so they developed
a wealth of plain colors to use instead. I bet they
wish they could have worn all kinds of rainbow hues
though. Well, the Wano Arc is going to be wild and
flashy! Can't wait to see this animated too!!
Let volume 92 beginneth!!!
Volume 93

Volume 093 Intro Image

← Does everyone feel something like this!?

You just think something like this, right!?

"Soi" here, means "Soy"!!

Soy, Volume 93 begins!!

(Translator's note: Text in image from counterclockwise says "Upper left", "Lower right", "Soi!", "Turn around".)

Volume 94

Volume 094 Intro Image

Apparently, snails won't travel over their own trails

because they hate the sliminess of it. What gives?!!

Volume 95

Volume 095 Intro Image

You know how you start cleaning one tiny

corner of your room, and then it just never ever stops?!

Yean. Nice. I always wanted to say that (but not actually do it). Well, now i'm done. But this adventure isn't done by a long shot!! Enjoy volume 95!!

Volume 96

Volume 096 Intro Image

Volume 96!!
If you turn it upside down, it's volume 69!!
Wait, never mind, it still says 96!!
But no matter how you flip this, there's no
turning back when the volume 100 party is
so close!! Enjoy volume 96!!
Volume 97
Volume 097 Intro Image

My eyesight is getting worse these days, and it's harder and harder to make out fine details, so if I don't put on my glasses before bed, I can't see what's happening in my dreams. Just kidding!! Hope you enjoyed volume 97!!

Volume 98
Volume 098 Intro Image

There are insects called "spiky-spikies". People discovered spiky-spikies without spikes, so they named them "spikeless spiky-spikies". Within that group, ones that do have spikes appeared, so they were named "spiked spikeless spiky-spikies". I thought that among them there might be some that are timid. And furthermore, I wondered if among those there were some that have flaws. "Flawed timid spiked spikeless spiky-spikies".

"Wano Country Climactic Awesome Volume 98" STARTING—!!!

Volume 99
Volume 099 Intro Image

← You pressed it, didn't you? You pressed it, right? It's not a video!!! Ah hah hah hah ha!! People press triangles, don't they. I too saw one the other day and wondered if it was a video, but when I pressed it, it turned out to be a sandwich. Nothing moves on paper, does it? Wrong. The story that has begun to move will not stop. Look forward to the connected covers, too!!

The just-before-Volume-100, Volume 99!! STARTING〜〜〜〜!!!

Volume 100
Volume 100 Intro Image

"It sounds like there are some upset people online. I'm sorry if anyone says anything to you at school." "I'm fine!!" says the little guardian. Big guardian: "Cheer up!!" A bunch of delicious food appears!! "I'm so exhausted..." "Get in!!" Car drives off!! Arrive at the hot spring!! "I caught a cold..." "Hey, that's not a cold!!" Off to check in at the hospital!! I'm the one who gets all the glory, but when you're in the vicinity of a famous person, there are lots of bad things that happen too. If I didn't have these bright guardian spirits around, I can tell you that I'd have collapsed long ago!! May I use the milestone of the 100th volume to express my appreciation to them? Thank you for everything, now and always!! It's volume 100!! Hope you enjoy it!!!

Volume 101
Volume 101 Intro Image I'd like to talk about one of my favorite little stories from the classic piece of Japanese literature, Tsurezure-gusa. Long ago, there was a master tree climber. He would silently watch his apprentice climb, and only when the younger man was one step away from the ground again would he say, "Be careful." What a deep story!! People get themselves hurt when they take their safety for granted. As an adult, you'll see this play out often. But the one thing I've never seen in all my life is

a master tree climber. Okay! Let's not take Volume 101 for granted!! Here it comes!!!

Volume 102
Volume 102 Intro Image In the Edo period, "it" was sold as fertilizer for crops. And the "it" from people who ate fine food was sold at a premium, while the "it" from the poor or criminals was cheap. Even "it" has ranks of quality.
The age-old question is "Which would you rather eat it-favored curry, or curry-flavored it?"
But the question you should ask in response is, "Whose 'it' are we talking about?"
Anyway... Man, I wish the PTA liked me!!!
Here's volume 102. Enjoy!!!
Volume 103
Volume 103 Intro Image Bluetooth!

