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The BIG Pirates are a non-canon pirate crew aligned with the Blackbeard Pirates. They fought under Marshall D. Teach in the Payback War and tried to snuff out the remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates after.[1]

Crew MembersEdit

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BIG Pirates
Bad One Gracie Neiro Noir
Blackbeard Pirates Germa 66

Crew StrengthEdit

The BIG Pirates are a well-known crew and built up a reputation for themselves, as the Whitebeard Pirates were surprised that such a big name—the captain Bad One Gracie—had aligned with Blackbeard. They are a strong crew composed of a captain who awakened his Devil Fruit abilities, a nunchuck master who has the power to control people's body fat, and a capoeira master from the Mink Tribe, along with other average subordinates. However, they were overcome in battle by the Straw Hat Pirates and Hakuto.[1]


Payback WarEdit

The BIG Pirates were reinforcements for the Blackbeard Pirates when they clashed with the Whitebeard Pirates. Gracie used Great Rifle to spawn guns out of the sea and attack the Whitebeard Pirates, but Hakuto saved Vista from Gracie with Spectral Slash. Gracie used Great Cannon to counter them, and the tide of the battle turned in the Blackbeard Pirates' favor when Teach began using his Devil Fruit abilities.

One Piece Premier ShowEdit

The BIG Pirates came to Tomoshibi Island in search of the remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates. He hired Germa 66 to help obliterate them. The crew found Hakuto and the Straw Hat Pirates celebrating, and they attacked them. Neiro used his abilities to immobilize the Straw Hat Pirates, but Franky stopped him with Nipple Light from doing the same to Hakuto. The BIG Pirates retreated when Franky used Coup de Boo and went off to search for Ace's flame.

They found the flame and Hakuto, and Gracie shot Hakuto. Luffy came to his aid after returning to normal, pushing back Neiro and Noir, and Gracie called in Germa for help. The BIG Pirates and Germa 66 fought the Straw Hat Pirates and Hakuto, and Neiro and Noir were defeated by Zoro and Sanji respectively. Disappointed by his subordinates' failure, Gracie activated Great Four-Way Firing, which covered the island in firearms due to the captain's awakened Devil Fruit powers. He bombarded his enemies with gunfire and put out Ace's fire in the process. Luffy and Hakuto persisted, and when Ace's flame reignited itself, Luffy channeled it and Hakuto's power to defeat Gracie with Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk.

Germa 66 abandoned the BIG Pirates after their defeat, having already made their money, and the Blackbeard Pirates moved on to plan an attack on Baltigo.


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