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Bacura is a black panther owned by the Kuja Pirates under Boa Hancock.[1]

She is said to be the executioner of the Kuja tribe, and has been serving the tribe for generations.[2]


Bacura in the manga.

Bacura is a huge black panther, with yellow and red eyes, and large fangs. She sports a brown cap, that goes halfway down her back. She also has a wide grin with sharp teeth.[1]


As a wild beast, Bacura has the personality of a wild beast. It is said that all of her victims were devoured to the point where even the bones were gone.[2]

Abilities and Powers

Being a panther more than five times larger than a usual one, she has immense strength and can ferociously bite her victim.


Amazon Lily Arc

Bacura was sent to kill Luffy in the battle arena in Amazon Lily, but Luffy defeated her quickly with a single punch, much to the Kuja Tribe's surprise.[2]


  • A variant of her name makes up the first part of the word "bacularia", another name for the genus linospadix; which follows Amazon Lily's tradition of having its inhabitants named after flowers or flowering plants. It's unknown whether this is intentional or coincidental.
  • Her name also bears a resemblance to Bagheera, the black Indian leopard from Rudyard Kipling's "The Jungle Book". Again, it is unknown whether or not this is intended by Oda.
  • Bacura was confirmed to be female in Vivre Card - One Piece Visual Dictionary. Though this is unsurprising given Amazon Lily's all-female population, Bacura's gender was not made clear in the original manga due to the rarity of third person pronouns in the Japanese language. Because of this, the official Viz translation made the erroneous assumption that Bacura was male and referred to her with male pronouns.


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