Volume 103 begins!!
Volume 104
Volume 104 Intro Image "Digital ramen, extra large!"
"Could you pass the digital sauce?"
"Make sure you put on your digital undies first!"
"Aah! Digital zombies!"
"Beware of high digital winds this afternoon going into the evening."
Seems like everything wants to be cool and add "digital" to its name now.
Here's a digital adventure from some digital pirates!
Digi-tally ho!!!
Volume 105
Volume 105 Intro Image "Odacchi! One Piece fans always have heated debates,
but I have trouble following them.
Can I still consider myself a fan, knowing that I'm
a simple reader who loves your manga?!"
P.N. Suzune

But of course!!

When someone tells me
"I only read up to here," I'm
just happy that they read that much!
On that note, onward to volume 105 of gratitude!
Volume 106
Volume 106 Intro Image The top of the captcha box says "Select all squares containing Chopper"

Artificial intelligence is progressing at an incredible speed. It is often said that the evolution of the human species goes hand-in-hand with lies, because they allow people to live together. Therefore, we'll probably experience a real historical turning point when robots become capable of lying to humans! They'll tell us "I am not a robot." At any rate, the future has a lot of surprises in store! Onwards to volume 106 and the Future Island Arc!
Volume 107
Volume 107 Intro Image Recently, the One Piece live-action finally released, and I am rejoiced to see comments from people all across the world who loved it. Just as a random thought, but if Luffy's actor, Iñaki, and the other actors all become big Hollywood stars, then that would mean I'll be friends with real Hollywood Stars.

Woah, ain't that awesome?!

Everyone in the cast, please don't forget about me, okay? (lol)

Now then, as usual, I'll keep drawing away in my room!!
Volume 108
Volume 108 Intro Image
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Databook Translations[]

Databook Translations
Red: Grand Characters Blue: Grand Data File Yellow: Grand Elements Green: Secret Pieces Blue Deep: Characters World
One Piece Red: Grand Characters
Databook Red Intro Image Luffy Listen, hey you, ever heard of this? Panda Island. I heard that if you go there, you'll face tons of panda-like creatures. The ruler of that island is a wrestler. A long time ago I heard people at the bar in my village say it's true! The seas sure are vast.
One Piece Blue: Grand Data File
Databook Blue Intro Image Zoro There are lots of guys that go "I wish I were a devil fruit user". Areya one of those guys? Rumor says there's this place called "The Devil's Greengrocer". They say that's where you can get your hands on one of those things. If you wanna try one, try looking for that store. Well, not that there's any proof that those rumors are true.
One Piece Yellow: Grand Elements
Databook Yellow Intro Image Nami Before navigation existed, I heard people could only sail in water where land was somehow visible. When you're sailing and you look around to see that you're surrounded by water, it makes you feel insecure, doesn't it? From then, people found a landmark that would follow you around no matter where you go. The 'North Star'. There was even an era when people actually believed the compass pointed toward the 'North Star' at one point. I'm glad I was born into this era!! Because I can travel anywhere to go and meet all the beautiful treasures around the world ♥
One Piece Green: Secret Pieces
Databook Green Intro Image Usopp Don't you think that there's a lot of pirate ships with animals for figureheads? A long, long time ago, when ships were first made, people would have "launching ceremonies" where they would sacrifice animals for good luck. The animal figureheads are rooted from the times when they used to hang those sacrifices on the ships.

--so in other words, for Merry and Sunny... a sheep and lion needed to be sacrificed!!! Yikes~~!!

(The last part is a lie.)

