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The Baku Baku no Mi[2] is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to eat anything (except Seastone).[citation needed] The eaten items can then be merged into and manifested from the user's body or be combined to create something else. It was eaten by Wapol.


  • "Bakubaku" (バクバク/ばくばく?) is a Japanese onomatopoeia for eating quickly and wildly, specifically referring to the repeated opening and closing of the mouth. It can also refer to a heart racing from surprise.
  • In the VIZ Manga release, and the 4Kids and Funimation dubs, it is called the Munch-Munch Fruit, the sound effects that derived from this fruit's actions.


The Baku Baku no Mi is a purple plum-shaped fruit that is split in a jagged pattern in the center, giving it the appearance of a set of jaws. It has a green, curly stem at the top and the typical Devil Fruit swirl patterns spread throughout.[3]

Strengths and Weaknesses

Wapol can use his ability to consume several things, including other humans.

The fruit's major strength, as demonstrated by Wapol, is that the user gains the ability to stretch open their mouths to large sizes and be able to eat things in massive proportions. It also strengthens their teeth and their digestive system, allowing them to consume things that would otherwise be impossible or toxic to regular people, ranging from inanimate objects such as weapons to living creatures such as humans. The user can then transform any part of their bodies into whatever they had eaten, enabling them to produce weapons for offensive capabilities, or they can fuse objects or creatures together to create new things.

While the devoured matter allows the user to give a great variety of applications in battle and out, it renders the user constantly hungry, as Wapol complains about, though it does benefit the user to eat a seemingly unlimited amount of food without feeling strained. "Chewy" foods, like rubber, are slightly hard to swallow for the user.[4] Also, the user can only use the objects they have eaten in the previous 24 hours, anything past that time would not be usable anymore. Other than that, the user is also affected by the standard Devil Fruit weakness.


The fruit's bestowed powers, as used by Wapol, have been used mostly to help Wapol engorge himself on various things. These include various things from knives to the houses of Wapol's former subjects. Due to this, Wapol can become at times a complete nuisance to those around him with vast amounts of property damage, just so he can fulfill his appetite.[5][6] Wapol can also use the fruit's powers for combat purposes by either swallowing his opponent whole or by using the fruit's transformation powers to aid him. He also managed to survive an avalanche and save his two henchmen by swallowing the snow masses and keeping his subordinates safe in his mouth.[citation needed]

Wapol using "Baku Baku Factory" to create new objects made of eaten junk.

After being defeated by Luffy and becoming a homeless bum, Wapol was able to come up with more beneficial applications of the fruit's powers and serve more productive purposes. Using his Baku Baku Factory technique, Wapol was able to create some toys to sell for a livelihood.[7] In return, he was able create a new industry for him to rule over.[8]


  • Yukigesho (雪化粧 Yukigeshō?, lit. "Snow-Covered"): Wapol hides himself in the snowy landscape of Drum Island and ambushes any trespassers by jumping out with his jaws wide open, ready to swallow said trespasser. He can also hide Chess and Kuromarimo as backup, should this attack fail.[9] In the Viz English Manga and Funimation dub, this technique is called Snow Powder Makeup; in the 4Kids-dubbed One Piece: Grand Adventure, it is called Doom Blanket.
  • Baku Baku Shock (バクバクショック Baku Baku Shokku?, lit. "Chomp Chomp Food"): After eating something, Wapol can mutate the object or material into his body such as turning his arm into a cannon. This was first seen being used by Wapol to turn himself into a house with cannons for arms.[10] The various forms seen so far Wapol has changed into using this technique are a large form consisting of various weapons,[11] a house with cannons for arms, a wooden form with a long branch for a nose and tree coming out of its head,[12] a form with a lamp for a head complete with a burning candle,[13] and a park bench.[14] This is called Munch-Munch Mutation in the Viz Manga and 4Kids dub and Munch-Munch Shock in the Funimation dub.

Wapol House

  • Wapol House (ワポルハウス Waporu Hausu?): After one "butter sauteed cannon", one "cannon extra rare", a "cannonball and gunpowder salad", and one "grilled house", Wapol absorbs them into his body and transforms into a house complete with doors, chimney, and windows included. His arms are also transformed into cannons, and the chimney can also act as a cannon. This form was first seen being used by Wapol to fight against Luffy and Chopper at his castle.[10] The name may be a pun on the restaurant chain "Waffle House".

