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"BON VOYAGE!" is the fourth opening song for the One Piece anime. It is sung by Bon-Bon Blanco. Brina Michelle Palencia covered the song for the Funimation dub.


The song begins with a shot of palm trees waving. Then short flashes of the trademark items of the Straw Hats are shown: Luffy's hat, Zoro's katana, Usopp walking holding his glasses, Chopper standing on the sand looking at the sea, Nami's bottom and Clima Tact, Robin's hat and lastly Sanji cooking, followed by photographs of the Straw Hat pirates. Then the lyrics roll, and the Going Merry is shown sailing, with Luffy's voiceover in the background. Next, shots of major antagonists such as Smoker and Tashigi; Buggy and Alvida; Fleet admiral Sengoku, Vice Admiral Tsuru and the Five Elders; KumaDoflamingo and Dracule Mihawk are displayed. Thereafter close-ups of Portgas D. Ace and Whitebeard's face come into view, followed by Marshall D. Teach and the Red Hair Pirates.

The ONE PIECE logo is then flashed and Luffy's seen sitting on the bow of the Merry with his crewmates behind him. The next scene shows the Straw Hat Pirates fading in, in the order of their appearance in the series, and later sitting on a beach. They are then shown running together, before a flash of each character's past in the series is seen. It includes Shanks saving Luffy, Kuina beating a downed Zoro, Sanji and Zeff during their initial years while starving, Chopper in a snowy land when Hiriluk kills himself and waving his flag, Usopp crying and Banchina on her deathbed, Nami being abandoned after Bell-mère pats her head, and finally Robin depressed and curled up.

An animation with silhouettes (albeit colored) of the crew riding the ship is shown, followed by individual portraits. The song ends with a group portrait and the One Piece logo closing into view.


The group walking.
Zoro flashback-BONG VOYAGE!
Zoro's flashback of Kuina.
Nami's Flashback Bon Voyage
Nami's flashback of Bell-mère.
Sanji flashback-BON VOYAGE!
Sanji's flashback of Zeff.
Chopper flashback- BON VOYAGE!
Chopper's flashback of Hiriluk.
Usopp flashback-BON VOYAGE!
Usopp's flashback of his mother Banchina.
Robin flashback-BON VOYAGE!
Robin's flashback of being alone.
Pandaman Bon Voyage
The Straw Hats adventuring; Pandaman is seen.
Sanji portrait-BON VOYAGE!
Sanji's portrait.
Usopp portrait-BON VOYAGE!
Usopp's portrait.
Nami portrait-BON VOYAGE!
Nami's portrait.
Chopper portrait-BON VOYAGE!
Chopper's portrait.
Robin Portrait BON VOYAGE!
Robin's portrait.
Zoro portrait-BON VOYAGE!
Zoro's portrait.
Luffy portrait-BON VOYAGE!
Luffy's portrait.