One Piece Blue Deep: Characters World
Databook Blue Deep Intro Image Sanji You know my leg attack "diable jambe"? In the chef's world, there's also something called "Diavolo Cuisine". It's made using strong condiments like salt, pepper, and chili sauce and when you eat it, they say it tastes so hot that it feels like you're being tortured with fire by a devil. Any shithead on board our ship who talks back to me or steals food from the fridge gets "Diavolo Cuisine" for dinner.

One-Shot Volume/Other Translations[]

One-Shot Volume/Other Translations
Wanted! Movie 7 Anime Comic One Piece Rainbow! Volume 0 One Piece White! Volume 1000 Film: Z Special Cover Volume 777 Volume 333 Volume 10089
Volume 4000000000 Volume 4/4 Volume 4000000001
Wanted! Intro Image This is a 「masterpiece collection」.

No matter what any of you say, this is a 「masterpiece collection」.

You could say these 「masterpieces」 are some of the few sucessful sucessors of the will of the countless one-shots out there that have been left to rot. To simply call them "short stories" would be such a shame.

Oh ... but wait, on the cover, the sub-title says "Collection of short stories by Oda Eiichiro".......!!

Ah, whatever.

One Piece the Movie: The Giant Mechanical Soldier of Karakuri Castle Anime Comic
Movie 7 Anime Comic Intro Image The Giant Mechanical Soldier of Karakuri Castle!!
So it will be with a mecha... that's giant!
You like that, right?
Personally, I like kimchi.
When we put that in salad,
it makes it take on an entirely new taste.
On that note, we're off to the adventure at Karakuri Castle!!
One Piece Rainbow!
One Piece Rainbow! Official Animation Guide Book Intro Image
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Volume 0
STRONG WORLD Intro Image Chocolate cake, chocolate banana, chocolate muffin. What a cute and sweet sound. I wonder if saying this word has the power to make everything sound sweet. Chocolate yakuza, chocolate mafia, chocolate man-eating shark, it's cute, isn't it? Chocolate One Piece, chocolate Volume 0! It's starting!!
One Piece White!
One Piece White! Intro Image
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Volume 1000
Volume 1000 Intro Image The Mexican Axolotl of the order Caudata is a creature with the ability to remain in the larval stage without ever métarmophoser in adults (neoteny).

That is why it is so cute. Nevertheless, it remains an adult in the horns of a child, it surely tends to tell bad jokes to his senior. For example, when he went into a tavern, it should not keep out run: << Directorate, if crossed! Ouhéhéhé! >>. Unable to hide his true nature ... Let's go for the 1000 tome!

Film: Z Special Cover
Film Z Sleeve Intro Image
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Volume 777
Volume 777 Intro Image It is said that 150.000 tons of minerals have been excavated all over the world by humankind. It's about the size of a cube with a side of 20m!!? The Giants in One Piece are described to be 12-13m tall, and the Giant Oars that appeared in the Thriller Bark Arc is described to be about three times as tall, as depicted in the picture above. If you have money, take good care of it (like a gold tooth). Volume 777 is starting!!!
Volume 333
Volume 333 authors It's the third anniversary of Tokyo One Piece Tower and its height is 333m, therefore, Volume 333!! 3 is a good number. You can make a person's face look like a cat with just the number 3. This person doesn't say much. Well then, Volume 333 is about to begin!!
Volume 10089
Volume 10089 Intro Image It seems that 10089 comes from

'Banpaku'. Since now One Piece manga is on volume 93, if we keep on publishing four volumes a year, it'll take 2499 years to publish the remaining 9996 volumes. There's nothing impossible in this world!! I can surely do that!! Volume 10089!! Staaart!!

No way!!

