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Ayako is an orphan from Water 7. He lives together with the other orphans as a family under the care of a woman whom they call "Mama".[1]


Ayako is a young, pale boy with brown hair. He wears a yellow shirt and brown pants.[1]


He has a very close relationship to Aunt, whom he calls "Mama".[1]

Abilities and Powers

Ayako, along with the other children, stands in front of Aunt to protect her from pirates.[1]


Post-Enies Lobby Arc

After Michael and Hoichael stopped Auntie from attacking Zoro, Ayako and the rest of the orphans came out from hiding and introduced themselves to their new big brother. They then led Zoro back to their home where he helped them out in doing chores. Later, while they were shopping, Auntie and her family were kidnapped by the loan sharks. They were all brought the the roof of a building where they were confronted by Mikazuki. Ayako and the rest of the family were, however, saved when Hoichael brought Zoro to rescue them. They then went back to Auntie's home, where they bid their farewells to their eldest brother. However, as Zoro had forgotten to take back his shirt that had been washed when one of the babies peed on him, Ayako and the family were forced to chase him through the streets. Zoro, who though they didn't want him to leave, simply kept running and so they kept chasing.[1]


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