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Professor Bürst is the main antagonist of One Piece Premier Show 2015.[1] He is a scientist and the older brother of Misutta and Bonbon.[1]


Bürst is an average-sized man with long blond hair. He wears a black and yellow vest, baggy white pants, black boots, and a black and red cape. He has white and yellow armbands on both his arms.


Bürst is a very intelligent scientist, but also has problems controlling his anger. He is very proud of his profession, causing him to belittle pirates and Marines. However, his temper is so strong that he sometimes goes on rampages that can destroy entire islands with the help of his Devil Fruit power.[1] Bürst is self-centered and inhumane toward others, as he was willing to use his brother's abilities to kidnap and brainwash Nami.

Abilities and Powers

Bürst has been referred to as a "genius," although it is unknown how he gained recognition. It was also stated that he could possibly take over the world if it were not for his personality.[1]

Devil Fruit

Main article: Nito Nito no Mi

Bürst ate the Nito Nito no Mi, a Paramecia-class Devil Fruit allows the user to gain the abilities of nitroglycerin.[1]


One Piece Premier Show 2015

Bürst tries to marry a brainwashed Nami.

Bürst decided to marry Nami and kidnapped the navigator after brainwashing her with his younger brother's abilities.

Bürst and his brothers then fought against the Straw Hat Pirates, Sabo, Koala, Kin'emon, Bartolomeo, and Cavendish. The three of them were eventually defeated by a combination of Luffy's Red Hawk and Sabo's Hiken.[2]

Major Battles


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