Volume 4000000000
Authors note 4 bill It's Volume 4 Billion!! That's a huge number!! The number is based on Shanks' bounty. When I went to a Takoyaki shop in Osaka, it said "4,000,000 Yen" for six Takoyaki. When I gave the waitress 500 Yen, she said "Yes, your change is 100 Yen" and gave me 100 Yen. Osaka is a special town, which is rarely acknowledged in the world, isn't it? This is "HYPER INFLATION"!!! This means, Volume 4 billion begins!!
Volume 4/4
Volume 4/4 Intro Image
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Volume 4000000001
Volume 4000000001 Intro Image
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One Piece Color Walk[]

One Piece Color Walk Translations
Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Lion Volume 4 Eagle Volume 5 Shark Volume 6 Gorilla Volume 7 Tyrannosaurus Volume 8 Wolf Volume 9 Tiger
Volume 1
Intro Image Color Walk 01 When I was a child, I was drawing for fun received praise for a picture. I became overblown with confidence and declared that I was going to become a manga artist. At that time, I wanted to become the best at drawing pictures. I believed that the person who draws the best is the best manga artist.

When I was in middle school, I drew a photo-realistic picture for a drawing competition that I was extremely satisfied with. I thought I would surely win the grand prize, but ended up receiving a secondary prize. The drawing that won the grand prize was an energetic piece that seemed like something a middle school kid would draw.

When I was 17, I created my "own style" in order to become a manga artist. This also satisfied me very much. But the only reaction I received from others was that "it's a different kind of picture." I learned that there is no such thing as an appropriate level of drawing skills, and from this realization, I lost sigh of what I needed to do to become a manga artist.

When I was 19, I received my first fan letter. Somebody I didn't even know complimented the work I made. I was very happy. Then, I remembered the essence of this art form. The ability to create something that people would enjoy. I draw manga for all the people who will read it. But even now, I sometimes draw things for only my own satisfaction and that might not necessarily translate to the readers.

But that is that. And as for my silliness, chonmage. (Viz: pardonnez-moi.)

Thank you so much for purchasing this book.
Volume 2
Intro Image Color Walk 02 Does art tell you something?

Does manga advocate something?

As a matter of fact, I don't put any messages in the manga I draw. If I draw a story, the themes emerge all on their own.

I do my utmost to find an answer in what I come up with, but each reader is entirely free to decide what he or she takes away from the story. So I don't send messages.

But, hmm.

It's not as if I don't have anything to say. If I were to add some words of my own to the chapter I draw every week in the manga, they would be, "Live another week with good cheer and vitality."

That's all.

Thanks for your support.
Volume 3 Lion
Oda's Avatar SBS Volume 62 I once got a media request that said, "Please tell us about a tough period in your life or an instance of failure."

I turned them down.

"I'm sorry. I've never suffered failure, so I have nothing to tell you."

Wow. I want to punch that guy. Is that what you thought too?

The truth is, I might have had such an experience in my past. (I did.)

When I was just starting out, I would draw and draw, but the manga I was most proud of never got praised, and I felt my pride being battered.

There might have even been a time that I couldn't move for a week. (There was.) I don't want to tell people about the painful times in my life, but I'll tell you what my editor at the time said, because it really helped me out, and it might come in handy for those people who are struggling to find success now.

He told me, "I've never seen someone work as hard as you and not get rewarded for it eventually."

I cried.

Now I've got my third art book out. Thanks for all the encouragement.
Volume 4 Eagle
Oda's Avatar SBS Volume 62 I don't intentionally put messages into my work. Or so I tell people. To be accurate, I see it more as though I don't have the personal experience to call upon.

My conversation partner in this volume, Mr. Takashi Yanase, has lived such a long life that he was a baby when the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 happened.

He also took part in the great war. He's a person who actually lived through all of these historical events and periods that we only know through history class and textbooks.

So if there are people like him in this business, what can a young kid like me possibly say to the world at large? I told Mr. Yanaese, "People who have experienced these things can send messages with true weight behind them. We can't pull that off, so as an author, I feel jealous of that." And then Mr. Yanase said, "Yes, but there are many things I'd rather not remember."