Japanese Kanji Japanese Rōmaji English Translation
BON VOYAGE! 眩しい光を目指して BON VOYAGE! mabushii hikari o mezashite Bon Voyage! Aiming for the radiant light,
僕らのキラメキは沈まない太陽 bokura no KIRAMEKI wa shizumanai taiyou The beacon we're heading for, that everlasting Sun.
行こう ひとかけらの勇気広げて yukou hito kakera no yuuki hirogete Let's go! Show the world the courage within our hearts!
未来へ尻尾ちょっと見えたよ mirai e no SHIPPO chotto mieta yo I can see the tail of the future.
最初はみんなバラバラに描いていた地平線 saisho wa minna BARABARA ni egaite ita chiheisen Back when we set sail, everyone has drawn his own goal, the horizon he had imagined.
今なら一つの望遠鏡で覗ける ima nara hitotsu no bouenkyou de nozokeru But now we can all see through the same telescope.
君のココロ惑わす運命のしょっぱいコンパス kimi no KOKORO madowasu unmei no shoppai KONPASU Fate is a ruthless compass forcing your heart into frenzy.
逆手に舵取るよ saka te ni kajitoru yo I'll make sure I take it from your hands.
BON VOYAGE! シガラミも過去も捨てて BON VOYAGE! SHIGARAMI mo kako mo sutete Bon Voyage! Leave behind the remains of our past
僕らならそれでも笑えてるはず bokura nara sore demo waraeteru hazu I'm sure we can still laugh no matter what comes.
夢を叶えるための涙ならば yume o kanaeru tame no namida naraba If it were to make our dreams come true,
惜しくはない PRECIOUS IN MY LIFE OH oshikuwanai PRECIOUS IN MY LIFE OH I'll never regret those priceless tears I shed.
歪んだミラーじゃ明日は映せないと思ってるね? yuganda MIRAA ja ashita wa utsusenai to omotteru ne? We thought a bended mirror can't show us what tomorrow will bring, right?
でもSUNSHINE 揺れる波間にだって反射する demo SUNSHINE yureru namima ni datte hansha suru Then why is sunshine reflecting from the choppy waves? Surely tomorrow will be a bright one?
君が飛び込んだ夏の大きな水しぶき kimi ga tobikonda natsu no ookina mizu shibuki I remember that day you splashed hard into the sea,
空に虹を架けた sora ni niji o kaketa I could see a rainbow pulsing in the showers, etched into the blue sky.
蒼い こんな謎だらけの宇宙 aoi konna nazo darake no uchuu Even that mysterious blue sky
ときには哀しみにもぶつかるだろう toki ni wa kanashimi ni mo butsukaru darou would flow with time and grieve.
ヒンヤリ出口の見えないピンチ HINYARI deguchi no mienai PINCHI So if there's ever a day
ってゆーかチャンス tte yuuka CHANSU we're lost without a way out, don't just give up!
答えはいつも SHINING IN YOUR HEART OH kotae wa itsumo SHINING IN YOUR HEART OH For the answer is always there, shining inside your heart.
BON VOYAGE! 激しい波を乗り越えて BON VOYAGE! hageshii nami o nori koete Bon Voyage! The bottled letter riding on the roaring waves,
僕らの約束は滲まない手紙 bokura no yakusoku wa nijimanai tegami That's our promise that will never fade.
行こう ひとかけらの勇気でいいんじゃない? yukou hito kakera no yuuki de iin janai? Let's go! We can do it with that courage in our very souls.
今この瞬間 PRECIOUS IN MY LIFE ima kono shunkan PRECIOUS IN MY LIFE This exact moment is just so precious to me.
未来への尻尾ちょっと見えたよ mirai e no SHIPPO chotto mieta yo I can see the tail of the future.

FUNimation Version[]

English Credits:

English Lyrics - Caitlin Tiffany Glass
English Singer - Brina Michelle Palencia


Did you know there's an awesome treasure hidden at the end of this sea?
And anyone who finds it will be King Of The Pirates!
Is that exciting or what?
There are incredible adventures out there just waiting for us!



Have the courage, set sail and believe, and we will see
A glimpse of the sun rising on our tomorrow.

Back when we first started, we had separate horizons
Sailed toward different dreams.
Things have changed now
For together we found we look through the spyglass and see,
And we know, that our hearts have brought us here.
Where the compass points our destiny,
There’s no looking back, take the helm with me!

Bon Voyage!

We cast off all our troubles, forget the past.
Though the future’s unclear
We still can smile we know we’ll get there.
No regrets!
Every tear that we've cried only helps our dreams come true.
You and those dreams are precious in my life.
A glimpse of the sun rising on our tomorrow![1]


  • Pandaman appears in this intro, Usopp catches him during the colored mini-boat scene with his fishing rod.
  • This song included images of Robin's past even though it had only been hinted at when the song premiered.
    • The shot of her on the bed is reused from the ending "FAITH".
  • "Bon Voyage!" means "Have a good trip!" in French.
  • The Color Spread of Chapter 201 can be seen in the opening.
  • Due to it being impossible to edit the title in the English version, FUNimation had to settle for fading away from the Merry sailing off from behind to using a clip from the series of the Merry sailing to showcase their title.
  • This was the last opening to be dubbed by FUNimation.
  • Just like the previous opening theme, in the special edition print, the "Special Edition" text in Japanese katakana was added to the One Piece logo (which was later removed in digital prints).


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