Bero Cannon

  • Bero Cannon (ベロ大砲キャノン Bero Kyanon?, lit. "Tongue Cannon"): Wapol transforms his tongue into a cannon and fires a cannonball at his opponent. This was first seen being used to fire at Luffy when he grabbed Wapol's jaw tightly with his hand.[15] In the Viz Manga and 4Kids and Funimation dubs, this is called Tongue Cannon.

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

  • Arm Cannon (アーム大砲キャノン Āmu Kyanon?): Wapol transforms his arm, or both of them, into a cannon and fires cannonballs at his opponent. This technique is only named in One Piece: Unlimited Cruise and Pirate Warriors.

Concludes non-canon section.

Wapol using Baku Baku Shock: Ningen Heiki against Dalton.

  • Ningen Heiki (人間兵器 Ningen Heki?, lit. "Human Weapon"): Described by Wapol as his most powerful transformation, after eating all the weapons in Drum Castle's armory, Wapol uses Baku Baku Shock to transform his entire body into weaponry. First seen being used to defeat and punish Dalton in a flashback,[11] Wapol tried to use it against Luffy during their battle, but was unable to due to Nami having stolen the armory key from him.[16]
  • Baku Baku Factory (バクバク工場ファクトリー Baku Baku Fakutorī?, lit. "Chomp Chomp Factory"): A technique in which Wapol combines two or more different things he has swallowed to create something else. This was first seen being used when Wapol fused Chess and Kuromarimo together to create Chessmarimo.[10] The way Wapol fused them together into a form that talks with two voices simultaneously resembles fusions found in Dragon Ball.[citation needed] After being defeated by Luffy, Wapol used this technique often in order to create toys as a means of livelihood.[7] A by-product found in the toys created by this technique, that was discovered by scientists, is a new type of steel, hinting that this fruit may also fuse undiscovered minerals. This steel was dubbed by the scientists as Wapometal.[8] This is called Munch-Munch Factory in the Viz Manga and 4Kids and Funimation dubs.

Slim-up Wapol

  • Slim-up Wapol (スリムアップワポル Surimuappu Waporu?): Wapol swallows most of his body until only his lower jaw is left. He then rearranges his bone structure using his powers. When he's done, he pops out and reveals himself as a skinnier and taller version of himself. This was first seen being used in order to chase Nami better.[17] This is called Wapol Slim-Down in the Viz Manga and Lean and Mean in the 4Kids and Funimation dubs.

Movie-Only Techniques

  • Musshuru Wapol Cannon (ムッシュールワポルキャノン Musshūru Waporu Kyanon?): A fusion of Wapol with his brother, Musshuru, and the Royal Drum Crown 7-Shot Bliking Cannon. With Wapol as the dominant personality, he could still utilize his brother's Devil Fruit powers and release the poisonous spore bomb via a timer on his chest. The Bliking Cannon is attached to his back, pointing upwards, with the Fatal Bomb loaded inside. He also wielded four arms, two of his own with axes and two of his brothers. This form was seen being used by Wapol so as to wipe out the entire Drum Island population.[18]


(left side) Luffy, Chopper, Nami, Zoro; (right side) Sanji, Robin, Usopp; Name: Gargon (randomly picked)

  • A fan asked Oda what would happen if Wapol ate Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper, and Robin and combined them together like Chessmarimo. Oda responded to the fan's request by drawing the combination for the fan and naming it "Gargon". This amalgamation possessed Luffy's Straw Hat, Chopper's antlers, Nami's hair situated on its shoulders, Zoro's swords and haramaki, Sanji's eyebrow situated on top like a strand of hair, Robin's fringe, and Usopp's nose situated on its left shoulder.[19]
  • Though the natural law of Devil Fruits dictates that a person can only have one Devil Fruit power at any one given time, the fact that Wapol's Baku Baku no Mi powers can fuse two people or more together into a being with combined abilities might be a loop hole of sorts in the law. This was addressed in the ninth One Piece movie where Wapol ate his older brother and became a fused being with two Devil Fruit abilities.[18] This aspect of the fruit's power is non-canon, and when Oda was asked by a fan about it in an SBS if Wapol would gain Luffy's rubber powers by eating him, Oda only responded by saying he will get food poisoning.[20]
  • The way the powers of the Baku Baku no Mi works is similar to the old phrase 'You are what you eat'.
  • The Baku Baku no Mi's ability to consume undigestible materials such as wood and other items is similar to the eating disorder pica, where victims compulsively eat non-food items.
  • This fruit's powers are very similar to the Buki Buki no Mi's powers as both fruits allow the user to transform their body parts into weapons. However, the user of the Baku Baku no Mi must have consumed a certain weapon beforehand in order to use its properties while the Buki Buki no Mi can use its transformation powers at anytime.


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