Hmm! Yeah, peace and safety is best!
I've put out my fourth art book.
Thank you very much!
Volume 5 Shark
Oda's Avatar SBS Volume 62 Art and entertainment are separate things. Art is meant to express your mind and self, while entertainment is a product created for others. I began the story of One Piece when I was 22. There was one thing I felt conflicted about when doing color work. As a matter of fact, I love muddy colors, and I really wanted to draw a super-cool, stylish piece. But I thought, "boys really like primary colors," and I forced myself to use a bright, bold palette. Now I realize that my resistance to primary colors was because I didn't want to be seen as childish, and I wanted adults to understand and accept me, all in some kind of vain expression, hoping to get people to understand who I was...

How trite.

How very trite, I realize now. I was so young. It was nothing more than the evidence that I wasn't an entertainer in the truest sense. I was going to allow my own personal desire for expression to muddy up Luffy's clothes and the world he lives in. If anything, now I love bright, beautiful rainbow colors. I wonder how many colors I can squeeze into a single piece. In the fourteenth year of my manga, have I gotten any closer to being a true shonen mangaka? This is my fifth collection of color illustrations.

Thank you for all of your support!
Volume 6 Gorila
Oda's Avatar SBS Volume 62 I often hear that the characters of your manga are like your children. As a manga artist, I think, Really? That important? But I'll be honest: When I hear complaints about my characters, I'll get a little ticked off. When they say, "This guy's a wimp," I started to get swayed by that opinion and think, "Fine, I'll make him really tough!!"

When characters aren't popular, I struggle to find ways to make them more likable. It's like they take form somewhere between the thoughts and messages of the fans, and my response to them. So if they're "children," then they're not my children alone.

Thank you for all of your support.
Volume 7 Tyrannosaurus
Oda's Avatar SBS Volume 62 When there's a fight going on, and one side says "I win!" but the other doesn't budge, insisting "No, I haven't lost," then the fight isn't over. But if one side says, "That's it, I've lost!" then the winner is automatically crowned.

The relationships between apprentices and teachers is kind of similar in the manga world today. Just because you worked as someone's assistant doesn't make you their apprentice. It's the moment that the assistant calls the artist "Sensei" that you are teacher and apprentice.

I have three teachers, and each one has taught me valuable lessons that make me who I am today. An apprentice is an eternal loser. For all of my life, I will never match my teachers.

This is my seventh collection of color illustrations. Thank you for all of your support!!
Volume 8 Wolf
Oda's Avatar SBS Volume 62 I always wanted to be a manga artist, even as a kid.

One day, I saw something a veteran artist had said that shocked me: He had written, "It's more fun drawing manga as a hobby. You shouldn't make it your job."

I was looking forward to becoming a manga artist back then, and that statement really ticked me off. He was a pro, having fun and making a good living, and he wanted other people not to do the same thing? What kind of advice is that?! He was a master of the craft, and I was just a kid. Please forgive me. Anyway, then I became a pro.

Now I have a message for that master, who has since passed on. "See? It is fun!" The business changes as the times do, so I can't speak in absolutes, but I'm having fun right now because of my readers' support. Here's my eighth art collection!

Thank you, as always.
Volume 9 Tiger
Oda's Avatar SBS Volume 62 When I was in early elementary school, I entered a prefectural art contest and won the top award: "Special Selection." The theme of the contest was "future dreams," so I drew myself riding on a gigantic stag beetle. Its eyes were shining as it flew through the city at night. It was totally awesome. When I stood on stage proudly receiving my award, I saw the other winning entries on the wall, and I was stunned.

Everyone else had drawn things like,
"Myself as an office worker."
"Myself as a nurse."
"Myself as a police officer."

Was that the point?! Once I realized the theme, I felt embarrassed of my mistake. But all of the adults smiled and praised my drawing.

Nowadays I remember their smiles more than I do my embarrassment. Well, I haven't grown up at all, and now I've put out my ninth book of color illustrations!

Thank you for all of your support!!

One Piece 500 Quiz Book[]

One Piece 500 Quiz Book Translations
500 Quiz Book 500 Quiz Book 2 500 Quiz Book 3
One Piece 500 Quiz Book
One Piece 500 Quiz Book Intro Image Gol D. Roger: Search for it! I left everything in the world at that place.
One Piece 500 Quiz Book 2
One Piece 500 Quiz Book 2 Intro Image Monkey D. Dragon: The world is waiting for our answer...
One Piece 500 Quiz Book 3
One Piece 500 Quiz Book 3 Intro Image Kozuki Oden: Shame on all of you! Your fear of the alien exposes your own ignorance!!

One Piece Party[]

One Piece Party Translations
Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4 Volume 5 Volume 6 Volume 7
Volume 1
OPP Volume 001 Intro Image If there is even one part that makes you laugh, I will be very happy.

Pleased to meet you.

Volume 2
OPP Volume 002 Intro Image I am doing this with a feeling of respect.

Pleased to meet you.

Volume 3
OPP Volume 003 Intro Image It's a gag manga, so I hope you can look at it with an open mind.

Pleased to meet you.

Volume 4
OPP Volume 004 Intro Image I'm happy when people say things like "The guy who draws this (One Piece Party) is stupid."

It's even better if you say it while using a whip to beat me.

Pleased to meet you.

Volume 5
OPP Volume 005 Intro Image I have a younger sister who loves "One Piece", and it seems she wants to meet Oda-san at least once. A while ago she asked me "Will Oda-san come to big brother's funeral!?".

No, no. Before wondering if he'd come or not, you've already determined the order?

Volume 6
OPP Volume 006 Intro Image For the first story in this 6th volume, I imagined while laughing a story in which the Straw Hat Pirates, the Supernova, and the Seven Warlords of the Sea all changed their gender. But when I presented my panels worthy of the greatest masterpieces to my editor, he shelved them. (laughs)
Volume 7
OPP Volume 007 Intro Image It was a very valuable experience for me to be able to use Oda-san's important characters with a generous heart like Luffy's.

Truly, thank you very much.


Chopperman Translations
Go Go! Volume 1 Volume 2
Chopperman Go Go! Everyone's Chopper-sensei
Chopperman Go Go Intro Image
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Volume 1
Chopperman (Spin-Off Manga) 001 Intro Image At night, when it's time for dinner and I can't decide what to eat, I dream that at least once, I could eat everything that I think of! What's amazing about manga is that they allow you to fulfill this kind of crazy desire.
Volume 2
Chopperman (Spin-Off Manga) 002 Intro Image My cat (Noro) is not very cuddly, and doesn't appear to move for anything. The only thing that appears to interest them is the perpetual research into absolute comfort. I would even say it's the ultimate goal of their life. For me, who has a tendency to be a bit negligent, they're kind of a role model.

One Piece in Love[]

One Piece in Love Translations
Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4 Volume 5 Volume 6 Volume 7 Volume 8 Volume 9
Volume 1
One Piece in Love 001 Intro Image
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Volume 2
One Piece in Love 002 Intro Image
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Volume 3
One Piece in Love 003 Intro Image
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Volume 4
One Piece in Love 004 Intro Image
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Volume 5
One Piece in Love 005 Intro Image
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Volume 6
One Piece in Love 006 Intro Image
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Volume 7
One Piece in Love 007 Intro Image
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Volume 8
One Piece in Love 008 Intro Image
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Volume 9
One Piece in Love 009 Intro Image
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One Piece School[]

One Piece School Translations
Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4 Volume 5 Volume 6 Volume 7 Volume 8
Volume 1
One Piece School 001 Intro Image
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Volume 2
One Piece School 002 Intro Image
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Volume 3
One Piece School 003 Intro Image
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Volume 4
One Piece School 004 Intro Image
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Volume 5
One Piece School 005 Intro Image
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Volume 6
One Piece School 006 Intro Image
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Volume 7
One Piece School 007 Intro Image
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Volume 8
One Piece School 008 Intro Image
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One Piece Kobiyama[]

One Piece Kobiyama Translations
Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3
Volume 1
Kobiyama 001 Intro Image
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Volume 2
Kobiyama 002 Intro Image
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Volume 3
Kobiyama 003 Intro Image
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Fischer's x One Piece[]

Fischer's x One Piece Translations
Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4
Volume 1
Fischer's x One Piece 001 Intro Image
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Volume 2
Fischer's x One Piece 002 Intro Image
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Volume 3
Fischer's x One Piece 003 Intro Image
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Volume 4
Fischer's x One Piece 004 Intro Image
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Chin Piece[]

Chin Piece Translations
Volume 1 Volume 2
Volume 1
Chin Piece 001 Intro Image
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Volume 2
Chin Piece 002 Intro Image
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One Piece episode A[]

One Piece episode A Translations
Volume 1 (Boichi) Volume 1 (Ryo Ishiyama) Volume 2 (Boichi) Volume 2 (Ryo Ishiyama)
Volume 1 (Boichi)
One Piece episode A 1 Boichi Intro Image "I'd love to see Zoro drawn by Boichi."
According to the rumors, this remark from Eiichiro Oda was the origin of the "One Piece Cover Comic Project", which consisted of recreating certain chapters of One Piece by different authors.
After having submitted my storyboards, I spent my time full of anxiety at the thought that I ruined the original series.
Against all odds, Mr. Oda made the following remark:
"I'd love to see Ace in full combat drawn by Boichi."
"I'd also love to see a sexy Nami drawn by Boichi."
The fact that Mr. Oda gave such an opportunity to a young artist such as myself, shows how much interest he shows to the new generation and the future of the Jump magazine.
Definitely, his generosity is unfathomable. I don't have the words to express my gratitude.
Volume 1 (Ryo Ishiyama)
One Piece episode A 1 Ryo Ishiyama Intro Image I had the honor of realizing the adaptation of this crazy project.
I don't have the words to thank Eiichiro Oda for trusting me with such a role.
I was both overwhelmed and confused at such an immense challenge. I sincerely hope that you will find my work up to par in episode A.
Dear readers, fasten your seat belts, because Boichi's magnificent art is simply mind-blowing. Like me, you risk being turned upside down by his interpretation of the One Piece universe.
Volume 2 (Boichi)
One Piece episode A 2 Boichi Intro Image Along with other mangaka from the Jump magazine, I had the opportunity to work on a project to celebrate the 1000th One Piece chapter. Following that, I received a "thank you" letter from Eiichiro Oda: "Let us continue to bring Jump to life together."
That's why I dedicated all my energy to the creation of the two One Piece episode A volumes, to live up to Mr. Oda's expectations. I'm well aware of the progress I still need to make, but as long as you, dear readers, continue to sustain me, I plan to fully invest myself to be worthy of my place within Jump, at Mr. Oda's side.
My heart will always be with Jump!
Volume 2 (Ryo Ishiyama)
One Piece episode A 2 Ryo Ishiyama Intro Image My participation in this experience will be an unforgettable experience.
One Piece is a work that has always followed me. I've read it since my childhood, and it's what made me dream of becoming a mangaka.
So, the creation of a One Piece spin-off will remain a treasure in my life.
I hope this work will become your treasure, as well.
I hope you have a good time reading episode A, which finds itself at an explosive end!

Shokugeki no Sanji[]

One Piece episode A Translations
Yuto Tsukuda Shun Saeki
Yuto Tsukuda
Shokugeki no Sanji Yuto Tsukuda Intro Image After my work on the culinary manga Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma, I had the honor of working on the Sanji spin-off!
Thank you to Shun Saeki for his amazing art, to Yuki Morisaki for his expertise on the science of cooking, to my editor for his supervision and of course, to Eiichiro Oda!
Happy reading!
Shun Saeki
Shokugeki no Sanji Shun Saeki Intro Image It's an immense honor to be able to contribute to a work as prestigious as One Piece. Even if the power of the original series and the quality of Yuto Tsukuda's storyboards outclassed me for every chapter, I forced myself to create the best drawings I could!


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  • Volume 89's note attracted controversy in Japan, chiefly from right-wing groups that regarded Shoichi as a war hero; eventually, Shueisha apologized on Oda's behalf.[1]


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